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StepEvaluation StatementArea A Logic"If Yes""If No"


Does the student have a visa that
allows residency to be established?

visa_type has YES in 'Residency?’
column of Table F.

Class A2
set flag 51

Class A0
and set flag 48
if visaType = B, 
B1, or B2


StepEvaluation StatementArea B Logic"If Yes""If No"


Do out-of-state indicators support intent?

ca_outside_tax = 0 AND
ca_outside_voted = 0 AND
ca_outside_college = 0 AND
ca_outside_lawsuit = 0

Go to step 2

Class B0
(go to step 2)


Has the applicant lived in California for two
years prior to RDD?

ca_res_2_years = 1

Go to step 5

Go to step 3


Has the applicant been resident in CA for
over a year prior to RDD?

ca_date_current  ≠ null AND
ca_date_current < RDD minus 1 year

Class B2
(flag 59)
go to step 5

Go to step 4


Is the applicant a current or former Foster
Youth, under age 20, and now residing in California?

ca_foster_youth = Yes

Class B2
go to step 5
(flag 70)

Class B0