CCCApply Steering Meeting Agenda & Minutes - January 25, 2017

Mark Your Calendars! CCCApply Steering Committee Appreciation Dinner - Wed. April 12 at 6:00PM

Please join us for a special dinner celebration in honor of you for another year of service to CCCApply! Directly following the CCCApply Workshop. We hope you can attend. Please RSVP today!

Other important schedule notes:

  • NOTICE March 7 Meeting Change: March 7, 1:30PM - 4:00PM. Online This meeting has been changed from in-person meeting to an online meeting,
  • Please Register: April 12, 9:00AM - 4:00PM. CCCApply Workshop.
  • Mark your calendar: April 26, 12:00PM - 2:00PM In-Person. On the last day of the 2017 CACCRAO Conference at the San Diego DoubleTree Hotel. Lunch will be served. Please let us know if you'll be attending.

Zoom URL & Meeting ID


January 25, 2017


1:30PM - 3:30PM



Zoom URL

Meeting ID

945 208 887

Dial In

Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)


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Roll Call – Approval of Minutes from December 6, 2016 Meeting

Murguia / Pena
BOG DACA ResolutionDonohue / Calhoon

CCCApply News, Stats and Status

1:55PMMarketing UpdateDonohue

Development & Roadmap Review

  • March Release (6.0) Update
  • CCCApply RFP
  • Administrator 2.0 Update
  • Roadmap - Next 18 months
2:30PM2017 Workshop Discussion
  • Update on venue and date changes (Sac City College, April 12 & 13)
  • Review Communication Campaign and Deadlines
  • Confirm theme and promotions (raffles?)
  • Confirm Vendors/Sponsors
  • Identify & confirm Tracks & Sessions / Presenters / Speakers
  • Website, meeting notes, calendar, action items,
Murgia / Leahy / Donohue
3:00PMNew Change RequestsDonohue


Wrap Up and set follow up action items (Confirm meeting dates for next nine months)



Close Meeting



Roll Call & Approval of Minutes & Action Items

  1. Quorum met - Yes
  2. Attendees missing - See attendance in the Roster below.
  3. Minutes Approved - Michael Day, Los Rios CCD approved the minutes from the December 6, 2016 meeting.
  4. Action Items completed?

ROSTER: Click Expand to see current roster and attendance at 1.25.17 meeting.

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Arleen Elseroad

South Orange CCD


Joyce Semanik

South Orange CCD


Paulette Lino

Chabot-Las Positas CCD


Michael Day

Los Rios CCD


Karen Sea

San Joaquin-Delta

Richette Bell - Out

El Camino CCD

Ben Guzman

South Orange CCD

KC Greaney

Los Rios CCD


Robin Armour
Daniel Abbott - sitting in 

Contra Costa CCD

Betty Glyer-Culver

Los Rios CCD

Leigh Ann Unger

Rio Hondo CCD

Rozen Bondoc

Chabot-Las Positas

Bill Mulrooney

El Camino CCD

Mary Lou Leyba

San Francisco CCD

Satish Warrier

Contra Costa CCD


Chris Truong

Rancho Santiago CCD


Michael Ward

Rancho Santiago


Stacey Followill

Chabot-Las Positas


Clark Ray

Santa Rosa CCD

Michelle Pena

Kern CCD

Stephanie Murguia

Cerritos CCED

Craig Hayward

South Orange CCD


Mitchell Leahy

Santa Rosa CCD

Tina Mani

San Joaquin Delta College

David Barnett

Kern CCD

Mojdeh Mehdizadeh

Contra Costa CCD


Tuyen Nguyen

Rancho Santiago CCD

Garret Wong

San Francisco CCD

Nate Finney

Riverside CCD

Vince Orton

Cerritos CCD


Henry Villareal

San Mateo CCD

Noell Adams

Chabot Las Positas

William Diehl

Riverside CCD


Hieu Hoang

El Camino CCD

Pam Mery

San Francisco CCD

XAngela EmbryEl Camino College


Gary Bird



Mike Quiaoit


Tim Calhoon



Patty Donohue


BOG DACA Resolution

Tim presented the BOG DACA Resolution which outlines how the State of California will not comply with the federal government when it comes to DACA students.

The Board of Governors released a resolution last week urging the incoming administration to continue the Deferred Action for Childhoon Arrivals program, which grants "Dreamers" - people who people who were brought to this country as children by their parents reprieve from deportation because California and the United States are stronger due to their contributions to our economy, to our communities and to our Armed Forces; and be it further RESOLVED that ...

The state Chancellor’s Office will not release any personally identifiable student information related to immigration status without a judicial warrant, subpoena or court  order, unless authorized by the student or required by law; and be it further RESOLVED that...

    • What does this mean for OpenCCC, CCCApply, and the CCC Technology Center?
    • Will we formally respond to this resolution via Support Site post?  How do we communicate our stance to the colleges?


CCCApply News & Stats

Patty presented application stats for Open CCC Apply. Due to improved account recovery, support calls have been greatly reduced to 2%.  This has helped with cost and student satisfaction.

There hasn’t been any changes on adoption of the application. There are six colleges currently implementing CCCApply.

The Tech Center will not be able to do the Amazon conversion during February. The conversion has to be completed by the end of June. The Tech Center will announce a target date in the near future.

Application Stats

  • OpenCCC Student Accounts: 3,761,198
  • Apply applications: 5,083,651
  • BOG applications: 309,130
  • INTL applications: 425

    Support Calls vs. Submitted apps - WAS at 6% support issues coming in; Currently at 2% - directly related to the Account REcovery implementation in Sept. 

Adoption Update

As of January 25, 2017

Standard Application

The following six colleges are still implementing CCCApply Standard Application:

  • Feather River College
  • Palomar College
  • Santa Monica College
  • San Diego City College
  • San Diego Mesa College
  • San Diego Miramar College

International Application

The following colleges are currently implementing the CCCApply International Application:

  • Irvine Valley College
  • Saddleback College
  • State Center District (Just started)
    • Fresno City College
    • Reedley College
    • Clovis College

CCCApply News

  1. 2017 Annual Update - March 31, 2017 Confirmed

    1. 30-Day Pilot Preview release scheduled for March 1, 2017

  2. AWS Move Postponed - TBD

    1. Survey Colleges - What times are high enrollment times in Spring? 

  3. RFP for Software Development - Ready to Publish on Feb 14
    The RFP for CCCApply 3.0 will be published on Feb 14th. Intent to award will be March 15th (TBD)

    1. CCCApply 3.0 Re-design

    2. Finalizing technical requirements - week of Jan 29

    3. Publish - Feb 14

    4. Intent to Award - March 15 (Contracting period - add one month to that)

    5. Begin gathering requirements with Awardee - April 30

  4. 2017 Workshop Venue & Date Moved

    1. Previously scheduled for April 6 & 7 at Contra Costa College, the dates and venue for the 2017 CCCApply Workshop needed to be been moved to a different location due to capacity issues at the former site. The new site location also required a date change due to their Spring break dates. The new site and dates are:  Sacramento City College April 12 & 13

    2. Registration is now open. Please register now and pass the word to your Admissions, Research, and IT staff.

  5. CISOA Conference March 25 - 27, 2017
    Patty will be doing a CCCApply presentation/update at the CISOA conference on March 25th

    1. Proposal for a presentation on CCCApply at the CISOA Conference has been accepted.

    2. Patty will present.

  6. CACCRAO Conference April 23 - 27, 2017
    CACCRAO Conference will be on April 23-27 2017. Mike Q and Natalie Wagner will help present at the general session.

