Pilot Implementation: User Acceptance Testing & Migration Tasks for CCCApply Administrator 2.0

CCCApply Administrator 2.0 Upgrade

On June 28, 2018 - the Pilot (sandbox) version of the new CCCApply Administrator 2.0 will be released and College Support Services will begin working with a small set of "beta" colleges on pilot implementation and user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure the process is ready to implement with all remaining colleges. Test results against the initial success criteria will help the support and implementation team to hone the full implementation plan and testing process for all 110+ CCCApply-using colleges. 

Once your college has completed the required implementation and UAT checklist and training, authorized Pilot users will be able to access the new Administrator and manage data.  

The new application code will remain in the pilot environment from June 29 - July 27 (production release). Incremental code updates will be made weekly through the pilot period. Colleges should be aware that from the first incremental pilot release on June 28  and the second incremental update on July 11, any data changes made in the pilot environment during this time may be overwritten by a data refresh scheduled for July 12.  Weekly updates will be communicated to colleges throughout the pilot period.  

Reminders & Important Notes 

  1. Once the Pilot version of the CCCApply Administrator 2.0 is deployed on June 28, there will be two different versions of the CCCApply Administrator running concurrently throughout the Pilot implementation period - or until the Production release on July 27, 2018. The new CCCApply Administrator 2.0 will be live in the Pilot environment and will integrate with the Pilot CCCApply applications. 
  2. The Production version of the legacy Administrator (1.0) system will continue to manage and integrate with all your student-facing CCCApply application(s) until the Production CCCApply Administrator 2.0 system is fully deployed to the Production environment on July 27, 2018.

Click here for more information on the timeline and schedule of release activities.

What do Colleges Need to Know?

  • The new CCC Administrator is now the gateway to the CCCApply Administrator 2.0 tool for California Community Colleges Admissions and Financial Aid staff users - passing authentication and authorization to admin configuration settings for the CCCApply Standard, International and CC Promise Grant (BOG) applications.

  • This means that all users will have new URLs - and an additional step in the process - to get to their CCCApply Administrator tool through the CCC Administrator (for Pilot & Production environments).

College users will also have new URLs to the CCC Report Center for Pilot & Production; however, for this release, the Report Center service will maintain its own URL separate from the CCC Administrator gateway. 

  • The Pilot URLs will be provided to colleges when they work one-on-one with the College Support Services team to ensure user authorization is verified and tested.  To schedule your one-one-one session with College Support Services, please complete this Google Form and designate a staff representative to work with us.  

Schedule your implementation and user testing session today - as spaces are booking fast and it is to your advantage to complete testing early in the pilot period. Schedule a one-on-one online call

Migration of CCCApply Administrator v.1.0 Data

As part of the transition from the current CCCApply Administrator (Admin 1.0), the Tech Center will move all college Pilot and Production CCCApply data, settings, and user accounts over to the new Admin 2.0 system. This includes your custom college terms, majors, rules, email message templates, supplemental questions, and college & district contact information.

All data and users will be tested, verified, and validated with the college during your scheduled pilot implementation and user acceptance testing support session.  Schedule this session here: Schedule a one-on-one online call

Black Out & Release Days

To ensure that the most current and accurate data and settings are moved over to the new CCCApply Administrator 2.0 system, “black out” days have been scheduled to coincide with the technical release dates. In other words, colleges will NOT be allowed to login to, or make any further data changes, in the old Pilot Administrator system on June 28. ; therefore the last day to make changes to your CCCApply admin data is the day before the release dates scheduled for Pilot and Production releases.

All your college’s existing CCCApply Admin 1.0 users and data will be migrated to the new version by the Tech Center; however, users will be required to test access and authorizations in the Pilot (test) environment prior to the production release on July 27, 2018.

Migration Support for Colleges & Districts

In order to confirm that colleges and district users have completed the Pilot Implementation & User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process with CCCTC College Support Services, a detailed plan and checklist will be provided to the designated representative at the time of your scheduled call.  Prior to production release, college staff must have completed all tasks on the checklist. 

Colleges need to Schedule a one-on-one online call with College Support Services to work on pre-migration and pilot implementation tasks.

Schedule your Pilot Implementation & UAT session today!  Please complete this Google Form to identify a date and time that works for your college or district.

Pre-Production Migration Tasks

The following list of tasks can be completed by colleges at any time before their scheduled Pilot Implementation & User Acceptance Testing (UAT) support session with College Support Services. 

These tasks should be performed in the current CCCApply Administrator 1.0 PRODUCTION system - which will continue to integrate with the live CCCApply applications in use by your students.

#ActivityTask DescriptionTarget Date(s)
1Complete Google Form to schedule your college's Pilot Implementation & User Acceptance Testing (UAT) support session with CCCTC College Support ServicesA designated representative from each colleges will work 1-on-1 with College Support Services to complete implementation and user acceptance testing (UAT) tasks to confirm readiness and to receive training on new CCC Administrator and CCCApply Administrator 2.0 systemsSchedule sessions by July 13
2Confirm SSO Proxy integration is completeNOTE: The CCC Tech Center's SSO Proxy team has been working with individual colleges and districts since September 2016 to ensure their identity provider (IdP) is compliant and integrated with the CCC SSO Proxy for student and staff single sign-on services. The majority of colleges have already completed proxy integration. To find out if your college is compliant with the SSO proxy integration, please contact staffsupportccctc@openccc.zendesk.com Confirm status by July 16
The tasks below are optional pre-migration tasks because they will be verified during the Pilot Implementation & User Acceptance Testing (UAT) support session with CCCTC College Support Services.

Validate and confirm the current list of your college & district authorized user accounts in the CCCApply Admin 1.0 Production system are valid and up-to-date.

Authorized users who are provisioned to manage the Users for your college or district should login to your current Production CCCApply Administrator system and review the list of authorized users set up in the Users tab (for each application adopted by your college, including the CCC Report Center). This list will be migrated into the new CCC Administrator prior to the Production release on July 27, 2018.  We will work with you to validate and update these user accounts during your scheduled Pilot Implementation & UAT session with College Support Services.Must confirm valid users by July 22
4Validate that production Terms are set up and open through Spring 2019 in the Admin 1.0 Production environment.Login to Admin 1.0 production environment and navigate to the Terms module. Confirm college terms are set up and open through Spring 2019 or beyond.Must confirm valid data by July 22
5Validate that all Majors, Rules, and active Supplemental Questions production data and settings are up-to-date in the Admin 1.0 Production environment.Login to Admin 1.0 and navigate through each tab. Confirm accurate and current data exists through Spring 2019.Must confirm valid data by July 22

Export Your Data

To ensure all your custom college information is preserved for historical reference, colleges are strongly encouraged to export all Production Terms, Majors, and Supplemental Question XMLs as part of this migration process. A copy of custom Rules and eMail Message templates should also be saved prior to migration.   

6Repeat items above for your International and CC Promise Grant (BOG) Applications in Admin 1.0 Production (if applicable). If the college has adopted the International Application, complete items #3 - #5 above. Review other modules and validate data accuracy.Must confirm valid data by July 22
7Repeat items above for your CC Promise Grant (BOG) Applications in Admin 1.0 Production (if applicable). If the college has adopted the CC Promise Grant (BOG), complete items #3 and #5 above. Review any other settings related to the Promise Grant application for validity and accuracy.Must confirm valid data by July 22

IMPORTANT NOTE: Setting Up the Spam Email Notification Recipient

Email notifications have been setup to notify the college Admissions Office that spam applications are suspended in their Spam Filter. The email notifications are sent out once per day if one or more applications are flagged as fraud. The emails will be sent to the "Admissions Office Email" field in the "College Information" module in the CCCApply Administrator 2.0, which is accessible from the header from any application screen in the Administrator.  Colleges should update this important contact field with an appropriate contact and email address to ensure the spam email notifications are sent to the correct staff email address responsible for monitoring the spam filter (or add email "forwarding" from that email address to the person who will be responsible for monitoring the spam filter). 

Pilot Migration Tasks in Admin 2.0

The implementation tasks summarized below will be verified during your college's Pilot Implementation & User Acceptance Testing (UAT) support session with College Support Services.  All implementation tasks and verification must be completed prior to production release.

#ActivityTask Description

Review Pilot User accounts with college. Clean up list of current Pilot user accounts and clean up (add/edit/delete) as needed.

Authentication: Test and verify that the College can access the Pilot CAP & CCC Report Center systems using their custom College URLs to validate staff login (authentication) using their CAP basic user accounts.
NOTE:  Colleges should continue to use their existing CCC Report Center link, provided to them during adoption.  There is no change to the CCC Report Center in this release cycle.

Authorization: Test and validate that authorized College "basic user" accounts can view and launch authorized admin applications from the CAP homepage to verify MIS permissions in individual applications.

Validate Accuracy of Production Data: Verify that the College has setup valid Terms, Majors, and other required data configurations in the Production Admin 1.0 system through June 30, 2019 to prepare for production release ETL migration

Validate Accuracy of Pilot Migration Data: Verify that the College has reviewed and validated all data settings and configurations migrated from the Pilot Admin 1.0 system to the new Administrator 2.0 system for each CCCApply & Report Center applications

Validate Authorized User Accounts: Test and verify that the college has reviewed and validated all CAP authorized staff user accounts for individual Pilot and Production authorized applications and systems

Validate Basic User Permissions: Verify that College "basic user" accounts restrict authorizations based on the scope of their permissions, including applications, data, and MIS codes

Completion of User Interface Training: Validate that College has participated in and completed user interface training for the CAP, Canvas Web App, and new CCCApply Admin 2.0 systems

  • Verify that authorized staff can access the Canvas Web Application and perform basic user system operational tasks
  • Verify that District users can navigate between colleges and can see all data for all colleges in their MIS code
  • Verify that authorized users can navigate to the Spam Filter Interface and confirm ability to use the tool as designed
  • Validate that the College has entered a valid Admissions Office Contact name and Email address in the College Information module
  • Test and verify that all College rules and messages are setup and operational
  • Verification of User Documentation,

Launch CCCApply AdministratorEnsure your user account allows you to select "CCCApply Administrator" from the "Applications" menu in the new CCC Administrator (CAP).  This will launch the CCCApply Administrator and the specific application you are authorized to access in a new tab or window (depending on your browser).

Update College Information: Review & confirm contact information and data settingsFrom the CCCApply Administrator header, select Colleges & Districts > College Information, from the dropdown menu. Click the "Edit" button. Ensure all College Information fields are populated correctly.  Ensure the Admissions Office Contact, Phone, and Email fields are populated with the contact person information that should appear on the Confirmation pages for the Standard, BOG, and/or International application submission.

Update District Information: Review & confirm data settings

From the header, select Colleges & Districts > District Information from the dropdown menu.  Click the "Edit" button.
Ensure all District information are populated correctly.  Ensure the checkbox for "District Applications" is either checked to allow multiple applications for the same term, or unchecked (to confirm you do not accept multiple applications - from multiple colleges in your district).

Update English Proficiency Test settings in International ApplicationEnglish Proficiency