New Mobile-Responsive CCCApply & OpenCCC - From Account Creation to Application Submission

As part of the CCCApply Redesign Project - all CCCApply applications, including the CC Promise Grant Application and the OpenCCC Account (legacy) have been redesigned in a responsive format, which means that the interface changes based on the screen size of the mobile devise.  

Responsive applications react with the student-user in mind, and enhance usability no matter what type of mobile device is being used, such as a mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

Data Shows That 70% of Students Use Mobile for College On-boarding

According to a 2015 article in Campus Technology, "seventy-eight percent of college-bound students have access to a mobile device and are using mobile during the college search process; and 51% prefer to have college websites adapt for mobile display".  

New data shows how interested college-bound high school students are in using a mobile device:

  • 78% have access to a mobile device

  • 73% are interested in campus-specific mobile apps

  • 68% have visited a college website on a mobile device

  • 51% prefer to have college websites adapt to mobile display

  • 43% use mobile devices for ALL of their web browsing




Furthermore, 62% of students want to complete the following forms on a mobile device.

  • 67% - Open house registration

  • 67% - schedule an appointment or visit

  • 67% - calculate costs

  • 62% - calculate scholarships

  • 62% - register for classes

CCCApply Data Analytics for Mobile vs. Desktop

Data stats across one week in June show that 30% of students are still attempting to complete the CCCApply application on their mobile device, even though the application had not yet been adapted for mobile. 

With the new mobile-support work underway, we'll be tracking actuals vs estimated mobile users via Google Analytics.

CCCApply Standard Application

Data from:  June 16 - July 15, 2019

Total Users:  368,987

  • Desktop = 253,499  (68.5%)

  • Mobile = 104,121 (28.2%)

  • Tablet = 11,367  (3.3%)


PC vs Mobile 

June 16 - July 15, 2019






CCCApply Redesign Effort Continues Through 2020

CCCApply is committed to developing student-centric, user-friendly applications with layouts that are easy to navigate and language that is welcoming and inclusive to California's wide-ranging and diverse student populations.

The new English / Spanish translation toggle (Cambiar A Espanol button) can be accessed in the header from any page - or from the hamburger menu when in mobile view - and allows students to complete the application in English or Spanish, including all Help information and error validation messages.