Release 2023.CCCData.2.3.0


Release 2023.CCCData.2.3.0 deploys:

  • To pilot environment: Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

  • To production: Thursday, March 2 2023

Data Warehouse Report Server Users: Due to recent security enhancements deployed for user authentication, please see the CCC Data 2.2.0 release notes for details on process updates.

Release Summary

  • Additional OpenCCCApply data fields have been added to the Data Warehouse Report Server (DWRS).

  • New self-service password reset feature implemented for DWRS user management.

Notice: All existing DWRS users should refer to the release notes for CCC Data Warehouse v.2.2.0 and the Update Processes for Existing DWRS Users (v.2.2.0) for required steps to update your account.


Additional Data Fields Available in DWRS

Fifteen previously released OpenCCCApply data fields are now available in the Data Warehouse Report Server (DWRS) for ad hoc reporting. No user action is required.

Colleges & districts that have implemented CCC Data Warehouse Direct Connect also have access to these data fields with no additional action required.

The following data fields are now available for ad hoc reporting:

  • acceptedTerms

  • acceptedTermsTimestamp

  • addressValidationOverride

  • addressValidationOverrideTimestamp

  • emailVerified

  • emailVerifiedTimestamp

  • fraudScore

  • fraudStatus

  • ip_address_at_account_creation

  • ip_address_at_app_creation

  • mailing_address_validation_override

  • military_veteran_consent (CalVet reporting)

  • mainPhoneVerified

  • mainPhoneVerifiedTimestamp

  • phoneType

  • preferredMethodOfContact


New Password Reset Feature

New self-service password reset technology has been integrated with the new CCCTC secure identity management system (v.2.2.0) that allows authorized Data Warehouse Report Server users to reset a forgotten password instead of calling CCCTC Support for assistance. For more information, please refer to the Password Reset Process section in the Data Warehouse Report Server User Guide.

This new self-serve functionality not only provides a secure process for users in general, it will greatly expedite the update process for many existing users (which require new passwords). For more information on the Update Processes for Existing DWRS Users (v.2.2.0).


About the DWRS

The Data Warehouse Report Server (DWRS) is a BI reporting tool used by the CCCTC to provide secure access to systemwide data for college & district institutional researchers and other authorized stakeholders.

To Request Access: Please contact the CCCTC Enabling Services team at to request authorized access.

Existing Users: Please refer to Release 2023.CCCData.2.2.0 for details on updating your user account due to recent security updates.



Data element descriptions and technical specifications have been added to the CCCApply Standard & Noncredit Application Data Dictionary (v.2023).

Implementation documentation:

Other related documentation: