2018-37A: CCCApply Redesign - Low-Hanging Fruit #1

Request No.


Date of RequestJuly 30, 2018
RequesterCCCApply Redesign Workgroup - CCCCO
Application(s)Standard Application
Section / Page

Full Workflow

Approval DateAugust 15, 2018
Changes to Download FileNo
Changes to Residency LogicNo

Low-Hanging Fruit Changes

This is the first round of short-term, low-hanging fruit changes approved as part of the CCCApply Redesign Project, guided by the CCC Chancellor's Office in collaboration with the CCCApply Redesign Workgroup.  See "Low-Hanging Fruit #2" change request for the second round of changes identified for the current version of CCCApply in FY18-19.

Business Need

Student-centered design in action.

The Chancellor’s Office, the CCC Technology Center, and the Foundation for California Community Colleges, in collaboration with the community colleges and in partnership with ideas42, are redesigning the CCCApply experience with a student-centered approach in mind.

Chancellor's Office Project Name:  CCCApply Redesign Project Dashboard


  • CCCApply Redesign Workgroup & Sub-Committees
  • Ideas42 
  • CCCApply User Workgroup (formerly known as the Steering Committee)

Risks & Constraints

Scope and schedule deadlines - must have complete business requirements, reviewed, approved, estimated and prioritized by the final deadline in order to meet the quarterly release schedule for FY18-19

Requirements Deadlines

*Due to the current budget and team capacity, even approved changes that meet the deadlines below are not guaranteed inclusion in the release(s).

Change Management ActivitiesQ3 Release - March 2019Q4 Release - June 15, 2019
Submit Change RequestDecember 31, 2018February 28, 2019
T-Shirt Size EstimateJanuary 8, 2019March 7, 2019
Budget ReviewJanuary 8, 2019March 9, 2019
Written Sign-Off on Vetted Approved ChangesJanuary 9, 2019March 15, 2019
Resources & Capacity Estimates

Story / Epic Business RequirementsJanuary 11, 2019March 25, 2019
Technical EstimateJanuary 11, 2019March 27, 2019
Release Management Activities

Code FreezeJanuary 31, 2019May 16, 2019
Pilot Release (30 Days)February 15, 2019May 31, 2019
Pilot Release (2 Weeks)March 1, 2019June 14, 2019
Production ReleaseMarch 15, 2019June 28, 2019

Proposed Solution

FY18-19 Quarterly Release Schedule

Q16.2.0September 28, 2018
Q26.3.0December 7, 2018
Q36.4.0March 15, 2019
Q46.5.0June 15, 2019

Change Requirements for Low-Hanging Fruit #1

The following change requests were approved and implemented in the Q1 release (6.2.0) of the CCCApply Redesign FY18-19 quarterly release timeline. See the Release 6.2.0 Summary Notes for more details.

#DescriptionRequirement(s)Release Status
1Remove the Introduction PageThis means that the first page of the application is now the Enrollment page.Release 6.2.0
2Rename the Personal Information Page to "Demographic Information"This change is limited to renaming the pageRelease 6.2.0
3Move the position of the Demographic Information Page This change places this page after the Needs & Interests pageRelease 6.2.0
4Remove the Review Application PageThe Review Application page is now no longer required and has moved to the Submission page (see #10 below)Release 6.2.0
5Remove the Consent to Release Information PageThe Consent page is now combined with the Submission page (see #10 below).Release 6.2.0
6Remove the SSN Encouragement Nattering Pop-UpThis change removes the pop-up message encouraging students to provide their Social Security Number when they decline to provide one during OpenCCC Account creation and in the "Edit Account" moduleRelease 6.2.0
7Re-direct Users to MyPath from CCCApply SubmissionImplement an auto-direct from the Submission confirmation screen in CCCApply to MyPath (for MyPath colleges only)Release 6.2.0
8Remove the Age Limit for OpenCCC Account Creation This change removes the logic (restriction) preventing users under age 13 from creating an OpenCCC Account (COPPA)Release 6.2.0
9Revise the existing self-reported Multiple Measures questions for AB705This is a series of text changes only to the opt-in "Multiple Measures" implementation under High School Transcript Information Release 6.2.0DEPLOYED
10Combine the Review Application, Consent to Release Information, and the Submission page This change consolidates three pages into one page.Release 6.2.0DEPLOYED

Additional Information

DateDescriptionTypeStatus Notes