About the New CCC Administrator

The CCC Administrator is a new central admin service for California Community Colleges faculty and staff - providing SSO-based authentication and user management for all CCC Tech Center and other systemwide administrator tools and services.  This new service is designed to scale as users, products and services are developed and integrated with this central system.

A Single Point of Entry

The primary benefit of the CCC Administrator is to provide one single point of entry - one URL and one central landing page - for all your Tech Center and other systemwide admin configuration tools and services - thus eliminating the need for faculty and staff to manage multiple sites and login credentials for their systemwide administrator applications.

Other Benefits

In addition to consolidating access to multiple admin tools and services in one central location, the CCC Administrator, also known as the “core administrator platform” or CAP, manages user and access management in a single sign-on environment.

Single Sign-On Authentication

  • Delivers SSO-based authentication for all CCC college and district staff users across all integrated CCCTC-developed admin applications. Users login to the central administrator once, then navigate to their authorized services in the same session.

User Authorization

  • Delivers centralized “System Administration” services, including identity and access management (user authorization, roles, and permissions) in one consolidated user account for all services and resources securely.

Land and Launch Global Interface

  • Provides one central landing page for college and district users to launch the applications they are authorized to access, including the new CCCApply Administrator 2.0 system, in a new tab or window depending on your browser and operating system.

Scalable Architecture

  • The new architecture design scales as users, applications and services are added to the system.


Getting to the New Administrators

  • New URL to the CCCApply Administrator Tool:  Now that the CCCApply Administrator 2.0 is accessed through the new CCC Administrator system, colleges will be given a new custom URL to replace their current Admin 1.0 link.  

Colleges will receive their new URL via email which will be sent to the college Admissions Office and/or IT Department contact on file with the Tech Center for CCCApply. For any instance in which we do not have a contact, or if the contact is no longer at the college or district, we will reach out to the college President or IT Director or Student Services Director until we get a response.

  • No Longer a Direct Link to the CCCApply Administrator: There is no longer a direct link to the CCCApply Administrator tool. Colleges will be given a custom URL – based on the college’s URL root domain - for the central CCC Administrator landing page.


NOTE: Colleges will continue to use their existing URL link to the CCC Report Center until further notice. Your existing user accounts will still authenticate and authorize your access to your college or district reports and data. .

  • Accessible via one, single-point-of-entry for all integrated applications, meaning users with authorized access to multiple admin tools will navigate to one central URL (https://{custom-idp}.openccc.edu/administrator) and sign-in using one set of user credentials for all their authorized tools and services;

NOTE: All colleges are required to undergo integration with the SSO Proxy in order to access the new CCC Administrator and all integrated admin applications, including the CCCApply Administrator 2.0. To find out if your college has completed this system requirement, please contact CCCTC Support at staffsupportccctc@openccc.zendesk.com

  • New Landing Page:  The home page of the CCC Administrator is now the central “landing page” for all users.  From there, users must select the administrator tool they seek to manage via the Applications menu on the CAP homepage.  

  • New “Applications” Menu:  To access the CCCApply Administrator 2.0 (or any other integrated administrator tool from the core administrator platform), users must select the “CCCApply Administrator” option from the “Applications menu on the homepage.

Land & Launch Interface

All integrated admin applications, including the CCCApply Administrator 2.0 application, will launch from the CCC Administrator global landing page.

  • Applications Menu: In this first release (CAP 1.0), CCCApply and Canvas College Adaptor admin tools are the only tools accessible from the CCC Administrator. As more CCCTC admin applications are developed and integrated with CAP, they will launch from this core system AND leverage the same SSO, authorizations, and System Administrator (to define their own application-specific roles and permissions).

  • New “System Administrator” Module:  the System Administrator module is where integrated applications set up  systems administration, including user management in the “User Manager” sub-menu,  user roles in the “Roles Manager”, and user permissions in the “Access Permissions Manager”.  

MOST college users will not see the System Administrator unless they have a user role that allows them to manage other users (see below).

Authorized User Management

User and Access Management has been moved from the CCCApply Administrator 1.0 to the new core admin platform system in order to merge and streamline all the Admin 1.0 user accounts that exist across the three CCCApply Applications and Report Center - into just two accounts per user; one for Pilot and one for the Production environment systems.

However, for the first phase of development and implementation of this central service, all user roles, permissions, and application access authority will be managed by the CCC Tech Center (Support Services and Enabling Services).

  • ALL USERS must have a user account setup (new or migrated from Admin 1.0) in order to authenticate into the new CCCApply Administrator 2.0.

  • ALL EXISTING USER ACCOUNTS for the Admin 1.0 and the CCC Report Center systems will be migrated over to the new 2.0 system prior to Pilot and Production releases.

  • ALL USERS will now have the "Basic User" role and permissions for the initial Pilot launch of the new CCCApply Administrator 2.0. The Basic User role will allow users to login (authentication) to the CCC Administrator tool, and launch and access their authorized applications using single sign on (SSO). 

  • College Support Services will schedule one-on-one support sessions (online Zoom sessions) with a designated college or district staff representative during the weeks of July 2 - July 22, 2018.

  • All existing college and district user accounts will be validated by an authorized CCCTC College Support Services technician during the Pilot Implementation process. Updates will be made during the support session to ensure only valid users will have accounts moving forward. 

  • The purpose of the Pilot Implementation and support session is to ensure that each college completes implementation tasks and user acceptance testing (UAT) to verify each user account is valid prior to production release. To schedule your Pilot Implementation session, please contact CCCTC College Support Services today!