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Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | Orange Coast College

CCCApply: Success Through Guided Pathways

Join the CCCApply Steering Committee for a full day of professional development opportunities for colleges using CCCApply and other statewide technology products for matriculation, student services, and IT. Break-out sessions - dedicated to supporting student success through guided pathways - are offered in three tracks: CCCApply: New & Advanced Users, Research & IT, and California Electronic Transcripts/Education Planning Initiatives. Geared towards California Community Colleges.

General Sessions

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Omid Pourzanjani

Vice Chancellor, Digital Futures Lab
California Community Colleges Chancellors Office

Dr. Omid Pourzanjani served the community college mission at Golden West College for more than 23 years prior to joining the Chancellor’s Office in 2017 as a visiting vice chancellor. During his time at Golden West College, he held positions as a professor, department chair, Senate officer, instructional dean, chief student services officer and chief instructional officer. Concurrent to these experiences, Dr. Pourzanjani served in executive leadership positions in high-tech multinational companies focused on organizational efficiency through business process re-engineering and information technology solutions. 

In his new role, he plans to work with all California Community College's stakeholders to improve the integration between the many technology solutions, processes and practices to better guide our students through their educational pathways.

Dr. Pourzanjani received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science and engineering from California State University, Long Beach and his doctorate in education from University of California, Los Angeles. However, he credits his Career Education certificate and associate degree from Santa Monica College for moving him from a low-income job to a middle-income job and for getting him on his professional career path.

NEW! Presentation Slides (click on the image below to download)

CCCCO Technology Update 
By Omid Pourzanjani

Welcome & Introductions

Michelle Pena

CCCApply Steering Vice Chair, Director, Enrollment Services, Bakersfield College

Join Michelle in the Science Hall at 9:00AM for introductions and general housekeeping notes..

General session speakers include:

Dr. Madjid Niroumand, Vice President, Student Services, Orange Coast College;
Tim Calhoon, Executive Director of the CCC Technology Center; and keynote speaker, Omid Pourzanjani, Vice Chancellor, California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office.

CCC Technology Center Update: CCCApply, eTranscripts, and Other Statewide Technology Initiatives

Tim Calhoon

Executive Director
California Community Colleges Technology Center

Join Us in Thanking Our Sponsors

At this time we'd also like to thank our sponsors for attending this workshop. Thanks to their generous support, we are able to offer this FREE annual event year after year. Please take a few minutes to meet them and collect another raffle ticket before the Closing Session at 3:25PM.

CCCApply: New & Experienced Users Track

Meta Majors, Guided Pathways, and the CCCApply Administrator

Craig Hayward, Ph.D.
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness at Bakersfield College

Michelle Pena
Director, Enrollment Services, Bakersfield College

NEW! Presentation Slides (click on the images below)

About Meta Majors - 2018 CCCApply Workshop
By Craig Hayward

Meta Majors, Guided Pathways & The New CCCApply Administrator 2.0
By Patty Donohue

Session Description

Join members of the CCCApply Steering Committee for an exploration of the new CCCApply Administrator tool with an emphasis on the new feature enhancements built into the Majors module for the Standard and International applications.

Beginning with a presentation on Meta Majors, Guided Pathways, and CCCApply, by Craig Hayward and Michelle Pena of Bakersfield College, see how the new majors category filter and the education goal alignment feature will be used to customize the display of your college Majors in the CCCApply and International applications. 

We'll also explore the new user-interface, system administration, and the new architectural framework of the new CCC Administrator system - leveraging single sign-on authentication from a single point-of-entry (one URL address) for all systemwide Admin tools and vendor applications.  

  • Take a sneak peek at the new CCC Administrator system: A centralized, admin configuration tool with SSO-based authentication for CCC Tech Center web applications and other CCCCO vendor applications - that is being developed and rolled out in multiple releases over the next 18 months;
  • Authorized college admin users need only one user account for all integrated admin tools - only one set of login credentials across all admin applications for the pIlot and production environments;
  • All integrated admin tools are accessed from one single point-of-entry, meaning no more long, complicated SAML-based address URLs to access the Administrator & Report Center!
  • Sneak peek at the new CCCApply Spam Filter system and interface, designed to identify fraudulent applications based on machine learning algorithm, suspend and flag fraudulent application, and train (teach) the algorithm in a continuous learning model;

Audience: Geared towards all users of the CCCApply Administrator, but appropriate for all audiences. 

Craig Hayward, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Bakersfield College
Michelle Pena, Director, Enrollment Services, Bakersfield College 
Patty Donohue, CCCApply Product Manager, CCC Technology Center

The California College Promise Grant Online Application

Bryan Dickason
Specialist, Financial Aid Services
CCC Chancellor's Office

NEW! Presentation Slides (click on the image below)

2018 CC Promise Grant Application
By Bryan Dickason

Session Description

Explore the CC Promise Grant Application (formerly known as the BOG Fee Waiver Application) and participate in a Q&A session with experts from the CCC Chancellor's Office.

We'll demo the application for new users, review the changes implemented in the 2018-2019 application, and provide a high-level overview of the implementation project.

  • Discuss ways the online Promise Grant application will be enhanced in the coming year
  • Review the changes implemented last year to support homeless youth
  • Learn how to get started on the IT project implementation

Audience:  Geared towards audiences interested in better understanding the California Promise and the online CC Promise Grant application.

Presenter: Bryan Dickason, Specialist, Student Aid Planning & Development, CCC Chancellor's Office

Bryan Dickason is a Specialist in Student Aid Planning and Development with the Community College Chancellor’s Office. He has worked in the student financial aid industry for 31 years. He attended El Camino College and received a Bachelor’s degree in Television Broadcasting from CSU Long Beach. Bryan lives in Roseville, California, with his wife of 30 years. He has two daughters, and is still waiting on grand kids!

CCCApply Residency Algorithm 101: Presentation & QA Panel

Michael R. Quiaoit
Dean, Student Services,
CCC Chancellor’s Office

Michelle Pena

Director, Enrollment Services, Bakersfield College

NEW! Presentation Slides (click on the image below).

2018 CCCApply Residency Algorithm 101
By Michelle Pena

Session Description

Join members of the CCCApply Steering Committee and CCC Chancellor's Office for our annual presentation and Q&A panel on the CCCApply residency algorithm and how it calculates “preliminary" residency determination and AB540 eligibility status.

Proven to be one of the most popular and well-attended sessions of our annual event, this year's residency review is geared towards both new and experienced users of the CCCApply Standard Application.

We'll breakdown each of the four residency tables (A-D), then walk through h the calculation service process to illustrate how the preliminary residency status is determined. We'll also review the Integrity Flags which inform Admissions eith  the details behind the applicant's eligibility and .

Featured Discussion: We'll explore the state laws and regulations behind the residency logic (see the list of questions/data fields that are used in the residency algorithm) as well as some of the hot topics related to establishing residency for homeless youth, foster youth, noncredit students, and other special populations.

Audience: Geared towards Admissions & Records staff using the CCCApply Standard Application.

Michelle Pena, Director, Enrollment Services, Bakersfield College

Michael R. Quiaoit, Dean, Student Services & Special Programs, CCC Chancellor’s Office

Michael Quiaoit is currently a Dean in the Student Services and Special Programs division for the California Community College Chancellor's Office. Michael’s oversees multiple programs statewide: Admissions and Records, Counseling, Credit and Noncredit SSSP, EOPS, CAYFES, Financial Aid, and Veterans. He has a baccalaureate in Rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley and a Master in Public Administration from California State University, Stanislaus. Michael has over 20 years of experience in higher education. He has worked as a Financial Aid Counselor, Policy Analyst, Project Director, and Marketing Director in both the university and community college environments.

The CCCApply International Application

Olivia Alvarado
Business Analyst
Los Angeles CCD

Anna Salazar
Registrar, Admissions & Records
East Los Angeles College

NEW!  Presentation Slides (click on the image below)

The CCCApply International Application
By Olivia Alvarado & Anna Salazar

Session Description

Expanding on the engaging, round-table discussion from last year's workshop, join Olivia Alvarado and Anna Salazar from Los Angeles Community College District and members of the CCCApply Steering Committee for a presentation of how the International Application is being used across the LACCD, and changes that could improve the online application workflow for international applicants.  

Audience: Geared towards all audiences interested in implementing the CCCApply International Application. 

Olivia Alvarado, Business Analyst, Los Angeles Community College District
Anna Salazar, Registrar, Admissions & Records, East Los Angeles College

Research & IT Track

CCC Report Center: Creating & Modifying Public Views & Reports

Merrie Wales
College Support Engineer
CCC Technology Center

Cindy Gonzales 
IT Technical Analyst
Los Rios CCD

NEW! Presentation Slides (click on the image below to download)

CCC Report Center: Creating & Modifying Public Views & Reports
By Merrie Wales

Session Description

Back by popular demand, this year's CCC Report Center training will focus on creating custom reports, and modifying the Views and Reports templates in the Public folder.