    1. CCCApply Presentation re-scheduled for the General Session on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

    2. Michael Q's CACCRAO Update:  
      • Natalie Wagner is Elias Regalado's replacement
      • Mike Q. is doing an Advanced Residency Session at the conference. 
      • Per Michael Q., CACCRAO is still reviewing our "CACCRAO Issues Response" and still submitting comments back to Mike Q. 
      • Mike Q is meeting with lawyers and attorneys and vice chancellors next Friday 2/3/17 concerning the subject of a non-credit application. Before they can publish an opinion they need to work through the implications to other legal areas, such as AB540.  Hammering things out before direction can be confirmed.  

Submitted Applications - Enrollment Cycle 

Marketing Update

2017 Marketing Calendar

Conferences & Meetings

  • CISOA Conference - March 26-29, 2017
    • Patty is doing a presentation on CCCApply Annual Update & Roadmap.  Looking for a co-presenter. Any volunteers?
  • 2017 CCCApply & eTranCA Workshop - April 12-13, 2017
    • Steering Committee Appreciation Dinner - Mark Your Calendars - Wed April 12 7pm - Location TBD

  • CACCRAO - April 23 - 26, 2017
    • April 26 - Next In-Person CCCApply Steering Committee Meeting - Noon - 2:00PM (immediately following the closing of the CACCRAO Conference).
  • New marketing team (CAFocus - (combination of Interact Media & the Foundation)
    California Focus is a new marketing team for CCC. They work with Interact Media and the Foundation). They have a lot of new ideas, branding, focus groups, etc. They also have ideas on how to develop a theme and workshop sessions for this year’s workshop.
  • Proposed Focus for 2017:  Communication of message that we are aware of issues and concerns (We hear you!) and show ways that we have started addressing them and what we plan to do in the future.
  • Research Projects Underway:  CCCID duplication, Abandonment Rate, (Focus groups to support Continuous Improvement).
    • Need data to provide support for issues facing CCCApply (image perception, abandonment rate, noncredit population, length of application, more)
  • Identifying Strategies for Continuous Improvement
    • Here's what we've done this year:
    • Here's what we are doing now?
  • White-paper vs. FAQs  

Academic white-paper on CCCApply still need to be completed. The white-paper needs to have a section on non-credit. Tim suggested including an executive summary.

    • Academic whitepaper is still desirable to some members of  Steering (we would need an index)
    • Separate executive summary into two sections 1) why is the app the way it is (long?); 2) Why can't we do our own noncredit app - our own way?)
    • More data driven information in the whitepaper
    • Executive Summary (FAQ like) upfront have a summary of findings, more high-level, data, charts, graphics)
    • Talk about all the positives in CCCApply up front
    • But we do need an easy to read, efficient snippets of information - user-friendly
    • Waiting on Mike Q to give us direction on some points 
    • We need section for the big issues (noncredit)
    • TIMELINE for working with the Marketing team - Mitch out for a few weeks after next week

Pending Marketing Projects

  1. 1.       CCCApply Infographic

                Draft shared 1/21/17

                Next step: Content feedback from Tech Center and addition or validation of data points included in the document.

Discussion Notes:

Patty presented an infographic developed by the marketing team. The word “Hablamos” needs to be corrected. The wording on the 24/7 helpdesk needs to be revised.

“Accessible and Secure” needs to be added.


  1. 2.       Student Focus Groups

Solicit opinions on CCCApply from dual enrollment students, student ambassadors, non-credit or life-long learners at one to two Northern California Community Colleges

                Next step: Pam Cox Otto will provide a list of questions for Steering Committee to consider to inform focus group design and narrow the research question.

                CAFocus is working to schedule at least one focus group in February.

                Focus groups would be fast tracked to provide preliminary data for the April 12-13  CCCApply Workshop

Student focus groups are being put together in February. Tim Calhoon would like a clear description of purpose as to why a focus group is being developed.

Bill stated that marketing team should only focus on marketing- not user experience.

