CCCApply Standard Application - Implementation Checklist


The purpose of this checklist is to provide IT staff and other key stakeholders with a step-by-step guide that includes specific requirements, action items, deadlines, and notes to support a successful OpenCCCApply implementation. A real-time version of this document (Google Doc) will be provided to your project team during the Project Overview meeting. 

Overview of IT & Business Operations Tasks

The tables below include tasks related to both the IT setup of your project and the business operations tasks, which play a key part in your successful implementation. Admissions staff, as well as the IT project team, should review this document to understand the different requirements involved in preparing this application for student use. The tables are organized in the order they should be completed:


Key Dates & Deployment Timeline


Deployment Dates

Implementation Notes & Relevant Links

MOU signed and executed


Must be completed prior to planned deployment date.

Confirm college’s anticipated Go Live date with CCCApply
Note: CCCTC / Help Desk requires two weeks notice*

Begin Accepting Applications

Confirm date college(s) want to begin testing downloads in the Production environment


Dependent on completion of migration of Administrator and Downloads to Production environment.

Confirm date college(s) will stop accepting Xap Applications**
**Confirm all terms are closed in Xap.

For Xap CCCApply users only.
Should be the same date as your OpenCCCApply deployment date.

Confirm date college/district Xap contract expires



Schedule Report Center Training with Tech Center



Schedule Xap Migration Project with Tech Center


Must have Xap Apps downloaded and formatted for import to the Report Center.


Development Tasks - Setting Up the Pilot Environment

Development and testing should take place in the Pilot environment. As part of your Shibboleth installation, you will be provided with the unique URLs to access your Pilot and production Administrator and CCC Report Center. (Note: These URLs are not provided by the CCCTC. Consult the technician who performed your Shibboleth installation.)  

Once you have set up and configured all table settings in the Pilot Administrator and tested downloads completely, contact the Tech Center to begin migrating your data to production environment.

Development Task

Who's Responsible


MOU Process



Create MOU and forward to College/District Administrator

Tech Center

Keith Franco, Project Rep.,, leads this effort for Tech Center

Ensure MOU has been received and routed to responsible authority for signature



Portal Branding



Design branding image for each college application


Identify image to be used for college portal branding and send to CCCTC.
One for each college. *Important: Portal branding image must be 607 x 63 px. PNG preferred.

Submit branding image for each college application (or district application)



Forward image(s) to Development for upload

 Apply Support Team

Requires a server restart. This process may take up to two weeks to complete.
Please ensure that you have adequate time allowed for this process. 

Shibboleth IDP Installation & Authentication



Setup Shibboleth instance for college or district


DIY or Vendor contract

Provide metadata to Tech Center



Forward metadata to Development for upload

Apply Support Team


Create authentication to the PILOT Administrator and Report Center


The Shibboleth IDP installation generates two sets of URLs for staff to access the Administrator & Report Center. One set is for the PILOT environment for testing, and one set is to access the Production environment Administrator & Report Center.
*Note: The Tech Center does not provide these URLs. They are generated during the installation and customization of Shibboleth IDP for CCC Technology applications.

Ensure college Admissions staff (and other key stakeholders/users) have access to both sets of Administrator and Report Center URLs


Provide both sets of URLs to key stakeholders and users of the Administrator & Report Center. This is usually the Director of Admissions or IT Director at each college or district.

Configure the PILOT Administrator



Add Primary User account with "Add User" authority. 

Apply Support Team

District users are assigned to district MIS code

Add district and college-authorized User accounts with "Add User" authority
for the Administrator & Report Center (PILOT)


District users are assigned to district MIS code

Load terms and majors into the Administrator


See the User Guides for instructions

Update contact information in the College and District tables



Ensure the check box to "Allow applications from multiple colleges for the same
term" is set correctly for each college in the District.

This setting can be found at the bottom of the "District" tab in the Administrator. This check
box must be set correctly for each college in district in both the PILOT & Production sites.

Identify all Rules needed and add to the Administrator



Create Email Rules Messages.


HTML friendly. Store internal server

Create supplemental questions XML file


Note: Security risk. Ensure no private information is collected

Define error validation messages for supplemental questions


Important.  Ensure error messages are clear and instructive.