Geared towards new and experienced users, you'll learn tips and best practices for analyzing submitted application data quickly in a user-friendly, web-based environment.

After a brief overview of the Home page, Library and main navigational menus, we'll explore the Public folders in the Repository where users can run a report as-is or copy the report's View into your college folder and modify to suit your needs.

At the end of the session you'll walk away knowing how to:

  • Copy Public templates from the Repository and save to your college's private folder where they can be modified;
  • Run, customize and export reports using filters and sorting capabilities

  • Schedule recurring reports for print or email

After the session, the CCCApply Computer Lab in MBCC will be open to attendees to explore some of the tips and tricks learned in the session.

Audience: Geared towards new and experienced users of the CCC Report Center for CCCApply Applications.

Merrie Wales, College Support Engineer, CCC Technology Center 
Cindy Gonzales, IT Technical Analyst, Los Rios Community College District

OpenCCCApply Data Security: How CCCApply Is Addressing Spam

Tim Calhoon
Executive Director
CCC Technology Center

Patty Donohue
Product Manager, OpenCCCApply
CCC Technology Center

NEW! PRESENTATION SLIDES (Click on image below)

Data Security & CCCApply Spam Filter Web Service
By Patty Donohue & Tim Calhoon

Session Description

Join Executive Director Tim Calhoon for a discussion about how the CCC Technology Center is addressing data security across OpenCCC and CCCApply applications and projects and what we've learned over the past year. 

Topics discussed include:

  • Overall data security problems
  • Efforts by the Information Security Center
  • Security for OpenCCC and CCCApply
  • CCCApply fraudulent applications
    • What's been happening and how are we addressing the problem
    • What colleges need to do to prevent spam (best practices)
    • Spam filter project: what is it and how will it work?
    • How colleges can support this effort
    • Submitting spam examples (special format)

Audience: Geared towards all college staff who handle student data.

Tim Calhoon, Executive Director, CCC Technology Center
Patty Donohue, Product Manager, OpenCCCApply, CCC Technology Center and CCCApply

Ben Baird
Director of Data Management

NEW! Presentation Slides (click on the image below to download). and CCCApply
By Ben Baird

Join us for a demonstration and discussion about the current integration between and CCCApply. 

  • Learn more about the articulation between colleges and high schools to get timely service
  • See how self-reported and verified transcript data could be provided to the colleges to support multiple measures;

Audience: This session is appropriate for Admissions & Records, research, and IT staff.

CCGI currently works with twenty five school districts across the state which collectively serve upwards of 400,000 6th-12th grade students. Those districts upload student’s academic transcript data into individual student accounts on, and all CCGI legal documentation allows for that data to be shared with institutions of higher education at the point of application.

CCCCO is moving towards the use of multiple measures placement. CCGI would like to push student data through to OpenCCCApply in order to support multiple measures placement, and create additional efficiencies for Admissions and Records staff.

PresenterBenjamin BairdDirector of Data Management, California College Guidance Initiative

The OpenCCC Federated Identity Initiative and SSO Proxy

Patty Donohue, Product Manager, CCCApply

Patricia Donohue

Product Manager, OpenCCCApply
CCC Technology Center

NEW! Presentation Slides (click on the image below to download)

OpenCCC Identity Management
By Charles Hasegawa

The OpenCCC Federated Identity Initiative & SSO Proxy
By Patty Donohue

Session Description

Join us for a special presentation on Identity Management basics and an overview of the OpenCCC federated identity initiative and CCC SSO federation.   

Participation in the OpenCCC federated identity initiative is required for use of all CCC web applications, including Canvas LMS, CCC Course Exchange, CCC MyPath and other student-facing technology applications, as well as the new admin configuration platform for faculty and staff, the CCC Administrator - which will eliminate the need to manage multiple staff accounts and passwords, and reduces opportunities for accounts to be compromised.

The session will begin with high-level identity management basics, including:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) vs. Federated Identity
  • Authorization and Authentication
  • What is SAML
  • Identity Providers (IdP) and Service Providers (SP)

The second part of the session will cover the three areas of the OpenCCC Federated Identity Initiative:

  • Understanding the difference between the OpenCCC identity provider and OpenCCC Student Account System;

  • The CCC SSO Federation and the SSO Proxy

  • Overview of the SSO Proxy integration requirements

Time-permitting, we'll cover the chronological timeline of the OpenCCC initiative and review the roadmap for 2018-2019

Audience:  Geared towards all audiences interested in understanding OpenCCC and student identity management.


