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titleUAT Implementation Checklist

See the STEPS for UAT Testing and full implementation checklist here:  CCCApply Noncredit Pilot - UAT Implementation Checklist

Table of Contents


CCCApply has created a new, optional, noncredit workflow feature in the CCCApply Standard Application. Development requirements for the first version of the new feature were implemented under the guidance of the CCCApply Redesign Workgroup, the CCCApply Advisory sub-committee for Noncredit application and the CCCApply product development team. 


CCCApply Noncredit Application: Pilot Phase


Pilot Project Outline 

Below is an outline of the CCCApply Noncredit Application Pilot Project, including development and production phases: 


Development requirements for the initial first version of this application (v.1.0) were drafted and implemented by the CCCApply Redesign Workgroup and sub-committee for the Noncredit Application. Details of the v.1.0 development specification development team. Requirements and change specifications can be found here: Noncredit Change Requirements and CCCApply Noncredit Application


The overarching goal for the project is to prepare the new feature features for a larger scale Beta version release to more colleges in May 2019, and ultimately to production release to all colleges in June 2019.


February 19CCCApply 6.4.0 release to the CCCApply Pilot environment (see Release 6.4.0 Summary Notes)CCCApply 6.4.0 Pilot
February 19Noncredit Application 1.0 - Soft launch release to the CCCApply Pilot environmentNoncredit v.1.0 Pilot
February 20 - 28

Noncredit Pilot begins 12-Week Pilot Activities

March 15CCCApply 6.4.0 Production release  (see Release 6.4.0 Summary Notes)CCCApply 6.4.0 Prod
April 8Deadline for development changes and bug fixes (Tentative)
May 1 (TBD)Noncredit Application (v.1.x) Pilot Update (Tentative)Noncredit v.1.1 Pilot
May 9)
May 14Code freeze for CCCApply 6.5.0 Pilot Release and Noncredit App v.1.2 
May 15 - 2231Noncredit Pilot officially ends - last meetingMay 31, 2019
May 31CCCApply 6.5.0 Pilot release  (includes the Noncredit Application 1.2 Pilot release)CCCApply 6.5.0 Pilot
June 28CCCApply 6.5.0 Production release  (includes the Noncredit Application 1.2 Production release)CCCApply 6.5.0 Prod


  • Chabot College
  • City College of San Francisco
  • Coastline College
  • DeAnza College
  • Foothill College
  • Glendale College
  • NOCE: North Orange CCDContinuing Education
  • Riverside CCD
  • Santa Monica City College
  • Santa Rosa CollegeSierra College*
  • South Orange CCDBakersfield College*
  • Cerritos College*

Participation Requirements


The user acceptance testing (UAT) plan process and objectives for the CCCApply Noncredit Application Pilot project are listed below. 

  • UAT Objectives & Success Criteria
  • Required Documentation 
  • Getting to the Pilot Application 
  • IT Implementation Steps
  • Data Fields & Downloads
  • Admin Configuration 
  • Reports
  • Feedback & Support Processes

UAT Objectives & Success Criteria

See Noncredit Application UAT Plan Slide Deck

UAT ObjectiveSuccess Criteria
IT Implementation Steps & Testing
  • College navigates successfully to Noncredit Application path using college-specific URL
  • College submits new Noncredit Application using new workflow feature / URL 
  • College can identify an In-progress and submitted Noncredit application based on the new confirmation number prefix for Noncredit path in the My Applications page 

Find your Noncredit Application PILOT URL

Data Fields & Downloads Configuration Testing
  • New and revised Noncredit app data fields have been added to their existing CCCApply Standard Application Format Definition XML and ran a successful job in Pilot
  • Download Client for the Pilot Standard Application has been updated with latest version of the "transfer-client.jar" file in Pilot environment
  • Colleges have tested downloads successfully using the Download Client
  • Colleges have modified and successfully exported new data set to Glue for Apply staging table 
  • College can see new residency status field value <res_status = N> for NC residency-exempt status in download file
  • College can see new residency Areas A-D default value = 9 (for NC applications = nonCredit=True
  • College can identify a Noncredit status application based on Flag 81 in the Integrity Flags Table
  • College can identify that a Noncredit application was submitted based on Null / blank values appearing in all fields hidden in the Noncredit App workflow 
MVP Admin Configuration (Optional) Testing
  • College creates new Email Rule using the Noncredit Status field in Standard Application in Administrator
  • College staff receives Rule email based on new Noncredit status field
Modifying & Running Noncredit App Reports Testing
  • College can successfully look-up a submitted Noncredit application using new Noncredit Confirmation number using the Standard Full Application Look-Up modal in the Report Center
  • College confirms new Noncredit Status data field and Integrity Flag 81 flags appear on the Standard Full Application report for a Noncredit application
  • College can view and add new Noncredit data fields into a new report using the Submitted Application - Noncredit Topic (domain).
Using the Pilot Feedback & Support Process
  • Pilot college can submit an S1 critical issue to Support Services using Pilot Feedback & Resolution process (using the Support Email:
  • Pilot college can submit an S5 high-priority change requirement using the Pilot Change Requirement template (using the Support Email:
  • Pilot college can successfully post a comment or question on the CCCApply category page in Get Satisfaction site: 



The Noncredit Application workflow path feature is an optional special implementation in the CCCApply Standard Application - All Changes Are Backwards Compatible - No Actions Required: All the front-end changes deployed in the Noncredit Application path within CCCApply Standard Application (user interface changes, hidden pages and questions, disabling of web services, etc.) should NOT AFFECT YOUR STANDARD APPLICATION. All Noncredit Application back-end changes are optional and not mandatory for colleges to implement. Admissions, Financial Aid, and IT staff can rest assured there are no action REQUIRED by colleges that do not wish to implement the Noncredit Application.


Required Documentation

Technical specifications for the Noncredit Application workflow feature are included in the CCCApply Standard Application Data Dictionary. 


Getting to the Pilot Environment

Pilot colleges can begin previewing and testing the new Noncredit Application feature after the CCCApply 6.4.0 pilot release on February 19, 2019.  


See here for the list of College Noncredit URLs.

When a user starts and submits a Noncredit Application (using the college-specific URL) the new Noncredit Status flag is set to True, which is appended at the end of the URL.