2018 CCCApply Workshop Retrospective Meeting

Retrospective Meeting - April 6, 2018


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Meeting agenda and timeline:

11:00AM - Brief overview of the Workshop statistics (number of participants, recap of any significant details, etc.)

11:10AM - Sessions Retrospective

  • What worked?
  • What didn't work?
  • What key feedback was given that might affect next year's Workshop?

11:30AM - Logistics Retrospective

  • What worked?
  • What didn't work?
  • What key feedback was given that might affect next year's Workshop?

11:45AM - Review the "Attendee Post-Workshop Survey"

  • Quick review of last year's "Post-Workshop Survey" with the full team for feedback & suggestions before it goes out. 
  • Mailing Timeline:  COB Friday April 6

12:00PM - Conclude Meeting

Priority Action Items


Post-Workshop Survey 

Mitch - First Draft
COB Tuesday April 10

Mitch provided the first draft for review at the retrospective meeting on 4.06.18;

based on discussion topics and feedback from the committee, we identified ways to update the first draft 

Crista will await our final draft and send out as soon as it's proof read and prepped to send to all Attendees.

4.6.18Sponsor Survey?  TBD
  • Patty will ask Rick to work with Mark Cohen on putting together a Sponsor survey? We didnt' talk about this during the Retrospective but I think it's necessary to get their feedback to help us plan for 2019. 
  • Did they appreciate being setup outside?  
  • Did they have everything they needed?
  • Did they get ANY foot traffic being placed there? Poor Unicon, after the initial registration rush - they were facing the parking lot.  Who even went over there again until Day Over?  We need to apologize to them for this oversight and try to think this through better next year.
4.6.18Announcement to All Colleges - Workshop Review & Slide Decks Online

Patty - First Draft

Crista - Proof read & mail out

?  TBD

We didn't finish our discussion about what to provide to the college who weren't able to attend - however, we agreed that all colleges should get some kind of information on what took place, stats on attendees, links to the slide-decks and call for recruitment for next year's Workshop. 

Patty will take a stab at first draft of an announcement/page to post on the CCCApply Public Docs space. Send to Crista when complete.

Post a blurb and link to info on the CCCApply Project Site
Possibly send out email via Constant Contact

4.06.18Start 2019 Workshop Planning Immediately - May 2018 Steering Meeting

Stephanie Murguia - Chair

  • Patricia Donohue - make sure Stephanie has all information added to agenda template
May 2
  • Add a recurring agenda item to every meeting starting May 2 2018
  • Call for 2019 Workshop Host College - Need to get the word out ASAP
  • Mention at the CACCRAO conference - need a host college
  • recruit volunteers from the field to help plan next year's event 
  • Review post-Workshop survey, incorporate feedback into planning and report out on feedback during May 2 meeting

Retrospective Feedback Checklist

Pre-Workshop Activities

What worked?

What didn't work so well?

Planning Activities

The fact that this team has done this event for many years was helpful to pulling it together with very short time (3 months)


Need to have host college confirmed by end of September 2018?  ASAP

On-site Activities

Efren worked.  That's what worked. Because of Efren's enthusiasm and expertise, we were able to pull off this event with very little time to plan.  

We didn't find OCC until December 2017.  Less than 3 months for all planning. 

Need to have our Site confirmed early so we can map out the lay-of-the-land and have more planning time for:

Sessions location

Proximity of sessions to Food and bathrooms and general session, etc.

Time to plan the Computer Lab

Time to plan TECHNOLOGICAL NEEDS - such as the Zoom links 


What worked?

What didn't work so well?

Online Registration

Everything.  Constant Contact is made for this type of event planning.  Don't change CC.

Final Constant Contact Reg Number:  287

Per Cindy McCartney, feedback for 2019:

Designate ONE person to handle Registration (online counts, late reg, cancellations, etc.). Too many hands in the pie is not working. 

Suggestion:  Marissa from Logistics. Since Logistics manages the final Catering order, they need to have a constant handle on reg counts, cancellations, etc. 

Actual Attendee Counts

Per Cindy via email 4/07/18:
59 badges were not collected at the event

< Cindy Mc was not able to attend the meeting > 
Actual attendees (left over badges?) - 
Number of write-ins (walk-in registration)  N/A

Now that we know how many badges weren't picked up: 

287 - final registration number
59  - no shows (approximately)
228 - Total Attendees (approximately)

79.5% attendance vs. registration count
21.5% attrition rate (this is right in-line with previous years)
 21.5% Attrition

Feedback per Rick - All positive on the reg process


What worked?

What didn't work?

General Communications

Sandoval's team will once again manage the communication for the Workshop and the Constant Contact Registration process and Landing page.  

Here's a link to the ongoing Email Campaign schedule

We have everything we need to make this successful - we just need info earlier

Need to get started earlier 

Should be an agenda item at every Steering meeting after roll call - Workshop Committee

Need commitment from college for next year's college (NorCal) - at May meeting

Need to find time at the CACCRAO schedule - general announcement!  EARLY!

