Java Version Update for the CCCApply Download Client

As of Release 6.5.0 (06.28.19), the CCCApply Download Client Jar will no longer support Java 8 or OpenJDK 8.  CCCApply recommends that colleges running the Download Client v.6.4.0 or earlier version upgrade to Corretto Java 8 or OpenJDK Java 11 in order to stay in compliance and continue to be supported by CCCApply technical support.

Upgrade Recommended for Unsupported Java Versions

Oracle Java 8 and OpenJDK Java 8 will no longer be supported with security updates as of January 31, 2018. 

CCCApply Supported Versions

CCCApply has updated all applications and services to various currently supported versions, including Corretto Java 8 and OpenJDK Java 11. These updates will take effect in the CCCApply 6.5.0 release.

Going forward we will only test and support Corretto Java 8 or OpenJDK Java 11.

If your college is running an unsupported version of Java, we recommend moving to one of the supported versions before we can provide support.

The Glue for Apply data set has been tested and no adverse effect was identified. 

Recommendations for Colleges

It is recommended that colleges using the CCCApply Download Client move to Corretto Java 8 in order to add new fields to their CCCApply data download files.

Colleges who are using the Download Client Jar file 6.4.0 (March 2019) or earlier version will be okay for the time being; however, upgrade it is recommended in order to run the Jar 6.5.0 or future versions.