Release 2023.CCCData.2.4.0


Release 2023.CCCData.2.4.0 deploys:

  • To pilot environment: May 3, 2023

  • To production: May 17, 2023

Release Summary

  • CCCApply SIS Receipt flag has been added to the CCC Data Warehouse systems and services.

Apply Data Field Added to CCC Data Warehouse

The CCCApply SIS Receipt flag (sis_receipt) - which is basically the equivalent to the CCCApply download “status” flag - identifies if an application has been delivered to the college’s staging table(s) by the College Adaptor. In addition, this field is now available for ad hoc reporting in the Data Warehouse Report Server (DWRS) and accessible through Data Warehouse Direct Connect.


Data element descriptions and technical specifications will be available in the CCCApply Standard & Noncredit Application Data Dictionary (v.2023.2).


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