Charles Hasegawa, Sr. Programmer, Unicon

California Electronic Transcripts Track

Electronic Transcripts: Getting Started through Full Adoption

Topacio Vargas
Sr. Client Success Leader
XAP Corporation

Mark Cohen
Product Manager, eTranscript California
CCC Technology Center 

This session provides an overview of eTranscript California, from getting started through the benefits of fully adopting the exchange of electronic transcripts. We will discuss how you can participate in the sending, requesting, and receiving of transcripts and how colleges overcame challenges they faced when getting started. This session will include QA to address your questions about the initiative

Audience: College implementation team members charged with exploring the “how-to” aspects of managing electronic transcript exchange. 

Mark Cohen, Product Manager, eTranscript California,  CCC Technology Center
Topacio Vargas, Senior Client Success Leader, XAP Corporation

Topacio Vargas is a Senior Client Success Leader at XAP Corporation, the pioneer and leader in online college application processing and career planning resources.  Previously, she worked at The Academic Advantage managing the development and implementation of their in-house CRM. In her free time, Topacio enjoys hiking, cooking, and binge watching her favorite shows.

What’s New for eTranscript California

Mark Cohen
Product Manager, eTranscript California
CCC Technology Center

NEW!  Download the Presentation Slides (click on the image below).

What's New for eTranscript California
By Mark Cohen

Session Description

This session provides an update on eTranscript California and how the statewide initiative is leveraging EdExchange and the Project Glue technology integration framework to enable real-time data sharing for student success and support of guided pathways.

Building on the platform's current capabilities, the California Community Colleges Technology Center is enabling new integration methods with colleges and their transcript service providers that will better support students, as well as grow adoption of the exchange of standard-based transcript data among colleges

Audience: Geared towards colleges participating in, or interested in learning about, eTranscript California, and evolution planned for the initiative. 

Mark Cohen, Product Manager, eTranscript California,  CCC Technology Center

Mark Cohen is the Product Owner for eTranscript California and serves as the Tech Centers representative to PESC where is Co-Chair of the EdExchange Workgroup and Steering Committee.  Prior to joining the Technology Center, Mark was SVP Market Strategy for Parchment, a company he Co-Founded as Docufide in 2002

Education Planning Track

Starfish by Hobsons and CCC User Community Updates

Kelly C. Kilby
Starfish Strategic Account Executive

Kayla Mannon
Fresno City College and 
EPT-DAS Steering Committee Member

NEW!  Download the Presentation Slides (click on the image below)

Education Planning Initiative & Starfish
by Kelly Kilby

Session Description

March 2018 marks year three of Starfish's partnership as the chosen platform for California's Education Planning Initiative on a degree plan/audit system.

Join Hobsons and Fresno City College/SCCCD (one of the pilot district’s), for an update on the project. 

The session will share outcomes and best practices from this user community of 34 CCCs. Fresno City College will demonstrate Starfish Degree Planner from their 3-college district tenant, detail expansion plans and answer implementation questions. We will also take a tour of Starfish Early Alert and Case Management/Calendaring Scheduling features with an eye toward a guided pathways framework and holistic approach for student success. 

Audience: Geared towards all audiences interested in helping students achieve their academic and life goals.

Kelly C. Kilby, Starfish Strategic Account Executive
Kayla Mannon, Counselor, Fresno City College/EPT-DAS Steering Committee Member

The Expanded Path of CCC MyPath in Learner On-boarding

Mike Caruso
Product Manager, MyPath
CCC Technology Center

Mitchell Leahy
Coordinator, Admissions & Records
Santa Rosa Junior College

NEW! Presentation Slides (click on image below to download)

The Expanded Path of CCC MyPath in Learner On-boarding
By Mike Caruso & Mitch Leahy

Session Description

Learn how CCC MyPath is helping colleges implement Guided Pathways for their incoming students, and how it can do the same for existing students at the same time. By taking advantage of services and technologies incorporated into MyPath, colleges have the opportunity to totally transform the onboarding experience with a workflow that is automatically customized for each individual student.

Similarly, colleges can utilize the toolset for existing, post-application students to ensure that their entire student population has the greatest chance for success, whatever their stated goals. Last, the presentation will explore the way that MyPath is interconnected with other software products provided by the California Community Colleges Technology Center, and a look at some of exciting functionality that is still planned for delivery.

Audience: Geared towards all audiences interested in helping students thrive and succeed in college as part of their Guided Pathways process proposals.

Mike Caruso, Product Manager, MyPath, CCC Technology Center
Mitch Leahy, Coordinator, Admissions & Records, Santa Rosa Junior College

Please join us in thanking our 2018 Sponsors!


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