CC Promise Grant Application - Implementation Overview

The BOG Fee Waiver is now known as the California College Promise Grant Application.  See the details of the onscreen name change here: Release: OpenCCCApply 6.1.2

On This Page:

This page provides a summary of what is needed to implement the California College Promise Grant (CCPG) application.

It is required to go live with the CCCApply Standard application prior to implementing the CC Promise Grant Application. By implementing the Standard application first, many of the project components will already be done or are not required. See the list below for the components that should have already been completed or are not required. 


The following project components will have already been completed or are not required:

  1. Your contract MOU will be signed and fully executed. You do NOT need additional contracts for the CC Promise Grant Application or International applications.

  2. You Shibboleth IDP will be up and running in both Pilot and Production environments.Your download client will be installed and working.

  3. Your college logo will already be implemented.

  4. The CC Promise Grant Application does not have supplemental questions.

  5. There are no terms or majors to set up for the CC Promise Grant Application.

  6. The CCC Report Center has CC Promise Grant Application-specific reports. You may have financial aid people who will need training.


Required Components

These are the development components that need to be set up for the CC Promise Grant Application:

  1. Update your download client.
    Depending on the age of your download client, you may not have the sample job and format XML files specific to the CC Promise Grant Application. If you do not have them in your respective jobs and formats folders, you can retrieve them from our project website. You also need to update the transfer-client.jar file in your transfer-client folder with the latest version found here: CCCApply Download Client Files - Latest Version.

  2. Set up your downloads.
    Just like with the CCCApply Standard application, you will need a BOG job file and format file. You will need to adjust the format file to match what your SIS import is expecting for CC Promise Grant applications.

  3. Add authorized Users for the CCPG in the Administrator and CCCApply Report Center.  
    Similar to the Standard application, any users for the CC Promise Grant application are set up in the Administrator.  Navigate to the Pilot-environment Administrator and select "BOG" from the Application drop-down menu on the Home page. Select your college and then see the BOG administrative tabs appear. Click on the Users tab to add new BOG Users.

    If new CC Promise Grant users do not have an existing CCC Report Center User account, set them up in the Administrator too. Navigate back to the home page of the Pilot-environment Administrator and select "Report Center" from the application drop-down menu. There is only one tab for the Report Center in the Administrator: Users.  Add CC Promise Grant Application users for the CCC Report Center as described above. 

    Note:  If you don't see "BOG" in the Application drop down menu on the home page of the Pilot-environment Administrator, contact Patty Donohue ( to set up your initial User account for that application. 

  4. Academic Year. The BOG academic year is on the College tab in the Administrator (accessed by clicking CCCApply from the Select the application to manage drop-down list ->Select your college -> College tab -> Academic (BOG) Year). Please ensure the Academic (BOG) Year field is set correctly for your college.  

  5. Testing. Just as with the CCCApply Standard applications, you need to enter test CC Promise Grant Application applications and test them through loading into your SIS.

  6. Website. If you have a link or want a link on your college website to your CC Promise Grant Application, you need to update/add it.

  7. This site will be updated on the day you go live with the CC Promise Grant Application for your college. (The CCC Tech Center does this for you).

  8. Disable your CC Promise Grant Application in XAP (if applicable).

Click here to see the CC Promise Grant Application Deployment Checklist steps

CC Promise Grant Application URLs

The following URLs (customized for your college*) are used to submit a CC Promise Grant Application application.  

*Customize the URLs for your college by replacing the "xxx" with your college's MIS code. 

Pilot Environment (CCPG)

The Pilot environment URL can be used by colleges during the implementation process to test their download file and import process, as well as their custom settings configured in their Pilot Administrator (i.e., custom rules, etc.).  (replace xxx with your college MIS code)

Production Environment (CCPG)

Once you go live on the BOG Fee Waiver application, replace your existing XAP application link with the URL below. This URL will also replace the URL that goes to the XAP application on on the day you go live.

(Replace xxx with your college's MIS code.)

Download Server URL Attributes