CCC MyPath Fall 2019 Release

Release Notes Summary

We're excited to announce that the MyPath Fall 2019 software release is nearing readiness for pilot deployment! This document describes the features and fixes included in this version. The Pilot Preview release is scheduled to begin on November 7, 2019 and the Production release is scheduled for November 14, 2019. 

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Pilot Site Release Preview

In order to allow colleges time to review and implement the changes and enhancements being deployed in this release, the code will be released to the Pilot environment early. Colleges are highly encouraged to make use of the pilot environment to test student-facing functions in a non-public environment without any worry of causing end-user confusion or technical issues. This code will remain in Pilot so that colleges can continue to test in a non-production environment even past the release date itself. The pilot environment will be updated prior to the next release.

If you have any questions about accessing the pilot environment for your school, please do not hesitate to reach out to the CCC MyPath Implementation Specialist, Shad Vider, at or the CCC MyPath Product Manager, Mike Caruso, at

Colleges participating in the pilot environment are also highly encouraged to join the Wednesday afternoon weekly Pilot discussion, where features and issues can be discussed with other pilot participants, as well as the CCCTC product staff and development team present. Please reach out to Shad Vider or Mike Caruso if you would like to join and do not have the meeting details already.

Release Notes Summary

Below is a summary of features, enhancements and bug fixes included in the MyPath version 1.3.5 release. The list is generally edited to only include user-facing features, omitting maintenance and back-end technology tickets.

Ticket Number
Ticket Name
SSP-3381SPIKE: Standup Form Builder MS in CIDevelopment team research into future FY19/20 Document Gathering functionality
SSP-3383SPIKE: Form Builder UI EvaluationDevelopment team research into future FY19/20 Document Gathering functionality
SSP-3384SPIKE: DevOps Support of Form Builder MS in CIDevelopment team research into future FY19/20 Document Gathering functionality
SSP-3179File Upload - Virus Scan NotificationsNotifications will be sent to the student when an uploaded file passes/does not pass virus scan
SSP-3362SPIKE: Advisor Card should not be marked complete if a file is rejected by the virus scannerDevelopment team research into future FY19/20 Document Gathering functionality
SSP-2385Review Complete End-to-End Document Gathering Service with ARCInternal review of technology powering the Document Gathering Service to ensure it meets Technology Center standards and goals
SSP-3256SPIKE: Proposed Services ReviewDevelopment team research into plans for Mobile Services project in FY19/20
SSP-3382SPIKE: Evaluate Form Builder MS against Josh H's list of featuresDevelopment team research into future FY19/20 Document Gathering functionality
SSP-3389Integrate Document Delivery with Communications ServiceEnable document gathering service to send college a notification when a student uploads a requested file
SSP-3390SPIKE: Admin document management UI through AmazonDevelopment team research into usage of Amazon Workdocs to provide admin document management functionality
SSP-3423Reduce width of search barReduce the overall width of the header search bar to fit more cleanly within a single horizontally aligned content row
SSP-3424Change the color the Advisor Card header textCreate a greater contrast on advisor cards by changing header/name text from black to blue, also indicating it is clickable
SSP-3434Email notifications to college when student uploads a documentUtilize new communications service integration to send an email to the designated email address when a student uploads a requested file in MyPath
SSP-3447Implement Admin Document Gathering solution based on research spikeImplement Amazon Workdocs within Document Gathering Service solution
SSP-3450MyPath Q4 Security ReviewReview release contents for any security issues
SSP-3451MyPath Q4 Accessibility ReviewReview release contents for any accessibility issues
SSP-3454SMS functionality ImprovementsImprove communications service SMS technology for throughput and performance
SSP-3455SPIKE/ARC: Additional logging / auditing should be done by the messaging servicesResearch into adding additional error logging to help troubleshoot communications service issues
SSP-3477audit/log file for document uploadsLog file upload activity so a report can be provided to college admins on request
SSP-3478Allow admins to specify file category on document upload tasksAbility for admins to assign a custom category to each advisor card task that requests a file from a student. The category will be reflected in WorkDocs for easy sorting and file management
SSP-3495Allow global portal admins to configure college switcher logos within admin interfaceAllow internal admin to add college switcher logos so image files do not have to be added manually by developers
SSP-3537Migrate VPC in PilotInternal technology infrastructure project
SSP-3538Migrate VPC in ProdInternal technology infrastructure project

Bug Fixes

Ticket Number
Ticket Name
SSP-3372Pinned resources are displayed vertically on the Pinboard when using an iPad
SSP-3436Low Contrast for Modal Dialog Close Button  
SSP-3439Item in expandable sidebar does not receive focus when expanded
SSP-3440Multi-slide carousel navigation dots incorrect
SSP-3475White space showing in browser window on mobile device
SSP-3501WorkDocs display 'undefined' instead of the file's name for uploads with no categories
SSP-3505Error occurring when uploading a 9MB file to an Advisor Card task
SSP-3514Missing validation for incomplete email address for Document Delivery Email portlet
SSP-3516Status 404 error appears on Document Delivery Email portlet when no email address is present
SSP-3517Typo on "Document Delivery Email" 

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Accessibility Fixes

No Accessibility Fix tickets are in this release.