Release 2023.SuperGlue.4.7.5


Release 2023.SuperGlue.4.7.5 deploys:

  • To pilot environment: August 10, 2023

  • To production: August 17, 2023

No actions required by external users.

Release Summary

  • Upgrade Identity Management system to Version 19.0.3

  • Minor changes to user sign-in flow (non-SSO users)

Identity Management System Upgrade to V.19.0.3

Identity Management system upgrade to version 19.0.3

Minor configuration changes made to DWRS sign-in flow for accounts using local credentials (non-SSO users).

Minor Change Made to DWRS User Sign In Flow

changes were made to the sign in workflow for direct access user accounts (non-SSO).

Direct access users (those not authenticating through a college or district IdP) will see a slightly different continue to access the DWRS using two-factor authentication (2FA) with an account created by the CCCTC Enabling Services implementation team. The new URL for direct access is:



  • New Role for local (non-SSO) user accounts; required for all new and existing accounts.

  • If account doesn’t have the role assigned, the Password page is disabled (or doesn’t appear).

  • All existing Non-SSO accounts were provided the new role in previous minor Keycloak release

Slight changes to UI/UX for non-SSO user flow. Two new error messages

Note: Sign In flow changes affect non-SSO users only.
College & district (SSO) users will not be affected by the changes due to their single sign-on access.

College & District Users (SSO)

College and district users now use a unique custom URL to access the Data Warehouse Report Server (DWRS), enabling single sign-on authentication via their college or district’s IdP credentials. Other than the URL change, no other changes were made for this type of user account (SSO User) during the new account setup process as documented in the DWRS User Guide.

Customize “FirstBrokerLogin” and talk to @James Whetstone about how OpenCCC did it

see ticket

CD-1458 - Getting issue details... STATUS
- they are worded differently, but they look like they might be duplicates or have overlapping requirements

Reminder: No Action Required for Existing College & District Users (SSO users)

If you are currently an authorized user for the Data Warehouse Report Server you should use the new custom URL configured to your unique IdP. Find your URL here: Data Warehouse Report Server URLs for Colleges & Districts.

If you encounter any issues with your custom Data Warehouse Report Server URL - or with single sign-on authentication using your existing credentials, please contact a CCCTC Support representative at

User Implementation

SuperGlue releases are backwards compatible; however each time new data fields are added to one of the CCC Data sets the SuperGlue College Adaptor will need to be updated with the latest schema version to receive these additional fields. To update your schema version, please contact the CCCTC Enabling Services implementation team at

For other help, please visit our online support community or contact CCCTC Support Services directly at


All data field descriptions and technical specifications have been added to the CCCApply data dictionaries, published here: CCCApply Data Dictionaries.