How To Edit Your OpenCCC Account

This page provides a step-by-step user guide for editing or updating your OpenCCC Account.

Last update: April 4, 2022



About the Edit Account Process

The all new OpenCCC Account collects and stores student’s personal and contact information, as well as account sign in credential data, with the ability to update that information as needed throughout the student’s educational journey in the California Community Colleges. The information collected is necessary to support systemwide applications such as CCCApply, the CC Promise Grant application, and MyPath student onboarding system.

The components of the edit system include:

  • Edit Profile Information

  • Update Account Credentials

  • Display Profile Information


What is an OpenCCC account and why do students need one?

OpenCCC is the California Community Colleges federated identity initiative, which includes a student account system that assigns each user a unique California Community Colleges ID number (CCCID) and allows access to systemwide web-based technology applications via one common single sign-on account.

Student Account System & The CCCID

When an account is created by a user, a unique identifier is created for that user called the CCCID (California Community Colleges ID) and the user's personal identification data is stored in an Identity Center. The CCCID is the master link between the Identity Center, admission applications, and other system wide technology services. 

CCCID & Student Data Passed to Colleges

When a user is authenticated to use a systemwide service or application such as CCCApply or MyPath, the CCCID is passed to that service to identify the unique individual. In this way, services and applications can maintain personal accounts for the user anonymously, thus ensuring privacy for the user.


Which account profile fields can be edited?

  • Email Address*

  • Primary Phone Number*

  • Preferred Method of Contact*

  • Legal First & Middle Names

  • Legal Last Name*

  • Preferred Name

  • Home Address: City, State, and Zip Code*

  • Are you homeless?*

  • Birthdate*

  • Confirm Birthdate*

  • Password*

*Required fields.

Where can users go to edit/update their account?

Users can update their OpenCCC account information from the main menu bar in every Student Success Suite application, including OpenCCC, MyPath, and CCCApply (all applications).

How do users edit/update their account?

See below for step by step instructions.


Steps for Editing Your Account


To edit your account:

  1. Sign In: From the OpenCCC Sign In page, enter your verified account credential (email address or mobile number) and click the Next button. On the Password page, enter your password then click the Sign In button.

  2. Click the Settings link in the header menu of any Student Success Suite application page.

  3. Click the “OpenCCC Account” link to display the Edit Account page.


The Edit Account page displays.

Update Contact Method: Edit or update your Email address and mobile phone number as needed. Reminder: A unique email address is required.

Change Preferred Method of Contact: Confirm that your preferred method of contact button is set correctly. To change how you want to be contacted, click the Make Preferred button.


A Note About Duplicate Mobile Phone Numbers: During account creation, editing your account, or any time the verification process is required, an error message will display if the system detects that a mobile number or email address has already been entered and verified by another user (duplicate). If you encounter an error message while validating a mobile phone number, please use your unique email address for validation instead, and ensure your “preferred method of contact” is set to Email Address until a unique number can be used.

The system will allow a duplicate mobile phone number to be saved in your profile unless it is used for verification. At that time, the system will not allow the duplicate mobile number to be a preferred method of contact. If this happens, please verify your unique email address and use that credential when signing in.


Update Legal Name & Address: Edit or update your Legal Name and your Permanent Address as needed.

Update Birthdate: The system allows the user to update their date of birth in case it was entered incorrectly during account creation.


Change Password: To change your password, click the Change Password link. The Change Password page displays.

To change your password:

  1. Follow the guidelines provided to ensure your new password meets the security requirements.

  2. Enter your existing password in the Current Password field.

  3. Enter a new password in the New Password field.

  4. Confirm your new password in the Confirm New Password field.

  5. Click the Update Password button to save new password.


Common Reasons to Update Your Account

  • Changing or resetting your password

  • Changing your Preferred Method of Contact

  • Updating your mobile phone number

  • Updating your email address

  • Updating your homeless status

  • Updating your address


Contact Support

To get help editing your OpenCCC account, click the Help link in the footer of every Student Success Suite application page.