FAQ: Troubleshooting OpenCCC Account Issues

Last update: March 24, 2022

This FAQ troubleshooting guide is intended for all users of the new OpenCCC Account system.


Known Issues & Temporary Work-Arounds

Why am I getting an error message when I use my mobile phone number for creating or recovering my OpenCCC account?

During the account creation process - or any time a user must go through the account verification process - users may be presented with an error message if the system detects that a duplicate mobile phone number or email address already exists in the OpenCCC system. Many of these duplicates are created when major cellular phone carriers re-issue or recycle mobile phone numbers to new users. Unfortunately, even if a mobile phone number is new and unique to the user now, it may also be attributed to an existing user in our system.

Temporary Work-Around: While we are working to rectify this issue and minimize the inconvenience to our users, we recommend using your unique email address during the account creation process, and ensure your “preferred method of contact” is set to Email Address until we’ve resolved the issue.

Why am I getting an error message when I manually enter my birthdate?

Resolving Common Issues & Error Messages

Below are some common issues that may arise when interacting with your OpenCCC account and ways to fix them and keep going. If you encounter other issues not listed here, please contact a Support Representative at the CCC Helpdesk support@openccc.net.


Support Resources

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User Guide for CCCHelp.info


I know I have an account, but the last time I applied I used a username and password to sign in. What do I do?


I tried to reset my password but I didn’t receive the validation code yet. What do I do?


I didn’t receive my confirmation email or mobile text message. What do I do?


Why do I keep seeing the Session Expiration message?

To keep that message from appearing, continue through the account creation process and finish setting up your account. If you see this message - even if you’ve been active in the account creation process - check your internet connection and if necessary refresh your browser page for a more stable connection.


I’m keep getting a message that my account already exists. Why is this happening and what do I do now?


The system is not accepting my mobile phone number. Why is this happening and what do I do now?


I didn’t receive a validation (security) code. What do I do now?

Why am I getting a message telling me to verify my US address?

To continue the user is required to make a “Yes or No” selection. Selecting Yes will prompt the system to override the original address and replace with the suggested address. Selecting No will prompt the system to maintain the original address, or the user can return and edit the original address provided.


Is customer support available if I get stuck during account creation?


I am more comfortable reading Spanish. Is there any way to translate the onscreen text to Spanish?

Common Account Recovery Issues

Is customer support available if I get stuck during account recovery?


What information do I need when going through account recovery?

In addition to your Email address, Mobile Phone number, and Password, you may be asked to provide the information below, depending on the recovery path you’re on.

  • Last Name

  • Date of Birth

  • City & Zip Code


How do I get to the Recover Account link?


How long will it take to recover my account?


Common Sign in Issues


I can’t sign in because I’m getting an error message saying my email address hasn’t been validated yet. What do I do?


I’m trying to sign in with my home phone number. Why am I getting an error message?


Common Account Issues

I need to update or remove some of my contact information. What do I do?


I need to update or remove some of my personal information. What do I do?


I want to delete my OpenCCC account. What do I do?