MyPath Fall 2020 Minor Release (MyPath 2.11)

Release Notes Summary

We are excited to announce a MyPath minor release for Fall 2020! MyPath Release 2.11 fixes issues discovered when MyPath Administrators manage their college’s MyPath Advisor Cards. The release also includes a number of infrastructure enhancements to gather MyPath usage metrics and to streamline MyPath performance and deployment.

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Pilot Release Date

September 24, 2020

Production Release Date

September 25, 2020

Production Release Time



Minor Release

Release Notes Summary

Below is a summary of features, enhancements and bug fixes included in the MyPath version 2 release. The list is generally edited to only include user-facing features, omitting maintenance and back-end technology tickets.

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Advisor card "delete" (card or individual tasks) should not eliminate events that have occurred

Ensures that historical data is stored and able to be reported on when an advisor card is deleted or a single task removed from it


Turn on Google Tag Manager in production

Integrate Google Analytics into MyPath to provide metrics on student interactions with MyPath


Complete the MyPath data delivery to s3 for use in Jasper

Delivers audit data on advisor card events completed by a specified college’s students in MyPath. This data will be available to colleges via Report Center reports in the next MyPath feature release (targeted for October/November 2020)


Career Coach reporting and data storage

Career Coach student activity data made available in the Report Center. College access to this data via the Report Center targeted for the next MyPath feature release (targeted for October/November 2020)


Add Madera College to MyPath apply to college portlet

Update the list of colleges in MyPath’s Apply for Admissions portlet to include Madera College


Update college mapping file for Madera

Ensures the Madera college mappings are in place in MyPath


Add Madera Tenant

Adds Madera college logo and branding to MyPath college switcher

Bug Fixes

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Ticket Number

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Errors generated when MyPath Administrators manage MyPath advisor cards tasks such as reordering advisor cards, designating cards as default and deleting cards


Students intermittently receiving errors when attempting to apply to a college via MyPath


Moorpark college name corrected on the MyPath Applying for Admission college list