Add Re-Direct from CCCApply to MyPath on the Links & Opps Page for MyPath Colleges

Request No. 2018-32
Date of RequestJuly 25, 2018 
RequesterJulia Arreguy, Sierra College 
Application(s)Apply, BOG, IA 
Section / Page

Post-Submission / Links & Opps 

Steering Hearing DateJuly 25, 2018 
Proposed Change to Download FileNo 
Proposed Change to Residency LogicNo 
CHANGE STATUS IMPLEMENTED - Release 6.2.0 (Sept 2018)

Problem / Issue

Issue: Colleges are unhappy with the user experience of the transition between Apply and MyPath. There is a button low on the page that allows the student to move into MyPath after finishing the application, but that is all. 
Context: There is a bunch of content after the application that is legally required, including the survey, as well as links and opportunities. We have to display all of this. The plan was to just add a timed automatic redirect that would send the user to MyPath after 5 seconds. 

However, accessibility standards say that we can only make that redirect happen after 20 seconds to allow users to engage accessibility tools and controls on the page.

This is problematic because basically everybody on the team feels like nobody is going to wait that long; they'll either use the button low on the page (if they find it) or just close their browser as they think they're done, thus missing MyPath entirely, reminder emails notwithstanding.
Possible Solutions:

1) Implement the 20 second redirect and see if it helps. This may not be enough to convince colleges who are holding out (Rio Hondo, in this case) to implement.
2) Implement the 20 second redirect, and also move the MyPath button that tries to enable the student to manually move to MyPath following the application much higher on the page. In this case, at least it would be the first thing they see.
I'm not sure I see a third/alternate solution here, given that we're required to display these additional pages, but we can't have a faster redirect. I'm open to suggestion, but given the options, I would recommend we pursue number 2.
Any input or directive is appreciated.

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