CCCApply Steering Meeting Notes 2017-08-15




  • Set August 30 Agenda 
  • Order food for meeting
  • Discuss Committee vacancies and plan for nominations
  • Look at Bylaws & Constitution

Discussion items


Committee VacanciesStephanie

1) For full transparency, all new replacement nominations will be required to complete a questionnaire (TBD) 

Mitch will put questions together this week; patty will put them into SurveyGizmo.  Get ready for August 30. 

2) Committee will review the nominations and vote on approvals by district

3) Survey/questionnaire - sent to any current district that has an opening 

4) For new requests to sit on committee (not currently on the Committee) we can point them to this questionnaire (put on Project Site) and will be voted on at next upcoming meeting.  Response will be sent to nominations within x number of days/weeks.  

Bylaws & Constitution

Full review of the Bylaws & Constitution - Feedback will be processed 

Send to committee members with Agenda - come to the meeting prepared to discuss:
Add note to email "Homework!  Please come prepared to discuss

 Meta Majors & Guided Pathways Michelle

Discuss Guided Pathways and how CCCApply "could" be enhanced (one or more options)
What would colleges need to implement this (what changes to the data would we need)?

2018 WorkshopPena

Need checklists from Rena (and general timelines)

Should we combine this into one Day workshop?

Two tracks? CCCApply in the morning & eTranscript CA in the PM (or visa versa)

Save money - for sure 

Facility needs to be in So Cal (and the date is usually their spring break)

We need a place where parking is close to the workshop rooms

Attendance - approximately 250 per day

Non-Credit App
Noncredit Application - Ask Michael for an update on the state of Legal Opinion

White-paper Status?  
Survey asking what fields you use for your Noncredit students? 
How do you collect all the other required data for MIS and/or residency? 

Future Meetings
Set the next few meetings 

Action items

  • Patricia Donohue - Ask Rena if she has workshop checklists that we can use this year
  • Send out agenda with parking recommendations - sent the Bylaws - (Fremont Use Lot A or ?)
  • Check Conair - Panera Bakery (need gluten free alternatives - no breads - More salads - green salads with meat (chicken salad with vinagrette on the side)