Release 2023.SuperGlue.4.9.0


Release 2023.SuperGlue.4.9.0 deploys:

  • To pilot environment: November 27, 2023

  • To production: December 7, 2023

This release strongly recommends a schema version update for colleges using the SuperGlue College Adaptor.

Release Summary

  • Support for fields

User Implementation

SuperGlue releases are backwards compatible; however colleges using the SuperGlue College Adaptor will need to update to the latest schema version in order to receive these additional fields. To update your schema version, please contact the CCCTC Enabling Services implementation team at

For other help, please visit our online support community or contact CCCTC Support Services directly at

Support for fields

Note that the new fields will not be available through SuperGlue until the deployment of OpenCCC 2.3.0 and Apply 6.14.0 targeted for February 2024.

The following new identity verification fields are being captured by OpenCCC and CCCApply’s integration with and are now integrated to the CCCApply, International, and California College Promise Grant applications:

  • idme_workflow_status

  • idme_optin_timestamp

  • idme_confirmation_timestamp

These fields are available via all SuperGlue delivery methods and supported reporting tools, including:

  • SuperGlue Banner adapter

  • SuperGlue Colleague adapter

  • SuperGlue Peoplesoft adapter

  • Ellucian Ethos integration

  • Apollo

  • CCC Data Warehouse Report Server

  • CCCApply Report Center

These fields have also been included in the CCCApply data transferred through SuperGlue in support of CVC-OEI.

If you encounter any issues with SuperGlue, please contact a CCCTC Support representative at


All data field descriptions and technical specifications have been added to the CCCApply data dictionaries, published here: CCCApply Data Dictionaries.


Important: The CCCApply Download Client is no longer supported
This release supports the ongoing effort to phase-out the CCCApply Download Client. For an overview of the process and timeline please visit: CCCApply Download Client End-Of-Life Process or contact Enabling Services at