Release 2023.SuperGlue.4.6.0


Release 2023.SuperGlue.4.6.0 deployed:

  • To pilot environment: Thursday, February 9, 2023

  • To production: Friday, February 10, 2023

This release recommends a schema version update for colleges using the SuperGlue College Adaptor.

Release Summary

  • Additional OpenCCCApply data fields are available via SuperGlue College Adaptor

  • Support for Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft, and MS SqL fraud staging tables

User Implementation

SuperGlue releases are backwards compatible; however colleges using the SuperGlue College Adaptor will need to update to the latest schema version in order to receive these additional fields. To update your schema version, please contact the CCCTC Enabling Services implementation team at

For other help, please visit our online support community or contact CCCTC Support Services directly at

Additional Data Fields Available via SuperGlue

Eight previously released OpenCCCApply data fields have been added to the CCC Data Warehouse and are now being delivered via the SuperGlue College Adaptor to staging tables, supporting Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft and MS SqL platforms. These fields are also now available via Data Warehouse Direct Connect.

The following CCCApply Submitted Application data fields are now available:

  • acceptedTerms

  • acceptedTermsTimestamp

  • fraudScore

  • fraudStatus

  • ip_address_at_account_creation

  • ip_address_at_app_creation

  • mailing_address_validation_override

  • phoneType


Deployment of these fields to the Data Warehouse Report Server is scheduled for late February 2023. See Release 2023.CCCData.2.3.0 for schedule and implementation notes.


All data field descriptions and technical specifications have been added to the CCCApply Standard & Noncredit Application Data Dictionary v.2023.


Important: CCCApply Download Client Nearing End-of-Life
This release supports the ongoing effort to phase-out the CCCApply Download Client in June 2023. For an overview of the process and timeline please visit: CCCApply Download Client End-Of-Life Process or contact Enabling Services at