Are CCCApply & eTran going to be together again next year (explore feedback from the survey)

Email Campaigns

Great.Need more information earlier - to generate excitement

Website Marketing

Great. Need to start earlier so not rushing at the last minute.


Latest version - after edits 3/9/18 V.3

Great.  Good format. It's working. Stick with it.Need to start earlier.  the sooner the content (sessions) and theme and tracks are confirmed, the sooner they can begin the brochure.

Meals & Hospitality

What worked?

What didn't work?

General Food & Beverage

Good food overall.  

MORE WATER!!!  wha wha wha

Feedback was that 


Good feedback. We'll see what folks say in the survey.
LunchGood feedback. We'll see what folks say in the survey.

Facilities & On-Site Operations

What worked?

What didn't work?

Location & Parking

excellent parking - great location

(I'd like 

Good location

easy to get to (proximity to airport)

hotels - great


Feedback from Efren:  the host college does have to kick-in some expense and that needs to be understood.  Tables, chairs, signage, balloons, volunteers, (total expense = comes out of the A&R budget!  $2500 (not including the beautiful orange jackets, but did include the dinner)

Efren chose to have lunch outside (which required tables & chairs being rented, awnings, 

Overall Lay of the Land

Most people loved the layout - the Horticulture Gardens was BEAUTIFUL and a delightful lunch experienceSome feedback on the spread of the MBCC rooms and the main rooms 

Excellent pre-event map with arrows to the Registration station and session rooms. 

We should definitely put these together each year, they are very helpful. 

No negative comments or feedback


CCCApply Workshop signs.pdf

Signage was very well done and feedback was there was plenty of it.  No negative comments or feedback
Disabled Persons TransportationEfren had golf carts available to help transport any ADA needs, but not sure if people knew or took advantage of it.  

Rooms & Setup Locations

What worked?

What didn't work?

Dining Area 

Wonderful to sit outside and the Horticulture Gardens was lovely.  

No negative comments or feedback.  

Registration Station

Perfectly stationed.  No negative comments or feedback.  

Sponsors Area

On one hand, being setup outside was nice. It was a beautiful day.  

See "What did not work well > "

We need to survey the Sponsors on the details of their setup.  Outside may not have been their ideal setup.  

I think we missed on this one.  Unicon, for one, was placed way out front by the parking lot and after the initial registration hour - with folks coming in - no one had any reason to walk by their table or even know their table was there. 

We need to think through "flow of the day" when arranging layout for vendor/sponsor tables next year.  Ensure sponsors are placed in high traffic area - if not in an Exhibit Hall.

General Sessions

Great room for the general session. 300 people fit comfortably and the audio was good.  Same feedback as below.  If ZOOM is required, ensure that the room provides a built-in microphone.  

Session Rooms

OCC provided great break-out session rooms. Capacity of 140 was perfect.  Theatre style seating.  Good AV and speakers.  

Need to ensure that microphones are integrated with the workstations / projectors if ZOOM is planned.  

Computer Lab

See "What did not work so well >"

Unfortunately, the Computer Lab was a fail this year. 

First - we need to ensure that two people are designated / delegated to monitor the Computer Lab next year.  Kasey Crosby was initially supposed to attend and Patty assumed she would help out in this capacity. She was not approved to attend in the end, and no replacement was arranged. This was Patty's oversight. Lesson learned.

Also, for 2019, we need to take the feedback from the post-workshop survey and implement suggestions. Efren mentioned that some folks showed up to the Computer Lab expecting training.  This was not publicized, on the other hand - we didn't say much about the Computer Lab this year.  In year's past, we've tried many different formats:  training, open computer lab for folks to check their email, etc. 
IF we do another computer lab for 2019, we need to be VERY SPECIFIC about what is being offered, who is manning the room, what the colleges will be able to do in the computer lab etc.  This can be a very beneficial perk for colleges attending the workshop, but it has to be done right and communicated accordingly. 

Technology Equipment & Setup

Suggestions for 2019:

Ensure that we spend more attention to the IT / AV setup next year, including:

  • Classroom/Session room IT setup
  • Microphones
  • HDMI cables 
  • Projectors, screens, room speakers, microphones
  • OR 
  • Arrange to have the sessions videotaped or recorded some other way.  

No real problems reported with the IT setup other than the last minute snafu that Patty created with regards to needing to Zoom in a presenter at the last minute.

Unfortunately, the technology setup at OCC was good, but the "Smart Technology Classrooms" did not provide integrated microphones with the classroom workstations.  
Zoom - however - requires either a built-in microphone or a Polycomm phone system (teleconferencing system) in order to pickup the presenter's audio. 

Patty ended up needing to Zoom in a presenter (Charles from Unicon) as an expert presenter for one of her sessions. Patty did not clear this with Efren before hand (it was a last minute change to the plan).
This was not necessarily a disaster as it turned out - and little damage was done ultimately and thankfully because NO promises were made to the field (colleges) that we were using Zoom (or hoping to record) - though Patty did have to eat humble pie and apologize to the internal (Tech Center and Unicon) folks that were invited at the last minute by her.  

