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Tech Center Support Desk Portal 

Questions, advice, best practices

Contact your College Relationship Manager (CRM) for added support or guidance

CCC Tech Center Accessibility Center

Main Contact: Sean Keegan

CENIC Network Details

Main Contact: Michael Tuccillo

CCC Tech Center Security Center

Main Contact: Amir Khan

Governor Gavin Newsom Issues Stay at Home Order

California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office statement (3/2/2020)

CCCCO Emergency Planning Memo for Instructional Interruptions

CCCCO COVID-19 information on the Vision Resource Center

Main Contact: Mia Keeley, Dean Educational Services and Support

(916) 327-5898 



Digital Futures newsletter - Transitioning Course to Online

CVC-OEI Resources Emergency Preparedness Resources

Canvas Online

CCCTechConnect (Zoom, etc)

CCCTechConnect Services Within Canvas


Main Contact: Brett Chaponot, Program Development Specialist