Load supplemental questions XML into the Administrator



Set up Title IX Survey through the CCCTC


Contact Tech Center to get setup on Title IX survey

Setting Up Downloads



Request download client from CCCTC



Create Download client for each college in district



Install Download Client for QA development


See online user guide: Download Client & Setting Up Downloads

Update Download Client Transfer Jar File (if necessary)


Direct link: OpenCCCApply Download Client Latest Version

Map Xap data fields to new OpenCCCApply system (identify new fields)



Create download format file using Format Definitions XML (template)



Create download Job XML file (template)



Set-up download job and point to PILOT server



Create ability to store CCCID in SIS



Test downloads process through to SIS.  Verify all data.



Acceptance Testing



Create user acceptance test plan



Execute user acceptance test cycles



Enter in test applications in QA  



Test full process through to SIS import process



Schedule Report Center Training from Tech Center



Business Operations Tasks


Who's Responsible?

Notes & Links


Who's Responsible?

Notes & Links

Plan project timeline against Xap contract expiration


Important. Ensure that all stakeholders are aware of any contract deadlines or requirements.

Schedule demo of OpenCCCApply system for staff with Apply Support Team


It's helpful for staff to see the new application process - including OpenCCC student account
system - before planning business process revisions. Contact Patty Donohue, Project Manager, to schedule your demo right away. 

Plan updates to website (instructions, links, Help Desk/Call Center)

Review how your current website is messaging and directing students to the Xap or other
application and build a checklist to ensure you have managed all aspects of messaging required.
Plan to message students clearly that you have moved to a new Application system which
requires them to create an OpenCCC account (even if they applied recently in Xap).  

Plan revisions to marketing / recruiting materials with new
application URL and Help Desk contact information.

Identify marketing and recruitment campaigns to determine changes required for communication
planning. Notify local high schools and other educational entities that send students to your college.

Plan messaging to students via the Xap Intro page


Notify students of upcoming changes via the Xap introduction page (sooner than later).
Determine a cut-off date for students who have in-progress applications and encourage them
to complete and submit or delete. 

Identify apply buttons/links on college website that need the new URL


Discuss the programming behind all current buttons and links pointing to your current
application with your web master or IT staff. Prepare web master early, or include
web designers in the implementation planning process so they can begin working
on revisions and message changes early. 

Notify key stakeholders of migration (local high schools, counseling)


During staff training, you will be provided with Help Desk contact information (for students) and CCCApply College Support contact information (for college related IT issues).

Schedule Administrator & Report Center training for staff


Contact the Apply Support Team (Patty Donohue, Project Manager,
to schedule training for staff users. 



Deployment Tasks - Production Environment


Who's Responsible?

Notes & Supporting Documents

Confirm MOU contract has been signed and executed

Apply Support Team 


IDP Authentication

Confirm User access to Production Administrator & Report Center




Order certificate and keystore move from PILOT to Production server

College / Apply Support Team


Create Format Definitions XML for production download process



Create Job XML file for production download process



Create schedule to run download job



Run downloads testing after keystore move and college is "technically" LIVE



Set Up Production Administrator 

Add Primary District-Level "Add User" account for Administrator & Report Center

Apply Support Team


Add college and district User accounts for Administrator & Report Center



Export Terms from PILOT Administrator and migrate to Production Administrator



Export Majors from PILOT Administrator and migrate to Production Administrator



Update College table and District table in Production Administrator



Migrate all Rules and Email Messages to Production Administrator Rules tab



Export Supplemental Questions XML from PILOT and migrate to Production Administrator



Ensure District & College folders are created in Production Report Center

Apply Support Team



Go Live Day Synchronization Tasks


Who's Responsible?

Comments & Relevant Links

Notify Tech Center of planned deployment date & time



Ensure all Admissions & IT staff have Help Desk information (phone and email)



Ensure all Admissions & IT staff have CCCApply College Support email



Ensure all Admissions & IT staff have registered for account on



At designated date & time, disable Terms in XAP to prevent new applications



Audit website for Xap or other application URLs or hidden pages and remove




Xap Download Project


Who's Responsible?


Contact Tech Center to schedule Xap Migration Project overview meeting



Meet with Tech Center to review project guidelines



Set-up project to download XAP applications

CCCTC & College


Run download jobs for XAP applications



FTP files to CCCTC

College & CCCTC