2018-41: Change TANF to Tribal TANF in Standard App

Request No. 2018-41
Target release6.4.0 - March 2019
Review Date10.26.18

DED Update 

Change to Download FileNo 
Change to Residency Logic No

Problem Statement or Business Need

Requested by Julia Arreguy, Sierra College, October 24, 2018:

"CCCapply app should say Tribal TANF because that is a California term.  The students that are Tribal TANF do not know to select just TANF unless they are educated on that – which most are not."

See request email transcript:  TANF question on CCCapply - Change Request.pdf

Proposed Solution

  • This is an easy text change and if approved could be implemented in the march 2019 release.
  • NOTE:  This particular question is already being considered for removal by the CCCApply Redesign Workgroup.  It has not been officially approved yet.

Requirements Summary

#TitleUser StoryImportanceNotes
1Remove the question from the Needs & Interests page in CCCApply Standard ApplicationAs a CCCCO administrator, I want the CCCApply application to only include questions that are mandated by state, federal or local laws or regulations, or that cannot be collected outside of the Application process.Nice to Have
  • See CCCApply Redesign - Part II: Low Hanging Fruit #2



Update the onscreen prompt text (question) FROM: 
"Are you receiving TANF/CalWorks/, SSI, or General Assistance?" 

TO: "Are you receiving Tribal TANF/CalWorks, SSI, or General Assistance?"

As a college Admissions staff, I want the application to describe TANF/CalWorks text on the Needs & Interests page to reflect the California version of the program for student clarification.Nice to HaveIf the question is not approved for removal in the Redesign project, the text should be updated in the March 2019 release.

Change Specifications

To Be Determined. 


Supporting Documentation 

Below is additional documentation (i.e., CCCCO legal opinions, residency and/or education code citations, legislation citations, supplemental information, etc.) to be referenced in support of this change request. 

DescriptionFile or Link
CCCApply Standard Application Data Dictionary v.2018.2Data Dictionaries