2016-20: Update CCCApply.org Money Page for BOG Fee Waiver

Request No.2016-20
RequesterCCCCO MIS via Gary Bird
Steering Approval StatusApproved by Email
Target releaseMay 2016
Application(s)CCCApply.org website
Environment(s)Production website


Change to Download FileNo
Change to Residency LogicNo





Problem Statement or Business Need

For consistency purposes, the CCC Chancellor's Office and the Icanaffordcollege.com team have requested that the language and links pertaining to the Board of Governor's Fee Waiver application (BOG) on the CCCApply.org > Money page be revised to align to the stepped information on the www.icanaffordcollege.com website.  

Proposed Solution

The BOG information that appears on the CCCApply.org website will be updated to better align to Icanaffordcollege.com.  The language proposed by Icanaffordcollege.com has been approved by the CCCApply Steering Committee and will be used to replace the existing text and links as detailed below.

Requirements Summary

#DescriptionUser Story

Update the language and links on the CCCApply.org > Money page to align with the "Steps to Apply for Financial Aid" on the Icanaffordcollege.org website.

2Update the language on the BOG Fee Waiver page and link to the BOG application links.http://home.cccapply.org/money/bog-fee-waiver
3Add a button box for the 2016-2017 BOG and link on the BOG "Terms" page to the right of the 2015-2016 BOG button box/link. Both button boxes and links will appear on the page from January to June each year. http://home.cccapply.org/money/bog-fee-waiver/terms
4Ensure a process is in place to remove the 2015-2016 BOG button box on July 1, 2016. 

***Add new page for BOG 2016-2017 containing with list of all colleges LIVE on the OpenCCCBOG application for the 2016-2017 Term.

This page will have the following URL for consistency with the other BOG years: http://home.cccapply.org/money/bog-fee-waiver/terms/2016-2017

 Ensure all pages link to the college branded versions of the BOG Fee Waiver appications. 
6Ensure all pages and links are translated to Spanish and the Spanish-versions of these pages are updated based on all specifications below. 

4/21/16:  Notes for Patty only...

Met with Sandoval and reviewed how the proposed stepped information (and side bar) info create a divergent path for the student user within the Icanaffordcollege.com website. (specifically Step 2 which includes some information about the FAFSA and actually guides the student out of their site to the FAFsA to provide info needed for the BOG fee waiver.

Sandoval will take a stab at revising/proposing a process that works with the new structure and we'll regroup based on what he comes up with.


  1. Current "Icanaffordcollege.com" BOG Steps: 

  2. Proposed Changes to the CCCApply > Money page and subsequent pages:


Current Money page on CCCApply.org Money page (www.cccapply.org/money ):


Change Specifications

  1. Update the CCCApply.org Money page with language approved by the CCCCO office (proposed by the Icanaffordcollege.com and approved by the CCCCO) which aligns to the Steps on the "Get Started" on the "icanaffordcollege.com" website.   The changes pertain to the section in the middle of the page, "How to Apply for Financial Aid" and the right side bar "Apply for Financial Aid".

    1. Replace the numbered steps in the middle of the Money page (see screenshot) with the following numbered text below. The rest of the current language in that section (paragraphs above and below the numbered steps) will remain the same.

      1. Are you eligible for federal financial aid? Learn the eligibility requirements.

      2. Financial aid applications can seem overwhelming, but there are tools and information to help you get organized.

      3. Ready to start your applications? Apply for the BOG Fee Waiver and complete a FAFSA application

      4. If you want to get help right now, or even if you just want to ask a question, use the financial aid office locator to find contact information for the financial aid offices closest to you.

      5. What can you expect after you’ve filed for financial aid? Find out what’s next.

    2. Update the "Apply for Financial Aid" in right side bar text with the following text and link:

      Get Ready to Apply
      Apply for the BOG
      Get Help
      What's Next
  2. Add new button box and link to the BOG Fee Waiver "Terms" page for the 2016-2017 BOG application.  http://home.cccapply.org/money/bog-fee-waiver/terms
  3. Create a new page: BOG Fee Waiver Application 2016-2017 and link the 2016-2017 button box on the "terms" page to this page.  
    1. This page will contain the list of colleges that are currently LIVE on the OpenCCCBOG application.  
    2. This page should have the following URL: http://home.cccapply.org/money/bog-fee-waiver/terms/2016-2017





Supporting Documentation 

Below is additional documentation (i.e., CCCCO legal opinions, residency and/or education code citations, legislation citations, supplemental information, etc.) to be referenced in support of this change request. 

DescriptionFile or Link