The group agreed that the marketing group should focus on selling and promoting CCCApply to potential students. 


  1. 3.       College administrator (Admissions and Records Staff) FAQ

CAFocus will review attachment and follow up with additional questions as we develop content for this document. The FAQ should include short descriptions of the legal requirements to determine if this will meet the needs identified from the field to provide a rationale for the student information collected.

Patty, are there documents we could reference which contain summaries, interpretations, or the legal citations for the compliance requirements cited in the PowerPoint?

Also, in TTAC yesterday, Tim mentioned there has been a review of CCCApply and which questions were required by CCCCO and which weren't. Could you share that list so we can look at a visual depiction of the information?


  1. 4.       Refreshed college-facing content for CCCApply Project Website

We will review Powerpoint and the roadmap below and propose a few ideas.

1.5       Theme / Message for Workshop

Continuous Improvement for Student Success: 

Focus our General session at the Workshop on: These are the issues that have come up over the past year; 2) We hear you and we are listening; 3) Here's what we can do to address these issues in the short-term; here's what we can do to address these issues in the long-term;

Additional Items Discussed:

  1. 5.       Ways CAFocus can support the identification best practices in UI/UX for CCCApply 3.0
  2. 6.       Role for CAFocus during April 12-13 CCCApply Annual workshop? Pam Cox Otto keynote?
  3. 7.       What fields within CCCApply are required for students enrolling in non-credit courses?  (Will be included in info being sent by Patty)
  4. 8.       Revisit Google Analytics date a few weeks after the March release for an early picture of student behavior
  5. 9.       Additional visual depiction of data : if the Tech Center’s data analyst was able to provide any additional breakdown of abandonment rates or average application completion time, please feel free to share them with us and we can look at how they could be visually depicted.

Action Items:

  • Patricia Donohue  Set deadline for Steering and Tech Center for feedback and addition or validation of data points included in the document. (See infographic attached below.)
  • Patricia Donohue  Send all legal requirements for CCCApply questions to marketing team to help support whitepaper (TBD), FAQs, Best Practice & HowTo guides and set up Focus groups

  • Sessions were discussed and confirmed at the 1/25/17 meeting. See schedule of Sessions and proposed Presenters here.
  • Keynote speaker confirmed: Pam Walker!  
  • Still need to confirm a few Presenters, including Tim Bonnel for BOG workshop
  • Mike Caruso is not able to attend and present on the MyPath Portal. Substitution suggested:  Bryan Miller from CCC Foundation. Patty to send email invitation.
  • Confirm that Accessibility Best Practices and Secure Data Handling Best Practices sessions should be separate and unique sessions. 

Development & Roadmap Review

  • March Release (6.0) Update
    • Pilot release is March 1, 2017- March 31, 2017. A prerecorded video will explain the release and will be posted on the support site.
  • CCCApply RF
  • Administrator 2.0 Update
  • Roadmap - Next 18 months

CCCApply 2017 March Release

Release Highlights

  • AB 801 Homeless Youth

    • New questions & data fields

    • Update to Area B residency logic

  • Google Analytics added across all apps and OpenCCC

  • System-generated Email to Minimize Abandoned Applications

  • CDE SSID API - Data Exchange with CDE

  • California Colleges Guidance Initiative API - Data exchange with CCGI

  • 2017-2018 BOG Fee Waiver Application

    • Support for AB 801

    • CCCCO-approved changes and Income table

    • New skip logic added for special eligibilities

UPDATE 2/3/17:  60-Day Announcement went out to colleges.  See copy below;

2017 CCCApply Workshop Planning

  • Review last years schedule; create new schedule Table  
  • Discuss and confirm our Workshop theme and general message.  Need a Title, headline, sub-head and description of the workshop for marketing team. 
  • Discuss and confirm our picks for the General sessions and Keynote, as well as other general session presentations (lunch? closing? vendor?) 
  • Discuss and confirm the various tracks and break-out sessions (titles, presenters, what else?)
  • Discuss and confirm session Presenters, and send out invitations to each. set deadline on confirmation, close new session dealine

