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California Schools & Colleges lists used in CCCApply are not maintained manually in the database. Official school information with codes (CDS and CEEB) are maintained by the CDE and the College Board. See more below.

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The CCC Tech Center maintains a school “look-up” feature as part of the CCCApply online application for admission. This advanced search engine includes all California and U.S. public high schools, adult schools, and colleges provided by the California Department of Education and the College Board. The school look-up engine appears on the Education page of the CCCApply Standard/Noncredit and International admission applications and allows students to identify their current or previous institutions quickly and accurately, while providing the college the corresponding CDS and/or CEEB codes as part of the application download file. 

CCCTC receives an updated list from the CDE and the College Board monthly which are imported and deployed to the CCCApply database quarterly. Manual changes are not made directly to the CCCApply database.

Our purpose for this

  • Share the process steps with California Community College staff, to enable them to assist educational institutions to gain either or both a CDS or CEEB code. 

  • Share the sites that educational institutions may use to request a CDS or CEEB code, and make corrections / changes to their institutions information.  

CDS Codes

CEEB Codes

CDS Codes

CEEB Codes


California Department of Education

College Board


CDS Code



A CDS code is a unique number assigned to a California school and used for funding assessment, accountability, grant applications, and data reporting purposes. CDS codes are assigned by the California Department of Schools and are not assigned to programs. 

A CEEB code is a standardized ID number that is assigned to a high school, college, or university. CEEB codes are issued by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). These 4- to 6-digit codes are mostly used in college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT. \ 


California School Directory

College Board


Schools & Colleges List Maintenance

The organizations below are the source of all U.S. schools, colleges & districts used in the CCCApply and other Student Success Suite online applications maintained by the CCC Technology Center. Changes and updates should be made by authorized LEA CDS coordinators following the links below. 

California Department of Education (CDE)

The College Board (CEEB)

California Department of Education (CDE)

The College Board (CEEB)


California Department of Education: County-District-School Administration

Information on the administration of county-district-school (CDS) codes, which is the Department’s method for tracking California schools. Includes resources and information for obtaining a CDS code and maintaining directory information.

College Board National Office

Contact Form: Email Contact Form

Phone: 212-713-8000

250 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10281
United States 

CEEB Lookup Link: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard...


Submitting Updates to the CDS School and District Lists

Updates to school and district information may be requested by authorized local educational agency (LEA) personnel using the OPUS-CDS application, or by contacting CDS Administration staff. Changes initiated by the public must be routed through the LEA CDS coordinator.

Online Public Update for Schools (OPUS - CDS)

The Online Public Update for Schools - County-District-School (OPUS-CDS) Web application is used by authorized LEA CDS coordinators to submit changes regarding a school or district including contact information, agency name, school type, grade span, status. etc.

  • OPUS-CDS Web Application
    This Web application is used by authorized LEA CDS coordinators to notify the CDE of updates to the California School Directory. A user name and password are required to access this application.

  • OPUS-CDS Application and Resources
    This web page provides access the OPUS-CDS Web application, as well as useful information for using this application.

For a list of school information that can and should be changed through the OPUS-CDS Web application, please refer to the Instructions for Submitting CDS Changes.

FOR ALL OTHER CHANGES: Please request aChange Request for a County-District-School (CDS) Codeform by contacting the CDS Administration via email at or by phone at 916-327-4014.

Submitting Updates to the College Board (CEEB) Lists

College Board - College Search

Links to CDS & CEEB: 
California Department of Education: 
College Board: 
CEEB Lookup Link: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard...