DWRS: Existing User Account Update

The one-time process below is for existing CCC Data Warehouse Report Server (DWRS) users who are using direct, two-factor authentication (2FA) to access the Data Warehouse Report Server (DWRS). This is also known as “non-SSO” access. For more information, see the CCC Data v.2.2.0 Release Notes.


Update Process for DWRS Users

Due to recent security updates, existing non-SSO DWRS users need to update and re-verify their existing accounts using the process below.


  1. New URL for Non-SSO access

Password Reset is required. (The Password Reset Process is also detailed with screenshots in the Data Warehouse Report Server User Guide.)

  • From the Sign In page, click the Forgot Password? link.

  • Enter the email address that was used to create your existing account. This is important.

  • A success message appears directing the user to a confirmation email message sent to their Inbox.

  • Follow the instructions in the email by clicking on the embedded link to verify your address.

  • On the Change/Update your password screen, enter a new password and repeat the password to confirm. Click Continue.

  • Return to the Sign In page, enter your valid email address and new password in the input fields. Click Submit to continue.

  • When prompted, scan the QR code image that appears on the screen.

  • As the authenticator scans the barcode (QR Code), a six-digit verification code will appear/register in your authenticator app. Copy the code.

  • Paste or type the six-digit code in the input field, then click “Submit” to go to the next page.



Email & Password Reset Support

If you encounter any errors or issues during the account update process, please contact CCCTC Support for assistance.

Account Update Process FAQs

What is the new DWRS URL for Non-SSO users?



Do I need to reset my password if I have an existing non-SSO user account?

Yes. All existing direct access users must reset their password due to the security updates deployed in this release.


Do I need to update or confirm my email address if I have an existing non-SSO user account?

In order to reset your password (requirement for existing accounts) you need to provide the email address used when your account was first created and verified.


What do I do if my email address has changed in my existing account?

Contact CCCTC Support to have your email address manually updated in the new secure system. The DWRS currently does not have a self-serve email update function.


Summary of the update process for a Non-SSO user:

  1. New URL for direct access (no IdP) users*

  2. A one-time Password Reset is required to re-authenticate your existing account.

  3. You must have a valid Email address that matches the email associated with your account for the DWRS. If your original email address has changed, please contact Support.

  4. A one-time repeat of the First-time User Log In process is required to re-authenticate your account access.


What is a Non-SSO user in the DWRS?

This type of user is accessing the Data Warehouse Report Server using direct, two-factor authentication (2FA) with an account created by the CCCTC Enabling Services. This user is not authenticating through a college or district IdP.


Who should have a Non-SSO user account?

Non-SSO users include authorized users from the Chancellor’s Office, CVC/OEI, and other external stakeholders who are not accessing the DWRS through a college or district IdP.