Project Glue for CCCApply

What is Project Glue?

The CCC Technology Platform (Project Glue) is the integrations framework for the products of the California Community Colleges Technology Center (CCCTC). Project Glue integrations facilitate data exchange between the system-wide products built by or purchased by the CCCTC for the California Community Colleges system. This includes the following applications:

  • Canvas Webapp

  • My Path Enterprise Student Portal

  • Career Planning Systems

  • Multiple Measures Student Placement Platform

  • CCCApply

  • California Promise Grant Application (BOG)


Project Glue for CCCApply

With the CCC Technology Platform (Project Glue) College Adaptor version 2.5, Colleges can receive a full dataset of a student’s CCCApply data directly to a staging table in their college ERP/SIS. A student’s Apply data will be delivered as soon as their application is complete. The Apply dataset includes unencrypted LGBTQ data that can be used for mandatory reporting to the Chancellor’s office. Delivery of College Promise and International data is not supported in this version of the adaptor, but will be added in the next release. College ERPs supported with the College Adaptor 2.5 Release: Colleague, Banner and PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.

The intent of the Project Glue Support for CCCApply project is to securely deliver CCCApply records - in real time - to a staging table in your college Student Information System (SIS) via the Glue College Adaptor. Records will include the entire CCCApply dataset, including the college's custom Supplemental Questions, and an unencrypted version of your AB620 data fields (Sexual Orientation and Transgender).

Implementation of this delivery method requires that the data be stored in an encrypted database table at your college or district, as well as the adoption of the CCCTC College Adaptor 2.5.


We foresee colleges using the CCCApply dataset in two possible scenarios:

Scenario 1: College Continues to Use the CCCApply Download Client as well as the College Adaptor

In this scenario, your college can continue to use your existing CCCApply Download Client (DL Client) workflow to download and process new applications without disruption to existing business processes. The college then uses the new College Adaptor dataset to join AB620 data fields via the Application ID (app_id) to applications downloaded through the Download Client, for storage in your SIS for MIS reporting purposes.

Scenario #1 can also be seen as the first step in a phased-approach to adoption of the College Adaptor (Project Glue) for real-time integration of your CCCApply data with your SIS.


Scenario 2: College Discontinues using the CCCApply Download Client and adopts the College Adaptor (Project Glue) 2.5 for real-time integration with your SIS

In this scenario, your college would discontinue using the CCCApply Download Client and work with the CCC Technology Center to implement the College Adaptor (Project Glue) 2.5 for real-time integration of your CCCApply dataset with your college SIS. The college would work with the CCC Technology Center to point their post processing scripts at the new secure staging table and adjust their CCCApply scripts to consume the newly delivered CCCApply dataset, storing the data in the college SIS or preparing the necessary files for upload.


Colleges interested in upgrading or installing the College Adaptor 2.5 version can contact Keith Franco of the CCCTC Enabling Services team: