Summaries & Conclusions

Below is a summary table from a series of CCCApply sub-committee meetings held in December 2019. Each meeting was recorded for reference and extensive notes and action items were taken.


Summary / Action Items

Need Legal Support


Summary / Action Items

Need Legal Support

Language & Text Changes


Meeting Notes: New Change Requests: Language & Text Changes - Part 1

Zoom Recording: 12.10.19-CCCApply: New Change Requests-Language and Text - Part 1


Confirmed Changes

  1. Minor language and onscreen text changes to support undocumented students per recommendations from Immigrants Rising

    1. Citizenship Status Question:

      1. Add “Immigration” to Citizenship section & question label

      2. Add clarifying language to Citizenship & Immigration Status question

    2. Needs & Interests Page:

      1. Add a checkbox for “Support for Undocumented Students” to Programs & Services section (Needs & Interests table)

    3. California Residence Question

      1. Change the question label to “California Residence for Tuition Purposes”

Pending & Unresolved Issues

  • “No Documents” field: which appears when Citizenship Status

    • Language change proposed: Change checkbox language to “No documents, including undocumented, DACA, and AB540 / SB68 students”

    • Move the “No Documents” checkbox higher up in the Citizenship & Immigration Status section


  • DACA Information: Should “DACA” information be collected in the Citizenship & Immigration Status section as an official status?

  • Parent/Guardian Information Question


Action Items: Follow-up meetings are being scheduled.
Patty met with CO on the Parent-Guardian Information question - changes under review


Need support and decision on the CO position on DACA and whether CCCApply should collect student data.

Immigrants Rising


Additional Language Enhancements that were suggested during the meetings:

  1. Birthdate (Date of Birth)

    1. What are the legal mandates behind the existing language?

  2. Previous Legal Name(s)

    1. This question is being removed from the New OpenCCC system when it launches. Are there legal requirements for keeping the question in CCCApply? If yes, which mandate(s)?

  3. Authorized Text Message Checkbox

    1. What legal mandate/requirement is behind the existing language in OpenCCC legacy?

  4. Consent to Release Information Section (Streamlining this language is necessary to support mobile/responsive design)

    1. What legal mandate/requirement is behind the existing onscreen language in CCCApply?

    2. How much of the language can be revised or moved to the Help drawer?

    3. How much can be moved to the Privacy Policy?

  5. Submit Your Application Section (Streamlining this language is necessary to support mobile/responsive design.)

    1. What legal mandates/requirements are behind the existing onscreen language in CCCApply?

    2. How much of the language can be revised/shortened and/or moved to the Help drawer?

    3. How much can be moved to the Privacy Policy?

  6. Dual Enrollment students - what changes need to be made? skip logic?



Updates to AB540 Logic


Meeting Notes: CCCApply Sub-Committee: Requirements for AB540/SB68 Compliance

Zoom Recording: 12.11.19 - AB540/AB68 Required Changes in CCCApply

Confirmed Changes

  1. Reviewed and approved the following changes related to AB540 in CCCApply:

    1. Replace the outdated AB540 Affidavit doc (pdf) on the Special Links & Opportunities page with latest version

    2. Add a link to the “California Dream Act Application” on the Special Links & Opportunities page


Pending & Unresolved Issues

  1. What enhancements are needed to ensure CCCApply complies with the current AB540 eligibility requirements (SB68 / AB2000)?

    1. Language changes to support undocumented students?

    2. Education Page:

      1. HS Education Level Status:

        1. Adult school attendance

        2. Community college attendance

        3. Noncredit courses/programs attendance

    3. AB540 Elig logic

      1. Ensure changes made to the Education page are implemented in the logic


Action Items

  1. Compile and summarize list of questions and unresolved issues after the two meetings held in December 2019 that require further discussion by College users regarding new AB540 eligibility requirements

  2. Review current AB540 algorithm and draft comparison list to identify all needed changes in CCCApply Standard App to comply.