2017 CCCApply Workshop Sessions Schedule


Workshop Planning UPDATE 2/3/17:

  • Sessions were discussed and confirmed at the 1/25/17 meeting. See schedule of Sessions and proposed Presenters here.
  • Keynote speaker confirmed: Pam Walker!  
  • Still need to confirm a few Presenters, including Tim Bonnel for BOG workshop
  • Mike Caruso is not able to attend and present on the MyPath Portal. Substitution suggested:  Bryan Miller from CCC Foundation. Patty to send email invitation.
  • Confirm that Accessibility Best Practices and Secure Data Handling Best Practices sessions should be separate and unique sessions. 

Future Meeting Schedule

There are two in-person meetings scheduled back-to-back: March 7 at the CCCCO, and April 26 on the last day of the CACCRAO conference. We may want to change one of them to an Online meeting instead? Ask Steering leadership to decide and send out email to Steering ASAP.

  • Update the Project Site with Meeting Information
  • Send out email and survey to Steering
Date & TimeLocationNotes & Action Items
March 7, 2017 - 10:00AM
CCCCO - Sacramento, CA

NOTE: Patty proposes changing the March 7 in-person meeting to online, as most folks will already be at the CACCRAO conference. Also, we will all be gathering at the CCCApply Workshop on April 12, so that can suffice for in-person meeting until April 26. This will be most cost-effective for all.

  • Patricia Donohue Confirm that we want to keep this meeting in-person vs. online...IF we do, then do the following action items  :
    Patricia Donohue Contact Gary Bird and arrange for a room from 10 - 3pm
    Patricia Donohue Work with Stephanie to arrange for lunch (get head count)
  • Patricia Donohue Send out email to Steering changing the schedule for March 7 (Online meeting).
April 12, 2017 - Steering Appreciation Dinner -evening of the CCCApply WorkshopSacramento City College, Sac CA
  • Patricia Donohue Send out invitation to both CCCApply and the eTranscriptCA Steering committees to join us in a Steering Appreciation Dinner - the evening of Wed., April 12. Patty to work on the logistics with Michelle Pena and Cindy McCartney.  
  • Patricia Donohue Work with Rena Martinez & Cindy on dinner planning logistics: head-count, restaurant, invitations, etc.
April 26, 2017 - TBD Noon?
CACCRAO Conference
Double Tree Hotel, San Diego, CA 
  • Patricia Donohue Contact CACCRAO Conference organizers (Rita?) and/or the San Diego DoubleTree Hotel (Arden Mall?) to reserve a room and lunch (contact the hotel?) for the last day of the conference - around noon. Determine if we need to bring in lunch, or will lunch have already been served to the attendees who attended the CACCRAO conference?
  • Patricia Donohue Work with Cindy or Kathleen on arranging these types of events - how do you determine headcount? Which rest

July 19, 2017


Where? How about somewhere beautiful and refreshing and different than the same old, same old (Sac, Orange County, etc.) How about San Francisco? CCSF?
  • Patricia Donohue Talk to Stephanie about organizing the July meeting.
  • Patricia Donohue Survey the steering committee for attendee head count. Is July a good time for a meeting? Maybe not. Get ahead of this and figure it out.

Resources & Attachments

DescriptionFile NameFile or Link
CCCApply Infographic - Draft #1CCCApply-Infograph-DRAFT-2.pdf

Approval Poll Table



1El Camino CCD
2Chabot-Las Positas District
3Cerritos CCD
4Contra Costa CCD
5Kern CCD
6Los Rios CCD
7Rancho Santiago CCD
8Rio Hondo CCD
9Riverside CCD
10San Francisco CCD
11San Joaquin-Delta CCD
12San Mateo CCD
13Santa Rosa CCD
14South Orange CCD