CC Promise Grant Application - Project Deployment

After you have set up and tested your BOG implementation in the Pilot environment, you can begin setting up the Production environment and schedule your deployment with the CCC Tech Center.  

Production Environment Deployment Tasks

Below is a list of implementation tasks required for setting up the BOG project in the "Production" environment. For the complete implementation checklist, including setting up the Pilot environment for implementation and ongoing testing - please refer to your BOG IT Project Checklist, which is created for you during your BOG project overview meeting with the CCCApply implementation team. If you haven't had an Overview meeting, please schedule one today by contacting Patty Donohue, 

Notify CCC Tech Center team of anticipated "Go Live" date 2 weeks before displaying new BOG URL to students
Using existing Download Client - ensure Format & Job XML files are created for Production downloads (Contact Merrie Wales, for assistance.

Create copy of BOG Format XML containing the BOG data fields you wish to download from Production server (See Download Client User Guide for details.)

Create copy of BOG Job XML file pointing to BOG Production server (See Download Client User Guide for details)

Create schedule to run Production download job on your local workstation or server

Ensure the "BOG Year" field is set correctly on the District Tab in the CCCApply application in the Production Administrator

Add authorized BOG users with "Add User" authority in production Administrator

Add authorized BOG users with "Data Use Only" authority in production Administrator

Migrate BOG Rules & Messages from Pilot Administrator to Production Administrator & run tests

Notify college staff of Help Desk/Support email & phone number (see below)

Ensure Financial Aid staff have received Report Center training from CCC Tech Staff (Optional) Add Instructions from XAP BOG intro page on college website (if applicable)

Ensure college(s) website is updated with instructions and information for users to complete the OpenCCCBOG application, including which BOG Year application to select
Ensure college support staff understand the OpenCCC Account creation process and how to complete a BOG application

Add or change all BOG application buttons/links on college website to point to new URL.

Disable BOG Year in XAP to prevent new applications (if applicable)


Student Support

CCC Help Desk

Call:  (877) 247-4836

College Support

CCC College Support Site 

NOTE: All CCC college staff should register for an account on Once your account is created, navigate to the CCCTC System Alerts category page and click on “Follow” to receive automatic email notifications whenever a new announcement or system Alert is posted.

Implementation Project Support: 
During your implementation project, requests for general assistance, training, or assistance setting up the Administrator, send an email directly to your Enabling Services CRM team for immediate assistance (M-F 8-4pm). To request technical support specific to your implementation, send an email to:

Emails automatically generate support tickets which are tracked and managed by CCCApply College Support and/or OpenCCC Help Desk Support (if issue pertains to student).

NOTE: Once your college is LIVE on the BOG application, all requests for information, training, or technical support, should be sent through the CCC College Support site:  (see above for details).