    1. Changes required to the Education page to ensure students can declare time in attendance

    2. Changes to the existing algorithm

  3. Schedule follow-up call for early January 2020 and include CO representative(s) who can provide guidance


  1. Who is the appropriate person at the CO to provide support with AB540 compliance?

  2. What are the requirements regarding attendance in Adult School? Community college? Noncredit programs/courses?


Social Security Number Question


Meeting Notes: Review Social Security Number Question Revision

Zoom Recording: 12.05.19-CCCApply: Social Security Number Question Revision

Confirmed Changes & Deployment Plan

  1. Implement new layout with all new language to the existing SSN questions in OpenCCC legacy system

  2. Implement phased deployment plan with enhancements based on user-testing and research data:

    1. Phase 1: Deploy the new SSN version* in the current OpenCCC Legacy Account in Spring 2020

      1. New version = new layout and language (interactive mock-up designed by Foundation and language approved by CCCCO legal) while maintaining existing backend data fields;

      2. Work with CCC Foundation and other CCC groups to do live user acceptance testing, collect feedback and prioritize changes with students and college user testing;

        1. Collect feedback and prioritize changes with students and college user testing

    2. Phase 2: Move SSN from OpenCCC to CCCApply Standard

      1. Coordinate next phase with the New OpenCCC launch

      2. Implement data-based changes identified during Phase 1 (if any)

      3. Move new SSN to CCCApply Standard and other confirmed applications (if any)


New SSN Version*

  • Revise layout of existing SSN question with conditional skip logic, Help hyperlink, and enhanced data input structure

  • Revise all question and help language, including additional onscreen legal text, with approved text from CCCCO

  • Maintain existing data fields on the back end (with minimal changes to existing downloads structure)


In-Progress Application Data Project


Meeting Notes: Access to In-Progress CCCApply Application Data (with student consent)

Zoom Recording: 12.03.19-CCCApply: In-Progress Application Data

Discussion Notes: Great participation - discussion raised more questions that need to be explored.

Update: Per Paul Feist, CO, the “Consent to Release” checkbox may not be needed as long as the Privacy Policy is updated to cover in-progress data.

Proposed Solutions: Three solutions were proposed that need feedback from colleges.

Next Actions: Schedule follow-up meeting for week of March 9.


Noncredit Application User Group Meeting


Meeting Notes: CCCApply Noncredit Application User Group - December 12, 2019

Zoom Recording: 12.12.19-CCCApply Noncredit Application User Group Meeting

See Meeting Notes: CCCApply Noncredit Application User Group - December 12, 2019

Change Requests:

  1. Application-specific Terms


Spam Filter Service


Meeting Notes: CCCApply Sub-Committee: Spam Filter Web Service

Zoom Recording: 12.09.19-CCCApply-Spam Filter Service Meeting

Confirmed Changes

  1. Organize new Spam Filter User Group, focused on fraud coming in through CCCApply, to identify enhancements to the Spam Filter web service and best practices for colleges to combat fraud;

    1. Schedule and hold monthly online meetings (every third Monday of each month), open to CCC college staff and admin, See schedule on the 2019-2020 CCCApply Sub-Committee Meeting Schedule.

  2. Review list of change requests identified by the colleges during the 12/09 meeting:

    1. Update the Spam Filter User Interface in the Administrator with:

      1. Add the IP Address to the spam filter summary table

      2. Add the Country that matches the IP address or region to the table

      3. a way to Search by existing column data (whatever the columns are) CCCID, Email Address, DOB, etc. 

    2. Look into adding a Zip Code / Area Code validation check in the Permanent & Mailing address sets

    3. Add ability to create a rule in the Administrator that would allow the colleges to identify criteria that should move the application directly into the suspension folder (spam filter) or prevents it/whitelist). In other words, “don’t implement the “model” if the app meets specific criteria (rule logic). App would have to bypass the prediction service 


Pending & Unresolved Issues

Other Action: Check with the new OpenCCC PM on which version of ReCAPTCHA will be used in the new OpenCCC system to combat robots and other bad actor technology. Colleges wants to know whether our current is too outdated to be effective?) Is OpenCCC redesign planning to include an updated version?  Which tool and which version will be used?  Why do we not have one in the Application?  Get history on this and inform the group.

Need CO support convincing colleges that spammers are attacking colleges that are providing free .edu emails, Google Apps/storage, and MS software (Office365)

CCCApply Administrator

Pending & Unresolved Issues

  • Synchronization of CCCApply Majors import with the COCI course and major imports and various SIS system imports. What other considerations should we keep in mind when discussing a synchronization between these systems? (Rachel Stamm - reach out to her)






General Feedback:

Need more calls to discuss:

  • Reports & Metrics Needed / Report Center Upgrade

  • International Application

  • High School to College - information pages in CCCApply

  • Help Guide in CCCApply

  • Live Chat and better in-line Help information in CCCApply

  • Guide to Applying: What materials you need to assemble; Residency guide - why are some questions asking for specific information;