Citizenship & Immigration Section Changes

This is a worksheet for suggestions to revised the Citizenship & Immigration section in CCCApply.

According to the 2019 SAAM - DACA students are a legitimate status and information should be collected in CCCApply. This is one of many changes that need to be made to CCCApply to better represent CCC.

IMPORTANT - Confirm “No Documents” Help language by Friday, January 21, 2020. See screen shot. Help information includes “including…undocumented, DACA, and AB540 / SB68.” Is that correct? If not change ASAP.

Issues with the Citizenship & Immigration Status Section in CCCApply


Issue #1: The Citizenship section in CCCApply has not be updated to comply with changing laws and regulations since 2012. There have been many changes to state and federal laws and policies that CCCApply does not yet comply with. Such as: According to the 2019 SAAM Draft - DACA is a valid citizenship & immigration status and their official policy is published in the SAAM. Students should have the option to self-identify themselves as DACA and submit the details of their status (DACA number, Issue Date, Exp. Date, etc.). We currently do not mention DACA in CCCApply anywhere.

Issue #2: Another issue is relative to error validation through this section. There are many bugs that have not been called out that need to be fixed, such as if a student has a VISA that is expired at the time of application or per the RDD, the application just let’s them continue. What should happen here? Should they be allowed to continue with the application? If yes, should they be allowed to enter expired information? Should they be forced to change status?It seems that current regulations ask non-residents to provide information on “change of status”. How should this be represented in CCCApply?

Issue #3: Hover Help or Tool Tips have outdated information. This information needs to be corrected and updated ASAP so that it can be translated to Spanish as part of the spanish internationalization effort in January 2020. We need to scrutinize the Citizenship section and track all outdated or incorrect information in the Help section and correct that information by January 21, 2020.


Additional Information - Data

In FY 2018-2019, over 2.6 million CCCApply applications were submitted. For the purposes of this breakdown, spam applications were not removed from the total = 2,647,615.

Of the 2,647,615 apps submitted:

  • Non-U.S. Residents =

  • Permanent Residents

  • Refugees

  • Asylum Seekers

  • Student Visas (F1, J1, M1)

  • Visa Holders

    • Precludes residency

    • Does Not Preclude Residency

    • Other

      • DACA

      • TPS

      • SIV

      • AB540

  • Null (Question does not appear in the Noncredit Application)


  • DEPENDENT Minors = 679,566 (93% of minors) and 25.6% of all apps were from DEPENDENT minors.

  • INDEPENDENT Minors = 51,150 (7% of minors) self-reported as having one or more special circumstances (either married, emancipated, do not have a living parent, or were in foster youth any time after age 13 or - as of the RDD are in active military, or are self-supporting. (2% of all apps submitted.)

  • ADULTS = 1,916,899 (72.4% of apps submitted by Independent adults, 19 yrs or older)

In FY2018-19, only 7% of all minors self-identified as “independent minors”. all the rest are “dependent” and must provide their Parent or Guardian’s name and relationship.

Colleges Meeting Discussion Notes - December 2019

  1. Immigrants Rising, advocating for undocumented/nonresident students, has suggested that clear, non-threatening language be added to the Parent/Guardian Information question to better help these students understand,

Next Actions:

Work with the Chancellor’s Office to confirm what language can be changed and whether the proposed layout changes are approved.

  1. Mia Keeley offered to work with us to ensure all changes are compliant and approved for development

  2. Review proposal for layout and language changes

  3. Review Immigrants Rising's original concerns and feedback:



Requirements for Issue #1: Add DACA Status to Citizenship & Immigration Status Question

DACA is a legitimate status per the CCCCO in the SAAM (version 2019). Ensure Help information is also updated to include DACA information.

Requirements Summary

  1. Add new value to the Citizenship status question for DACA

  2. Add new values to the Alien Registration Number field for “DACA Number” and “DACA Issue Date”, “DACA Exp DAte” and “DACA No Exp. Date”

  3. Ensure all language is updated for DACA status

  4. Add disclaimer about the CCC NOT discriminating against the applicant for admission purposes based on their DACA status to the question text.

  5. Should DACA be added to the No Documents question

Requirements for Issue #2

Summary of the issues here





Requirements for Issue #3

Summary of the issues here




User interface changes required

  • TBD


Add SAAM information here