2017 Annual Update Release 6.0

Steering approved change requests slated for 2017 Annual Update - Friday, March 31, 2017

9.01.162013-24Web services to pull Statewide Student Identifier (SSID) into CCCApplyStandard App9.20.16Approved. Implemented March 2017

System-Generated Email to Students about Abandoned In-Progress Applications

All Apps6.30.16Approved Implemented March 2017
9.15.152014-66Create Approved Paper Version of CCCApply ApplicationStandard9.15.15No development work
5.01.162015-16Include B.A. Degrees on CCCApply ApplicationStandard & IA9.20.16Approved Implemented March 2017
9.20.162016-05Set Authorize Text Message Opt-In Default to Yes in AccountOpenCCC9.20.16Approved Implemented March 2017
5.4.162016-23Auto-Login for New Accounts directly into First Page of New Application (New Accounts Only)All AppsApprovedIMPLEMENTED 10.21.16

2016-16Re-order HS Ed Level Responses in Dropdown Menu; List Graduates FirstStandard & IAApprovedApproved Implemented March 2017
7.20.162016-39Articulation with California Colleges Guidance Initiative (CCGI) and OpenCCCApplyCCCApplyApprovedApproved Implemented March 2017
8.06.162016-42Develop Mechanism to Share CCCIDs Back with CollegesOpenCCCApprovedApproved - Implemented March 2017
10.02.162017-AAImplement Google Analytics Across All CCCApply Application & OpenCCC Account Pages
racking browser usage
All Apps & AccountApprovedApproved - Implemented March 2017
11.20.162017-2018BOG Fee Waiver Application 2017-2018BOGApprovedApproved Implemented for March 2017


Develop Alternate Workflow from App Submission to Links & Opps Via MyPath

All AppsApprovedIMPLEMENTED 10.14.16
11.01.162017-122017-12: Revise OpenCCCApply to Identify Homeless Students (AB 801)Account
ApprovedApproved Implemented March 2017

New Data Fields

ApplicationNameData FieldLengthTypeNotes
ACCOUNTNo Permanent Address Homelessno_perm_address_homeless
CharacterOpenCCC Account
ApplySSID Codessid
CharacterStandard Application
ApplyFull CDS Codefull_hs_cds14CharacterFull CDS Code
ApplyHomeless Youth in Residencyhomeless_youth
Yes / NoStandard Application
ApplyIntegrity Flag 40integrity_fg_40
BooleanStandard Application Only
Applicant is homeless and under 25. Eligible for priority registration per AB801 
ApplyTerm Start Dateterm_start_date
DateAdded to Apply downloads
ApplyTerm End Dateterm_end_date
DateAdded to Apply downloads
ApplyMajor Descriptionmajor_description100CharacterRevised length from 50 to 100
ApplyAward Typeaward_type

Add two new data values: BA and BS
BOGPre-Determined Homeless by Financial Aid Officedetermined_homeless
CharacterNew Data Field - BOG Only
BOGMethod D Eligibility Flagelig_method_d1Alphanumeric; "Yes/No 1" formatNew Data Field - BOG Only
BOGBOG Eligibility Flagelig_bogfw

Add new data value to field: "D - Method D Only"

  • <ssid>:  SSID Code (Apply Submitted Apps Table)
  • <full_hs_cds>:  Full HS CDS Code (Education Table) all 14-digits of CA HS CDS Code 
  • <homeless_youth>: Residency table - Yes/No radial button
  • <integrity_fg_40>:  Applicant is homeless and under 25. Eligible for priority registration per AB801
  • <no_perm_address_homeless>:  checkbox in Account; no permanent address 
  • <determined_homeless> (BOG Application) 
  • Change to Main Phone & Second Phone fields
  • Change to Award Type Field (two new data field values/response options)
  • Add <term_start_date> and <term_end_date>  (Standard App Only) to DB for Standard App
  • Extend length of Major Description to 100 characters (Apply)


PriorityCRDescriptionJIRA TicketCR StatusNotes

Upgrade Tomcat

CCCFEDID-2081 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ApprovedAFTER CODE FREEZE - September 2017

Implement Spam Filter for Suspicious Incoming Applications

DeferredDeferred - Investigate for AFTER CODE FREEZE


Add Expected Date Field to High School Completion Date

StandardDeferredCCCApply. 30

2017-06Add Ability to Branch Majors by Meta Major in Administrator 2.0

CTRLCENTER-249 - Getting issue details... STATUS

NEWSteering will review on 12.06.16

2017-07Add Title IX Survey Data Fields in to the Report Center

REPORT-100 - Getting issue details... STATUS

NEWSteering reviews on 12.06.16