International Application Implementation Overview

Implementing the International application requires that you have already gone live with the CCCApply Standard application. Many International application project components will already be in place as a result, and are listed as prerequisites in the International Application - Implementation Check List.

Implementing the International application involves performing a series of tasks on the CCCTC-hosted Pilot server, and then repeating some of those steps on the CCCTC-hosted Production server. You will work with the CCCApply project manager and technical support staff who will provide you the necessary guidelines and check points along the way to ensure your implementation success.

Note: See International Application Deployment Steps.

First step: Set up the Pilot environment

In the Pilot environment, you will:

  •  update your Download client and set up your International Format Definition XML and Job File XML files for your international student application downloads
  • if you have implemented Superglue, work with the Enabling Services team to ensure your data is configured to be delivered to your designated staging table or your SIS
  •  configure authorized users for the CCCApply Administrator (International Application) and the CCCApply Report Center
  •  configure terms, majors, English proficiency, email rules & messages, supplemental questions
  •  create test student applications and test downloads

Once you're satisfied with the configuration of the Pilot environment for your International application, you'll work in conjunction with CCCTC to deploy it in the Production environment.

Second step: Migrate settings to the Production environment and go live

In the Production environment, you will:

  •  copy your Download client files to a Production directory at your college where you perform downloads
  •  work with the Enabling Services implementation team to ensure Superglue is configured to deliver data to your designated staging table or SIS
  •  import and/or duplicate your Pilot Administrator configuration in to the Production Administrator
  •  disable your XAP-based International application (if applicable)
  •  update your college web site with links and information
  •  identify your "go live" date and ensure this is communicated to the CCCTC at least two weeks prior to accepting applications 
  •  work with the CCCTC Enabling Services staff throughout the process