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This is a living resource page for all things technology related to COCI. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome; please send them to Thank you! 

Latest Updates


Version 3.3 was released on Thursday, September 5th, 2019. This upgrade includes customizable email digest capabilities, new CB data elements for courses and additional auto-approval workflows for select program awards that have the program goal of Local.  Please see the release notes for detailed information about each aspect of the release. 

Known Issues and FAQ's 

Below is a list of the issues and/or feedback we've been tracking this calendar year. We're working through these daily and are updating this list with release dates or workarounds as they become available. At the end of the known issues is a listing of the FAQ's we've compiled so far. 

Related to Courses

STATUS: RESOLVED IN 3.0 updated 5/30/2019

Order of Noncredit Courses in line for review changed. -Resolved in 3.1

Anytime a course is modified - whether by the system or a user - the date in the "Last Updated" column on the All Courses page is updated to reflect the date the change occurred. The majority of Noncredit Courses in the status of submitted were updated with a migration to populate the new hours fields so users wouldnt have to. This system update changed the date on the All Courses page to a date during the release window.

STATUS: RESOLVED IN 3.1 updated 5/30/2019

Sub change flag on CB05. - RESOLVED IN 2.2

A sub change flag was added to this field and is in the process of being removed.


WORKAROUND: Users who are editing courses and changing the CB05 selection between now and 2.2 should contact support and we can process with an admin override so the course isnt pushed into the sub change workflow and assigned a new CCN. If you have already processed a CB05 edit as a sub change and would like to revert this to keep the original control number, please contact support. updated 1/10/2019

Related to Programs
Fields displaying as required for program awards when they shouldnt be - Resolved in 2.1.

Several fields on the Manage Program screen were requiring inputs that werent necessary based on Program Award, Program Goal or Apprenticeship selection. Display criteria for RSI Year and Hours fields, as well as Employment Potential, Total Core Courses, Total Core Hours, Total Elective Courses and Total Elective Hours needs to be added. 

STATUS: RESOLVED. Details and screenshots of how these fields should now display can be found on the 2.1 release notes page. updated 11/30/18

Regional Consortia Recommendation displayed for ADT Programs. - Resolved in 2.2

The Recommended by CTE Regional Consortia document upload field is still showing for ADT submissions - both new and on modifications. The field needs to be removed entirely as it is not required when submitting an ADT program with a CTE Program Goal. 

STATUS: RESOLVED.   updated 1/10/2019

CIP Code dropdown doesnt include all codes. - Resolved in 2.2

The CCCCO provided a new CIP Code list and we are in the process of updating the dropdown selections for this field.

STATUS:  RESOLVED.  updated 1/10/2019

CDCP Dropdown contains two invalid selections. Resolved in 2.2

The CCCCO has indicated two of the available selections in the dropdown for CDCP are not valid and the selection options on the dropdown need to be changed. "Citizenship for Immigrants (B)" and  "Health and Safety (D)" will be removed based on this feedback.

STATUS: RESOLVED. updated 1/10/2019

Program Review Year dropdown doesnt go beyond 2020. Resolved in 2.2

The system isnt allowing users to select a year beyond 2020 for the next program review, even when the program is not CTE. 

STATUS: RESOLVED. updated 1/10/2019

Related to both Programs and Courses
Documents removed by users were restored along with hidden documents. -Addressed in 3.1

Users have reported that in some cases, documents removed by the college submitter were restored to the program or course record along with documents brought up to the parent record, in cases where duplicate courses or programs were collapsed.

STATUS: 3.1 will give users the permissions to remove all documents with the word "Regenerated" in the title, and by-passes other business rules for what can be removed versus replaced. 

updated 5/30/2019

Related to User Accounts or Role Permissions
Permissions conflict for users with multiple roles assigned.

Users with both the College Submitter and the College Admin roles enabled were unable to see the "Edit" link in the Action column for both programs and courses after the release occurred. To make it possible for submitters to process changes to programs and courses, the College Admin role had to be disabled from most accounts. 

STATUS: source of the conflict needs to be determined and development work on role based access levels needs to be prioritized and scheduled. 

WORKAROUND: Users can elect to have a separate account created with the College Admin role assigned or they can contact support when users need to be added, removed or have access levels changed to associated colleges.  updated 11/30/18

Frequently Asked Questions
"COR Effective Date" is now labeled "COR Effective Start Date" - has the field definition changed?

The definition for this field hasnt changed by introducing "Start" to the field label. Colleges seem to enter either the date of the grading period the course will first be taught or the date the Course was approved by the Local Curriculum Committee. In discussion w the CCCCO, either date is acceptable. The only restriction with the latter definition is that the date entered in the "COR Effective Start Date" cannot be before the date entered in the "District Governing Board Approval Date" field. updated 11/30/18

Why is the "Catalog Description" now required for both Courses and Programs?

The "Catalog Description" is now displaying and required for both programs and courses so the information can be viewed as structured data (all fields on the form are structured data) rather than have the information locked in an attachment which has to be downloaded and opened to view. Having the description on its own field supports other CCCCO Technology initiatives that could benefit from being able to query COCI for course and program information at a later date. There is not a character limit on the description field in either screen and users are asked to insert the complete description as is displayed in the official catalog. While not specifically in alignment with the intent for structured data as noted above, as of today,  the field will accept a hyperlink should submitters prefer to insert a link to the online version of the description. updated 11/30/18

Why does the word "Regenerated" appear ahead of some document titles  in the Program Summary?

Part of the 2.0 release included restoring documents that were hidden from view. These are documents were connected to  duplicate versions of legacy courses and programs were collapsed under a single parent record as part of the transition from old system to new. "Regenerated" was added to the document title to visually call attention to these documents as being added by the system and not documents that were updated into the new COCI by a user. The "Document Audit" link on the main courses and programs pages can be used to remove these regenerated documents - or any other document uploaded except for a single version of the Narrative, the COR and the most recent Approval Letter. Removing documents via the Audit page lets users make changes without having to enter edit mode and submit document changes for review. updated 11/30/18

What's the difference between removing and replacing attachments on the Manage Course and Manage Program pages? 

All programs must have contain a Program Narrative and all courses must have a Course Outline of Record attached. For this reason, once you have added a document to either of these fields, the system will only allow you to replace one version with another. updated 11/30/18

COCI End User Training

Throughout the year several different types of trainings are offered to college users and there is a weekly course and program submissions training.

The weekly training focuses on the nuts and bolts of creating new and editing existing Courses and Programs. Particular attention is paid to the submission and review workflows, as well as the documents and fields that are required for each submission type. 

New COCI users are encouraged to attend the intro trainings that occur 1 Wednesday a month. This training is total nuts and bolts. How to login, reset your password, adding and changing users, the public reports and basic site navigation are all covered. 

Participation is limited to foster as collaborative an environment as possible. Click here for the COCI training schedule and and registration form. There is no limit to the amount of times a user can register for training, and you are welcome to participate as often as would be beneficial. 

The session itself is held via zoom, which is a web conferencing tool for presentations and demos. You can join the audio and video directly from your computer if your machine has speakers and a microphone enabled. If you dont have audio capabilities on your computer, that's ok too. The training room is a weblink and a telephone number with an access code. If you need to dial in via phone, please first login to the meeting on your computer and then dial in with a telephone. Zoom will give you a code to enter on the phone to sync up your screen w your phone line so you're in the meeting room once and can use the zoom control for muting and participating. For more information about zoom and how it works, please visit their website at

For reference the training room access information is below. This is also sent to you via email as part of your training registration. 

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +16699006833,681414119# or +16468769923,681414119#

+1 669 900 6833 (US Toll)
+1 646 876 9923 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 681 414 119