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Ticket #DescriptionNotes
CC-1195Program Control Numbers being assigned upon approval - FixedControl numbers for programs are generated at the time of approval and the user will be able to see the PCN the same day the proposal itself is approved. 
CC-1173New - Site Admin can set any proposal any status (master validation override)This feature allows support and CCCCO staff to "force" a proposal into its appropriate status, even if the submitter is experiencing validation errors and/or if a proposal should ever return to a status with no other action buttons. Users who need a proposal moved and who do not have the permissions to get the proposal to the correct status should contact support at:  Please use "Change Proposal Status" as the subject line of your support request, and attach a spreadsheet of all programs or courses that need their status changed. Please include any pertinent information (current status, change status, justification details, if applicable: control number, etc.)
CC-1203Add link in the site footer to User Guides. 

Link at the footer of each page directs users to: COCIPD

This page contains support documentation, known issues, release notes and archived training materials. 

CC-1199Search Filters retained for courses and programsUsers can now use filters to narrow results on main pages, edit an individual result and clicking on either the "return to course list" or "return to program list" will result in the user being returned to the main page with the filtered results still applied. 
CC-1089TOP codes display in order


All TOP codes should have a decimal between the 4th and 5th digits
CC-1125History tables contain text instead of codes per fieldPlease see known issues for additional information on history table display. 
CC-1222Filter by "Active" status on main courses and programs page - Fixed"Active" now populates on the proposal status drop downs on the main course and programs pages


Ticket #DescriptionNotes


False "duplicate record" validation message removed. "Skip duplicate record" checkbox fixed.

Users are no longer being blocked from submitting courses with a same or like title; skip duplicate record checkbox is enabled allowing the user to decide if its appropriate to continue with the submission with similar attributes to one already in the system. 


Adding Courses to Programs 

Only Active records appear when adding a course to a new or existing program. 


Assigning a Control Number after a substantial change course or program proposal is approved. 

Programs are assigned a control number immediately after being approved by a CCCCO reviewer; Courses are assigned a control number as part of the MIS batch. Please see known issues for additional notes on course control numbers.


Error message when Submitter tries deactivating or reactivating credit courses from main Course screen

User is able to activate or deactivate a course or program from the main screen. Please see known issues for additional notes on proposal workflow when activating a course or program. 


New - Justification field 

A justification field has been added and is required when making changes to any proposal that was previously approved. This includes activating and deactivating proposals, and when making sub and non sub changes.


New - User can remove documents when editing courses and programs

In Edit mode, users can now remove documents associated to courses and programs by clicking "Remove Attachment" in the Supporting Documents section of proposal, and clicking "Save" or "Submit".  When the status of the submission is "Submitted" removing the documents will put the proposal back into "Draft" status and the user will need to resubmit. Please see known issues for additional notes on removing documents from legacy submissions.


Duplicate record indicator incorrectly flagging - fixed. 

Users are no longer blocked from submitting proposals with similar attributes but differing TOP codes and Department Name/Number. 


Required responses for District Governing Board Approval Date, Program Review Month Program Review Year - Fixed. 

These fields will only trigger a required response when submitting a course or program. Users are able to work iteratiely with draft proposals, and save his/her work without being required to complete these data elements. 


JAC fields flagging required when Apprenticeship is not selected - Fixed 


enable CB06 and CB07 as sub change fields

the 1.5 release disabled the substantial change flags for CB06 and CB07. This release has them re-enabled as substantial change fields. Users should not receive a substantial change flag upon hitting save when the calculated result is the same as the manually entered result. 0.00 is an acceptable response and the calculation can be overwritten.  Please see known issues for additional information for non credit course submissions. 


Populating Min/Max fields in program proposal with 0.00 when previous value was null should not trigger a sub change - Fixed

The system previously required at least a 0.01 response in these fields for Certificates. 1.6 updated all 0.01 responses to 0.00 and the system will now allow 0.00 as a response. 


Non-Credit Courses should not require Min/Max "Outside of Class Hours" - Fixed


Course and Program status association - Fixed

The status of a particular course is no longer connected to the status of the program its linked to. Courses in Active status retain that status when associated with a Draft program. Please see known issues for additional information for previously Active courses now in Draft status. 


New - Approval Letters generated for CREDIT Courses and Programs after Control Number is assignedAfter credit coures and programs are assigned a control number, the approval letter is automatically generated and attached to the proposal. Please see known issues for for additional informaton information on legacy and noncredit submissions. 


Proposals stuck in statuses with no available actions - Fixed"Hold" "Delete" and "Approve" have been removed as potential statuses - they will no longer display to any user except for site admin, and any workflow connections that could have resulted in a proposal being assigned any of these statuses has been removed. Proposals that had the status of "Hold" should now have the status of "Active". "Approve" proposals were updated to the status of "Approved" and any proposal with the status of "Delete" was updated to "Deleted". 
CC-1115Program Review month and year are populatedA data correction script was run to restore responses to these data elements, where possible.