Noncredit UAT Plan

Pilot UAT Plan

The user acceptance testing (UAT) process and objectives for the CCCApply Noncredit Application Pilot project are listed below. 

  • UAT Objectives & Success Criteria
  • Required Documentation 
  • Getting to the Pilot Application 
  • IT Implementation Steps
  • Data Fields & Downloads
  • Admin Configuration 
  • Reports
  • Feedback & Support Processes

Getting to the Pilot Environment

Pilot colleges can begin previewing and testing the new Noncredit Application feature after the CCCApply 6.4.0 pilot release on February 19, 2019.  

See more CCCApply product information in the CCCApply Public Documentation space.

Noncredit Application URL

Accessing the Noncredit application workflow path within the Standard Application requires a separate, college-specific URL. This unique, college-specific URL is one of the key characteristics that partitions the noncredit workflow path within the Standard Application, as well as distinguishes the submitted applications that started from the Noncredit URL from those started from the original Standard Application URL.

See here for the list of College Noncredit Application URLs.

When a user starts and submits a Noncredit Application (using the college-specific URL) the new Noncredit Status flag is set to True, which is appended at the end of the URL.