Still no harm, no foul.  BUT - lesson learned.

IF there's a chance that a session requires Zoom or 

IF we hope to record any of our sessions next year or in the future

WE need to ensure that the technology is complete and pre-requisites have been met for Zoom:  (Workstation or laptop with built-in microphone connected to the Projection system, projection, screen, speakers in the room, 

Tables, Chairs & Equipment

All good. No complaints. 

Sessions & Schedule

What Worked?

What didn't work so well?

General Sessions

3/03/18:  Patty finished the Schedule,
Sessions & Presenters, and main Workshop Dashboard. 

All presenters attended!

Still get good turnout and feedback for one-day workshop

Add to Survey: Did this work out as a one-day event (eTran & CCCApply) and what topics 

Always running behind on getting content (sessions) 

All presenters need to be armed to answer general questions about Steering 

Way to collect questions (some way to give feedback) link from the get-go to enter questions (before and after workshop)

Alot of colleges and especially A&R staff don't have ancillary funds for events (have to be very selective to what events they go to). No budget. 

Need more Q&A time - sharing information 

Sessions & Tracks

Overall - Good group of sessions

What didn't work so well?

Way to address and follow-up on questions from attendees

Way to vent if need to - and get answers (get that data and bring to the presenters)

Need to have an Annual Update (CCCApply Year in Review) at each workshop

MyPath Session

Very well attended 

People were very interested in MyPath (9 or 11 colleges interested in coming onboard)

eTran Session

Per Mitch - want to get back to having their own workshop next year
Saw the benefit of being in our group - good questions, good feedback

Well attended and feedback to overlap again

Report Center Session

47 people in the session!

Doing the Advanced instead of the both 

Hand-outs for beginners.
Follow-up to all attendees (and the field in general) and offer more training!

Post hand-outs and Slide desk on Wiki

Feedback - heard want more sessions!  

Since colleges have unique needs and staffing, Merrie had sign up sheet to find out who needs more training 

We should schedule MORE RC trainings throughout the year 

Data Security Session75-80 peopleAdd to survey - if they have questions or want to contact the security team or be contacted with them

Presenters & Speakers

Anna Salazar, Dean of Enrollment Services, East LA College - salazaal@elac.edu
Ben Baird - bbaird@californiacolleges.edu
Bryan Dickason - bdickason@cccco.edu 
Cindy Gonzalez - IT Director, Los Rios CCD - gonzalc@losrios.edu
Kelly C. Kilbykelly.kilby@hobsons.com
Mark Cohen - mcohen@ccctechcenter.org
Mitch Leahy - mleahy@santarosa.edu
Stephanie Murguia -  smurguia@cerritos.edu 
Michael Quiaoit - mquiaoit@cccco.edu
Omid Pourzanjani - opourzanjani@cccco.edu
Olivia Alvarado, IT Director, Los Angeles CCD - alvarao@email.laccd.edu

Collect slide decks and upload to wiki page

Presentations & Slide Decks

Great feedback from attendees on the presentations.  

Upload to wiki and send out announcement once they are available for download

Session Hand-outs & Signage

Great feedback from attendees on the presentations.  

Upload to wiki and send out announcement once they are available for download

Volunteers & On-site Support

Orange Coast College Volunteers



What Worked?

What didn't work so well?

Sponsor Invitations & Registration

Patricia Donohue

Rick handled Pre-Workshop contact of the sponsors  and dealt with their needs in detail up front. In addition, Rick found out who was actually attending from each company. This level of detail had been overlooked. They expressed appreciation for the advance planning details and information and the way this was handled.

Rick made a table of Sponsors in the wiki on the Planning Checklist with the final list of sponsor attendees and contact info.

At the Workshop, Rick spent time with them to make sure their needs were covered. They were all happy with the location in front in the shade of the trees so they caught folks coming and going, and with the way we made sure their requests were met. (Rick did that too)

Due to the lunchtime outdoor venue, their 5-min presentations were moved to the closing session indoors in the Science Hall and told Michelle they were going to do this so she knew. Rick took the time to explain this all to them and they were all fine with it. They told me that often they do not receive these kinds of courtesies from the event coordinators. Unless Patty heard otherwise, this all went as well as could be expected under the circumstances.

Sponsor Logos

Rick Snodgrass (Unlicensed) made sure these were correct AND added to all the Confluence pages as Patty created them.


Please join us in thanking our 2018 Sponsors!


Hobson's Starfish Logo

Sponsor Shipping Materials

Sponsor Raffle & Donations


Prizes / Donations

Post-Workshop Activities

  • Survey - Retrospective

Travel Reimbursement 

For presenters, speakers and employee volunteers that require travel reimbursement, please see the form templates below. For more information, visit "OBSOLETE - Committee Member and Non-Butte College Employee Travel" on CCCApply