2022-10: Change to Support K12 Special Admit Minors in CCCApply

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Date of Request

06/08/2022 (Revised 07/01/2022)


Olivia Alvarado - LACCD
Anna Salazar, Acting Dean of Student Services, LA Harbor College
Betsy Regalado, Associate Vice Chancellor, LA Community College District



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Education and Residency Algorithm

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CCCTC Tickets

Zendesk #: 750400
JIRA Ticket #: SSS-494


Problems / Issues

Issue Summary:  

California K-8 and 9-12 special admit (dual enrollment) students are getting incorrectly classified as B2 “possible resident” in the residency algorithm due to their response to an Education page question: Current or Last High School Attended. This is happening because there is not a clear response option (choice) for middle school (or lower grade) students when they get to that question; thus they either select one of the wrong options (which are inappropriate) or they abandon the process altogether due to lack of clarity.

This issue has been a problem for several years and the CCCApply Advisory committee has made several attempts to put forward a viable solution. I went back through old, deferred change requests and found two similar requests, almost verbatim. There are even screenshots that I created that are still somewhat applicable for one or more of the options below. Deferred Requests (for reference): 2018-26: Add Value to Last HS Attended in CCCApply and 2016-24: Middle School Students Classified as Non-residents Due to Last HS Attended

The residency logic is flagging these K8 minor students because:

  • The applicant is under 19 as of the RDD (minor), and

  • Their “current or last high school attended” is not California (because the necessary data field is blank or null).

Area B Step 10: [RDD minus19 years > personal_info: birthdate AND education: hs_state != CA]


Proposed Solution Options

Below are three options that could remedy this problem. Any selected option will require further review and scrutiny from the Advisory Group, and could require additional change specifications.

Option 1: Add a response option to "Current or Last High School Attended" for: “I attended a lower grade than high school” which will trigger/display only the “HS Country” field and the “HS State” field.

Outcome: This option would provide a more clear response option for the K8 student, and will collect the State value <hs_state>, which is currently called for in Area B. Thus preventing the bad flag and inaccurate residency status.


Option 2: Add a response option to "Current or Last High School Attended" for: “I will be attending high school” or something similar.

Outcome: This is the option that will display the same fields as “I attended high school”; thus capturing the student's intended high school information, including the CDS and CEEB school codes for the high school they will be attending


Option 3: Add a response option to the “Current or Last High School Attended” for: “I attended a lower grade than high school”. This response would not display or require additional fields, and would ultimately not trigger inaccurate residency status.

Outcome: This option is probably the most simple. It provides a clear response option without collecting any additional HS information. The solution would require a change to the logic, excluding the student based on this response option.

NOTE: This solution would require a slight change to the logic in Step 10 of Area B residency to exclude users from the existing logic if they selected this option: “I attended a lower grade than high school”. (Additional validation checks may be needed but it would all be in the background.)




  1. The CCCApply residency algorithm uses the responses from data elements cahs_graduated and cahs_3year to determine stay and intent. 



Data Element

Graduated From CA High School

Did you receive your diploma, GED, or certificate in California?


Attended CA High School For 3 Years

Have you attended high school in California for three or more years?


K-8 and 9-12 students are not asked the two questions above therefore, are inaccurately classified as residency B2 (requirements possibly met) and assigned flag 03 by the residency algorithm.

Residency Area

B (Stay and Intent)

Evaluation Statement

Is the applicant under 19 as of RDD with last high school out-of-state?

Data Elements Logic

RDD minus19 years > personal_info: birthdate AND education: hs_state != CA

The two education questions pertain only to graduates or equivalent. Special admits will not see these questions. Lack of responses to these two fields is not the reason the user is being classified as B2 in the example above. The reason is that the application is not capturing the student’s high school information and therefore the “high school state” is blank = which means it is not California.


  1. Minors are not eligible for Adult School based on their age. Status value Z = Adult school student in high school diploma or equivalency should not display as an enrollment status option.  

Proposed Solutions

  1. Use RDD minus 19 years logic to determine if the applicant is a minor then default the enroll_status value to “Y = Enrolling in high school (or lower grade) and college at the same time”.


  1. The residency calculation needs to be enhanced to use the parent/guardian residency-related responses when an applicant is under age 19 and dependent on a parent/guardian”.


  1. Change the wording of the hs_edu_level question:



High School Education


High school education level as of RDD


Select the High School Education Level you will have attained when you enroll.



High School Education (or lower grade)


High school education level (or lower grade) as of RDD


Select the High School Education Level (or lower grade) you will have attained when you enroll.


  1. Change the wording of value 1 from the hs_attendance question:



Current or Most Recent High School Attended


1 = I attended high school.



Current or Most Recent High School Attended


1 = I am attending / attended high school.



Issue: Residency Area D Question

I added the Residency Class D attachment with screenshots from the CCCApply Standard Application and the Data Dictionary where it says applicants under 19 years of age are asked questions about their parent(s) or guardian(s) to determine CA residency for tuition purposes.  However the Area D Flowchart and the Outline of Area D do not reflect this statement.  This is why LACCD is requesting the residency algorithm be modified.  Thank you in advance.


Additional Questions


A: Yes. The residency classification of the parent or guardian is used when determining the status of a minor.




Additional Notes:

Special K12 Admits must select Enrollment Status = Y (Y = “enrolling in high school, or lower grade, and college at the same time). The majority of K12 special admits are “minors” (under age 19). Selecting this enrollment status value triggers the following conditional questions on the Education page:

If <enroll_status = Y> THEN the next question “High School Education Level” is required;
the <hs_edu_level> question defaults to “1 = enrolled in high school, or lower grade, and college at the same time” value, then the “Current or Last School Attended” question is required;

the <hs_attendance> question does not have a comparable response option, prompting students to either select

At this time, this is current behavior.