Social Security Number Question Revision - Review


  1. Review latest UX and layout revision (12.16.19)

  2. Review the legal language revisions approved by CO

  3. Explain phased roll-out plan for 2020

  4. Collect feedback from 12.18.19 meeting

See Latest Revision in High-Fidelity Mock-Up


Immigrants Rising Suggestions

  1. In the question prompt sentence, add "However, it is not required for admission."

Full question reads:

"The Social Security Number (SSN) or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN/iTIN) is used by the college as a means of matching student records, facilitating federal financial aid, and reporting tax-related information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, it is not required for admission."

Confirm with Nancy that this (below) is old.

  1. In the legal language Help modal, add the following text after: “Federal law requires...... with a few exceptions” 

including students in noncredit classes, international students, undocumented students and nonresident aliens.:

THESE ARE THE EXCEPTIONS; including students enrolled exclusively in noncredit classes, International students, undocumented students, and nonresident aliens."

  1. Add a link to nonresident aliens: (the IRS definition seems like a good one:


Phased Release Plan 2020

Phase 1: Streamline SSN Question in OpenCCC (Legacy) System

  1. Implement phased approach to a comprehensive revision to the existing Social Security Number question (language, placement, layout and user flow) in OpenCCC legacy and CCCApply Edit Account systems;

    1. Revise layout and legal language in existing question and placement (legacy OpenCCC)

      1. Revise legal language (approved by CCCCO legal) and move to Help pop-up drawer, triggered by hyperlink, and implement skip/conditional logic to display data input fields in the legacy OpenCCC system;

    2. Use Acceptance Testing: Work with CCC Foundation, CCCCO, and college user groups to document live user testing on first implementation in legacy OpenCCC system and update in CCCApply Edit Account

      1. Collect feedback and prioritize changes with students and college user testing

      2. Work to ensure minimal (if any) data field and structure changes in the backend

Phase 2: Move revised SSN question out of OpenCCC and Edit Account pages, and into CCCApply Standard Application

  1. Coordinate move out of legacy OpenCCC system with the launch of new OpenCCC 2.0

    1. Implement approved changes identified during Phase 1 from colleges and students based on layout and language changes

    2. Work with colleges to determine which other applications (if any) should also include the revised SSN

  2. Implement changes to the layout, language, and placement of the Social Security Number question

    1. Revise legal language (with approved text per CCCCO legal) and move behind hyperlink to Help drawer

    2. Revise layout of data input fields using conditional Y/N skip logic

    3. Maintain existing data fields on the back end (with minimal changes to existing downloads structure)

    4. Place new SSN question on the Account Information/Mailing page in CCCApply Standard (but do not implement in Noncredit, International or Promise Grant applications)

  1. Phase 1: Implement revised language and layout in existing OpenCCC (legacy) system

  2. Phase 2:

    1.  Review language regarding "needed for federal financial aid"

    2. Review initial suggestion from Immigrants Rising: