CCCApply Steering Meeting - Agenda & Minutes - June 27, 2017


CCCApply Release 6.1.0 is scheduled for October 27, 2017 - 6:00PM

  The 30-Day Pilot Preview will begin on September 25, 2017.

Meeting Info


June 27, 2017


10:00AM - 12:00PM




Click the "Expand" link to see the agenda from the June 2017 meeting.  The minutes that align to these agenda items are listed below.

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Roll CallApproval of April 26, 2017 Minutes

Minutes approved

Murguia / Pena

Steering Committee - Carry-Over Business from April

  • Follow up discussion on seat vacancies (retirees, replacements, nominations)
  • Election of Officers for 2017-2018
  • Update Bylaws?


  • CCCApply Release 6.1.0 - Schedule change! October 27, 2017
  • NEW CCC Administrator 2.0 - DELAYED to March 2018
  • Report Center Upgrade - Coming soon - Fall 2018


Noncredit Application (again! Again, again!)

Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG) - Asking for changes to CCCApply for Adult Ed


Update on Research Projects

  • NEW: CCCApply Required Questions
  • Abandoned Applications
  • Time to Completion (Applications)
  • Student Satisfaction Survey Comments (Cluster Analysis)
  • SPAM Fraudulent Apps (Machine learning)
  • White Paper  
Donohue / Calhoon

New Change Requests

  • Personal Info page: Rename page & move location in the application
  • Review AB801 Changes
  • Other CRs  


Next Meeting Dates



Close Meeting


June 27 Meeting Minutes

Approval of Meeting Minutes

Mitch Leahy motioned to approve minutes from 4/26/17 meeting; Henry Villareal seconded.

Minutes from April 26 2017 Meeting

Roll Call & Roster Review

June 27 Meeting Attendance

  1. Roll call taken at 10:00AM.  Attendees have an "X" adjacent to their names (left).
  2. Names highlighted in Yellow are identified as members who are leaving the Steering Committee on June 30, 2017. (See below for breakdown of members per district.)

2016 - 2017







Arleen Elseroad

South Orange CCD


Joyce Semanik

South Orange CCD


Paulette Lino

Chabot-Las Positas CCD


Michael Day

Los Rios CCD


Karen Sea

San Joaquin-Delta


Richette Bell

El Camino CCD


Ben Guzman

South Orange CCD


Olivia Alvarado

Los Angeles CCD

Robin Armour

Contra Costa CCD


Betty Glyer-Culver

Los Rios CCD


Leigh Ann Unger

Rio Hondo CCD


Rozen Bondoc

Chabot-Las Positas

Bill Mulrooney

El Camino CCD


Mary Lou Leyba

San Francisco CCD


Satish Warrier

Contra Costa CCD


Chris Truong

Rancho Santiago CCD

Michael Ward

Rancho Santiago

Stacey Followill

Chabot-Las Positas


Clark Ray

Santa Rosa CCD


Michelle Pena

Kern CCD


Stephanie Murguia

Cerritos CCED


Craig Hayward

Bakersfield College (Kern)


Mitchell Leahy

Santa Rosa CCD


Tina Mani

San Joaquin Delta College

David Barnett

Kern CCD

Mojdeh Mehdizadeh

Contra Costa CCD


Tuyen Nguyen

Rancho Santiago CCD

Garret Wong

San Francisco CCD

Nate Finney

Riverside CCD

Vince Orton

Cerritos CCD


Henry Villareal

San Mateo CCD

Noell Adams (Admin)

Chabot Las Positas

William Diehl

Riverside CCD


Hieu Hoang

El Camino CCD


Pam Mery

San Francisco CCD

Angela EmbryEl Camino CCD



Gary Bird



Mike Quiaoit



Keith Franco


Tim Calhoon



Patty Donohue



David Shippen


1) List of outgoing committee members who are retiring or leaving due to various reasons. Replacements need to be filled by July 31, 2017 for the 2017-2018 FY.

A)  Below is the list of members leaving the committee, and their proposed replacements for 2017-2018 FY:

Outgoing MemberDistrictReason for LeavingProposed ReplacementTitleCollege/DistrictEmail
Arleen ElseroadSouth Orange CCDRetirementBen GuzmanRegistrarIrvine Valley College/ South Orange CCD
Michael DayLos Rios CCDMoving to New Position in DistrictJason Ralphs, Admission and Records SupervisorAmerican River College

Another Rep for ITTBDLos Rios
Bill MulrooneyEl Camino CCDRetirementTBD

David BarnettKern CCDUnknownCraig HaywardDean, Institutional EffectivenessBakersfield College | Kern CCCD
Garret WongSan Francisco CCDDeceasedQuyen LuITCity of San Francisco / San Francisco CCD
Henry VillarealSan Mateo CCDRetirementWill MennichDean of Enrollment ServicesSkyline College | San Mateo CCD
Joyce SemanikSouth Orange CCDRetirementChristian AlvaradoDean of Enrollment ServicesSaddleback College | South Orange CCD
Mojdeh MehdizadehContra Costa CCDRetirementTBD

Noell AdamsChabot-Las Positas CCDLeaving CollegeTBD

Breakdown of Current Roster by District

According to Section 2. Committee Composition of the CCCApply Constitution & Bylaws: 

"The Steering Committee shall attempt to represent colleges in the north, central, and southern regions of the state; multi-campus and single college districts; small, medium and large enrollment colleges; a diversity of major and minor student information systems; and a mix of new and very experienced CCCApply subscribers. The member colleges shall designate representatives from the areas of admissions and information technology."

As of July 1, 2017, the 15 Districts are representative of the following regions:

  • 2 Northern districts;
  • 3 Bay Area districts;
  • 2 Central districts;
  • 8 Southern districts.  

Based on the assumption that each district must have 3 members from their district: 1 - Admissions; 1 - IT; and 1 - Research, the chart below details the status of the committee after the outgoing members leave on June 30, 2017. 

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# Open Seats


Cerritos CCD

SingleSouthern1101Cerritos: Lacking 1 member; Need 1 Researcher

Chabot-Las Positas District

MultiSouthern1110CLPCCD: Noell Adams is leaving committee. No replacements needed

Contra Costa CCD

MultiBay Area1101Contra Costa: Mojdeh is leaving (IT), Satish is staying (IT) Need Researcher

El Camino CCD

SingleSouthern2101El Camino CCD: 4 current members; Bill Mulrooney is leaving (Adm); 2 Admissions, 1 IT, need researcher
5Kern CCDMultiCentral1011Kern CCD: Dave Barnett is leaving (Admissions); Craig Hayward & Michelle Pena both Admissions - Need IT
6Los Angeles CCDMultiSouthern0102LACCD: Still in trial period through Dec 31; Need 1 - Admissions; and 1 - Researcher
7Los Rios CCDMultiNorthern0012Los Rios CCD: Michael Day is leaving (IT), Ben Baird left last year (Admissions); - Need 1 Adm & 1 IT
8Rancho Santiago CCDMultiSouthern1110RSCCD: This district has 3 members, one from each area.
9Rio Hondo CCDSingleSouthern1002Rio Hondo CCD: Only has 1 member (Admissions); Need 1 IT and 1 Researcher
10Riverside CCDMultiSouthern1101Riverside CCD: Needs 1 Researcher
11San Francisco CCDSingleBay Area1011San Francisco: Garret Wong is no longer on committee (IT) - Need 1 IT
12San Joaquin-Delta CCDSingleCentral2001Delta District: Only 2 members (Admissions); Need 1 IT and 1 Researcher to keep District seat
13San Mateo CCDMultiBay Area0003San Mateo: Henry Villareal is leaving (Admissions). He was only member from SMC. DISTRICT SEAT GONE
14Santa Rosa CCDSingleNorthern1101Santa Rosa: KC Greaney left last year; Need 1 Researcher
15South Orange CCDMultiSouthern1002South Orange: Arleen Elseroad & Joyce Semanik leaving (Admissions) - Need 1 IT and 1 Researcher


158418Eighteen seats are open now, including LACCDs

1Michael Q., Gary Bird, & Need Vice Chancellor

Tim Calhoon; Patty Donohue; David Shippen; (alt. Keith Franco)

Action Items from June 27 Meeting

JUNE 27 2017 MEETING MINUTES | Action Items

Confirm Re-Election of Officers survey is formalized - and approved by majority vote from remaining committee members

  • Member must make a "Motion to re-elect current roster of Officers for 2018 FY"
  • Another member needs to "second" the motion
  • Send out survey to capture votes by District;

New Chair should determine next steps for replacements of outgoing members; remove from the Listserv and all Rosters 

  • After approval of replacements, add them to the Listserv and update all published Rosters (; CCCApply Public Documentation space, etc.)
  • Olivia Alvarado - Moved to add LACCD District to the Committee (again). Stephanie wants to stick with decision to keep just the one LACCD representative (Olivia) through the 2017 year and revisit this issue in January 2018.

Current officers to review and/or revise the Constitution & Bylaws regarding the following issues:

  1. Review the Bylaws for explicit regulatory guidelines for Min/Max number of Districts?
    1. What is there a minimum / maximum number of Member districts?
    2. What is the majority rule with our current roster? (For example, if we have 15 districts, what is the deciding number of district votes needed on change requests and other approval processes? (We used to say "7 unique districts are needed for approval". However, now tthatt would not be majority vote. Does this policy change depending on the total number of member districts at any given time?
    3. Does LA count as a full district vote while in the trial period?
  2. Review policies and processes for filling vacant seats on the Committee. 
    1. What is the current policy for replacing an outgoing committee member? Below are some of the questions raised during the meeting that need to be answered by the current officers.
    2. Does the outgoing member nominate a replacement from the same District?
    3. Does the committee vote to approve the nomination?  
    4. What if two or more members are leaving from the same District? 
    5. Does the district get to nominate two or more replacements? 
    6. Does the Steering Committee announce to the field that we are accepting nominations for a replacement District?
    7. How long does a District get to serve on the Steering Committee?
    8. What are the requirements for each District serving on the Committee?  Must there always be a Admissions - IT - Researcher from each District? 
    9. What if there are less than three members remaining from a District?  

Re-Election of Officers for 2017-2018 FY

A motion to re-elect the current slate of CCCApply Steering Committee Officers was made by Bill Mulrooney, El Camino CCD, on June 27, 2017. Henry Villareal, San Mateo CCD, seconded the motion. A survey collecting results was sent to all CCCApply Steering Committee members across all 15 member districts on June 27. Eleven districts responded. The results are displayed above.

Results from the re-election of current officers conducted by survey on June 27 - 29, 2017.

12 Districts voted for the re-election of the current slate of officers for another year.  

11 Districts = Approved

1 District = Disapproved

Click here to see the results: Re-Election of Officers Survey Report 




Cerritos CCD


Chabot-Las Positas District


Contra Costa CCD


El Camino CCD 

5Kern CCD
8Rancho Santiago CCDAPPROVE
10Riverside CCD
11San Francisco CCDAPPROVE
12San Joaquin-Delta CCDAPPROVE
14Santa Rosa CCD
15South Orange CCDAPPROVE

A motion to re-elect the current slate of CCCApply Steering Committee Officers was made by Bill Mulrooney, El Camino CCD, on June 27, 2017. Henry Villareal, San Mateo CCD, seconded the motion. A survey collecting results was sent to all CCCApply Steering Committee members across all 15 member districts on June 28. Eleven districts responded. The results are displayed above.


OpenCCCApply Release 6.1 - Rescheduled to October 27, 2017

In order to align with dependencies for the new Administrator 2.0 application, the CCCApply Release 6.1.0 has had to be pushed back to October 27, 2017 - 6:00PM.

We'll now have to announce that the Administrator for Apply is also pushed to March 2018. 

NEW! CCC Administrator 2.0 Launch - Delayed for CCCApply Until March 2018

The new CCC Administrator 2.0 is currently under-development. The original timeline prioritized CCCApply to be the first integrated application; however, due to an accelerated priority to expedite Canvas LMS integration, the application launch will feature the Canvas functionality.  The CCCApply integrated screens - which will fully align with the CCCApply Standard, BOG, and International applications - will be rescheduled to March 2018, as part of the 2018 Annual Update. A formal communication plan will be published outlining dates and processes for migration of data, college previews, support processes, and posting of new documentation.

Report Center Upgrade - Coming Fall 2017

2017 Roadmap Update: CCCApply is planning an upgrade to our current version (6.1) of the Jasper Business Intelligence software in the CCC Report Center this Fall.

Project Plan
: Working with our AWS DevOps team, we'll be moving to the AWS TIBCO Jasper subscription version and deploy the latest supported version to the development environment (CI) by the end of August. Migration of the data and college artifacts, as well as the custom configuration enhancements will require approximately 9 - 12 weeks due to competing development projects.

Migration Project: Meanwhile, to minimize the impact of multiple IT projects and requirements on colleges, we have renewed the license on our existing Jasper system for another year, to ensure adequate time for the Apply development team, as well as DevOps, to finalize the requirements, complete the migration, and ensure the custom configuration enhancements are bug-free and ready to test by the time we roll to the Pilot environment in October.

Preview: Our goal is to have the CCCApply configurations ready for college preview by middle of October. The production deployment will happen sometime after the October 27 OpenCCCApply release.

Communication: Announcement and updates will be made in the support site, where colleges can ask questions and stay informed on our progress.

Roadmap & Development

 Click here to expand...

(See Other Priority Projects table below)

Click on Links below for Roadmaps

Jan - March 31, 2017


April - August 2017

October 27 2017

Spring 2018

Staff & Resources Needed

OpenCCC Account (Legacy)

2017 Annual Update - Release Notes

Account UI Upgrade 


Tomcat Upgrade
Security updates (SSN Validation review)
New DOB Confirmation field

Release 6.1: October 27

Bug fixes
Tomcat Upgrade
Security updates (SSN Validation review)
New DOB Confirmation field

Release2018 Annual UpdateTomcat 8 Upgrade & uPortal Update

CCCApply Applications (Legacy)

2017 Annual Update
March 31 - Prod Release
March 1 - PILOT Release 

Post Release Activities (Tech Debt)


Development/Tech Debt

DNS Issue
CDE Issue
WAF Blocker Issue 

Tomcat Upgrade (April)
Administrator 2.0 Integration
Security Updates (SSN)
Change Requests 

Release 6.1: October 27

Bug Fixes - Homeless Youth
Bug Fixes - International App
Technical Upgrades

Release2018 Annual Update

Admin 2.0 Integration with Legacy CCCApply apps'

EOL activities

*Tomcat Upgrade*
uPortal Upgrade

Maintenance Mode continues;

CCCApply Administrator (Legacy)

2017 Annual Update

March 31 - Prod Release
March 1 - PILOT Release 


Migration to Admin 2.0
End of Life planning

Push release to March 2018

(End of Life)

CCC Administrator 2.0 (New)

New Development
Documentation Drafts
Support & Training Plan
Migration Planning 


Release V1 to Test for Accessibility Review - AUG 15, 2017

Release V1 to PILOT for College migration and testing - September 25
(30 days in PILOT) 

NEW MVP Release = Canvas Integration

NOTE: CCCApply integration with Admin 2 development resumes for March 2018 release:

Support documentation 

Support training

Release v2 - CCCApply Integration

*Need Technical / Marcomm writier

(Split resource 50/59 with MyPath)*

*Per budget meeting with Lou 2/7/17 

TIBCO Jasper (AWS) Report Center

Research AWS Jaspersoft subscription models;

Draft requirements docs


Migration plan; continuous deployment across Dev-CI, Test, Pilot, Prod
Develop/Upgrade User Documentation

Launch Jasper Upgrade (Cloud)
Support & Training

Residency reports (feature enhancement)

Support & Training

Confirmation on Upgrade; plan EOL for original RC

Ongoing Tech Projects

Spring 2017

Summer 2017

October 2017


Tomcat Upgrade / uPortal Upgrade
Apply, Account, BOG, IA               

Begin March 21
Ongoing developmentRelease 6.1.0 - October 27
Apply Dev/Ops resource: Josh = 2-3 sprints
No concurrent dev work during upgrade
Infinity collaboration 

Upgrade Jasper Report Center

Plan for move to AWSDeployment managementLaunch new AWS version; Documentation;

More projects will be moving into the Report Center. Syed will pick up the additional dev work there.

Implement Additional Administrator 2.0 Features

Focused on CCCApply featuresRelease CCCApply features, 
Begin integration of other projects 
Pushed Launch to October 27- Now has a Canvas LMS focus
- Wes will have bandwidth to start incorporating Glue/Assess/CE into 2.0



    1. AEBG - Changes to CCCApply
      We received the following request from Kathy Booth, WestEd.

       Click here to expand...

      <<  I'm helping to lead a series of practitioners advisory committees for the Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG) that are recommending ways to structure data and accountability reporting. It looks like the group is headed toward recommendations that CCCApply be modified to allow information to be captured on adult ed participants--but these changes may be needed for all CTE for Perkins reporting in the near future, so the impact may be broader.

      Here's a brief write up on the topic that I'm working on--could you correct any factual inaccuracies and let me know if there's information you'd want me to share with the committee based on the likely response from the CCCApply Steering Committee, and your take on these requests?

      * * * 

      The common application form for community colleges—CCCApply—is managed by the CCC Technology Center, which is a project of the Chancellor’s Office. A steering committee is used to consider requests regarding changes to the form, in concert with the project sponsors.  

      One of the primary recommendations in the three AEBG data and accountability meetings held to date would be that CCCApply offer a different set of questions for adult education applicants, using a branching question structure or a different version of the application. This would allow sensitive topics like citizenship to be avoided and for the form to be streamlined so that it only includes information that is relevant in the adult education context. CCCApply has already been working on branching solutions to address requests from other Chancellor’s Office funded projects, which could be built upon for AEBG.

      However, some committee members have noted that the changes outlined below may become important for Perkins reporting for both noncredit and credit programs, once that funding source is reauthorized and aligned with WIOA. Therefore, the following additions may be needed across all versions of the form:

      1) Amend the Personal Information section to include:

      • if participants were employed/unemployed/unemployed 27 consecutive weeks of more at time of entrance
      • ex-offender status
      • seasonal farm worker status
      • homeless status
      • exhausting TANF within two years status

      2) Amend the Higher Education Level question to include: College certificate >>

  1. Noncredit Application Issues:

    Ongoing discussions about whether it's feasible and compliant to create a modified version of CCCApply for noncredit students (and, see AEBG, other populations that want a special, modified version of the application). 

    UPDATE 5.03.17: The Steering leadership met on 5/3/17 to discuss noncredit issue. Sent Noncredit workgroup names to Stephanie on 4/27/17. 

    Team concurred that we need to revisit the application from the perspective "what can we do, if anything, to minimize the questions and length of the application from a legal requirements perspective?" We may come up with the same conclusion, but we need to revisit and ensure CCCCO knows we have heard their continued concern and are doing everything possible to respond. 

    Team looked at the Noncredit Report of June 2016 and determined that we need our own survey to gather feedback and requirements, needs from colleges for noncredit students. Team is working on questions for the survey now.
    Team is condensing the work Patty did to outline all data fields/questions and corresponding legal requirements into an easy-to-read table (versus the large spreadsheet version we have now).
    Team proposes we review the data analysis for Abandoned Applications and add summary of findings to the white paper. 
    Team is looking at the remaining work on the white paper and divvying up the work across Leadership, Mike Q., Patty, and any volunteers (volunteers?).
    Propose drafting recommendations after another review of the questions/legal requirements for CCCCO. Show / demonstrate that any new findings would take time to implement in CCCApply 3.0.  

    June 27 Discussion about modifying the application with a "Supplemental Questions XML" page for AEBG and Noncredit students:

    Current research findings indicates that 99% of all questions currently in the standard application are required questions, therefore creating any form of modified version of the application is NOT SIGNED OFF on by Steering.  However, Mike Q continues to get pressured from CCCCO due to length of app and unwanted questions, but hasn't promised a solution that's another application.  Therefore, the Chancellor's Office is requesting that we take another look at the application to see what, if anything, can be done.  These are the things that can be explored:

    Big Issue:  These colleges don't want to ask the residency questions - strip it out and just give them the Supplemental Questions XML piece PLUS the consent (penalty of perjury you are telling the truth), Submission, and that's it.

    Give these colleges that tools to build what they want. 

    ONE OPTION for colleges that want to use something other than CCCApply for noncredit or AEBG or any other special population set is to use the Supplemental Questions XML and the Consent page, the digital signature tool, and submission process - then stripping out all other pages. (NOTE: This option would require additional development resources and funds, currently not budgeted or allocated.)

    OpenCCC would remain a separate, self-contained component and there would be no proposed changes to that system. (no change)

    Mitch says, IF we were to consider a special, modified CCCApply application, this "Supplemental Questions App"  would have to include:

    Steering does not sign off on a noncredit app;  
    MOU would have to be included  
    Colleges would need to be fully aware of the risks;
    The BOG board would need to approve this - college must be aware of all risks, and MUST absolve the Tech Center, the CCCCO, Board, and must be fully aware of Audit implications. 

    Action Items: 

    • Reconvene the Noncredit Sub-Committee to explore these options and considerations
    • Survey the colleges with OUR survey - questions specific to the application alternatives (what are colleges doing for residency? state/fed laws?) 
    • Look at the existing application for a better way to support noncredit students. There may not be a solution that works.
    • What do we need to put right up front in the application to college?
    • What do colleges want for noncredit students?

    That's it! 

    • What does the CCCCO require from noncredit students?

    Example:  SCE's non-credit app:

New CCCApply Noncredit Survey

GOAL: There have been other surveys completed re: noncredit populations, but none that were specific to the CCCApply application.

Survey should help identify how colleges who aren't using CCCApply for Noncredit students - are collecting required data for residency, state & federal regulatory requirements, and MIS reporting data? 

  •   Identify "formula for Noncredit compliance" - Michael Q. work with Elias ? 
  •  Work with Saddleback College and document what they are using and what/how they are staying in compliance for Noncredit students.
  •  Steering will develop a new Noncredit application survey specific to CCCApply.  
  •  Send out to steering for feedback and discussion during August 30 Steering meeting.  

NEW Survey should include:

Requirements: Steering will develop a new survey specific to CCCApply.  Disseminate to all colleges, Academic Senate, Admissions Listserv, etc.

NEED volunteers to work on this survey project. What's our deadline?

They say what they need
Mike can bring it back to Elias and CCCCO / Legal -

Questions would include:

  • Which fields would you include on a custom noncredit application? SPECIFICALLY
  • What specific issues do colleges have with the current Standard application for noncredit students? (Note: lots of colleges are using CCCApply that don't have same issues) balance out users with non-users (non-users are may not be compliant)
  • For colleges using their own custom noncredit app, "How are you collecting data for fulfilling residency requirements?"
  • How do you plan to meet SSSP requirements?
  • How are you complying with state & federal requirements? (Race & Ethnicity? Gender? AB620?
  • How are you determining if the student is a dependent of a parent or guardian? What critieria are you using to comply? What questions are you asking parents of dependents?

Committee Discussion Note: Saddleback College is doing a good job of using CCCApply for noncredit - when selecting ed goal - we find out they are noncredit - Are they required to matriculate? SSSP?  Formula for noncredit = similar to credit (counts/amounts for services are going to be part of allocation formula. The more you do to make that accurate and correct is beneficial. Mitch says he is surprised, he thought every student has to matriculate.

Steering? What are our action items here - in addition to the suggestions for survey questions?

Research Projects Update

Click on hyperlinks to see Survey Results or Slide-decks.

  1. NEW: CCCApply Required Questions 
    Created to support recurring Noncredit Application issue

  2. CCCApply Research Projects 2017

    • NEW! Student Satisfaction Survey Negative Comments (Cluster Analysis)
      Results provide insights on improving application process

    • SPAM Filter / Fraudulent Applications (Machine learning) 
      UPDATE:  July 2017
      • Data collected from colleges (bad application examples) and both survey results were submitted to internal data analysts for review. 
        Meanwhile, CISO was asked to investigate setting up secure environment to analyze data (student Pii).
      • Contract with AWS Machine Learning group to draft proposal for SPAM Filter development project.
      • Additional work required to support effort: Unblock IP Addresses; created problem when WAF installed (January).
      • Two surveys have been completed (Pre- and post-WAF Blockers). 
  3. Other Research Issues

ACTION ITEM: Colleges are asking that we share the data produced in the Abandoned Applications study for individual colleges. Tim requested the Steering Committee determine best way to proceed. Steering voted to share back in Pivot Table on website. Data available in password protected PDF document Work with Jeff Holden to determine security process. What can be shared?
  1. CCCApply Whitepaper - NOTE:  No work has been done on the White Paper since early March due to vacations, the Annual Update Release, CCCApply Workshop, and other high priorities. Need to resume progress. Need volunteers.

New Change Requests

UPDATE July 14, 2017: Due to delays in the development schedule caused by a variety of issues over the past three months, including post-AWS migration bugs, problem with the SSID Look-Up service implementation, under-estimated development time needed for infrastructure upgrades; Admin 2.0 integration priorities, as well as the ramp up of new Infiniti-AWS DevOps team, it's possible that some of the approved bugs and feature enhancements slated for the October 27 release may be deferred to March 2018. The final list of bugs that will make the October release is under-consideration and will be announced to colleges with the Pilot Preview release notes.

AB801 Homeless Youth "Fixes" to March 2017 Implementation

  1. OpenCCC Account & Edit Account changes = APPROVED
  2. CCCApply Standard App changes = APPROVED
  3. BOG Fee Waiver changes = APPROVED
  4. International App changes = APPROVED

Personal Information Page Changes:

  1. Rename the page "Demographic Information" - Approved for March 2018.
  2. Re-order the position of the Personal Information page (Demographic Information) page down toward the bottom of the application. = DECLINED. 

Implement Modified CCCApply Application for AEBG (Adult Education) needs = DEFERRED

Future Meeting Schedule

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  • Project Site updated with revised Meeting Information
  • Steering has been notified by email(s) announcing schedule
Date & TimeDescriptionLocationNotes & Action Items

August 30, 2017
10:00AM - 3:30PM

Regular Meeting - In-PersonCCCCO
  • Send announcement to Steering
Fall 2017Need to plan next six monthsWhere?

Add to August 30, 2017 Agenda

Steering District Roster: Approval Poll Table

 Click here to expand...




Cerritos CCD


Chabot-Las Positas District


Contra Costa CCD

Bay Area

El Camino CCD 

5Kern CCDCentral
6Los Angeles CCDSouthern
7Los Rios CCDNorthern
8Rancho Santiago CCDSouthern
9Rio Hondo CCDSouthern
10Riverside CCDSouthern
11San Francisco CCDBay Area
12San Joaquin-Delta CCDCentral
13San Mateo CCDBay Area
14Santa Rosa CCDNorthern
15South Orange CCDSouthern

2017 Steering Committee

3 = Bay Area Region

2 = Northern Region

2 = Central Region

8 = Southern Region