COCI 4.0.1 Release Notes



Product Release Version: COCI 4.0


Date & Time



Date & Time


Pilot Release

  • 4.0.1 was deployed to pilot on December 15th, 2023


Production Release

  • 4.0.1 was deployed to production on December 18th, 2023 at 5:00 PM


All Changes At-A-Glance

Curriculum Submissions

COCI Service

Brief Description

COCI Service

Brief Description

COCI Workflow

Bugfix to display blue confirmation message that newly approved course is locked until control number is assigned.

Bugfix to address auto-approve workflow.

Popup added to confirm course deletion before actually deleting course.

Workflow fix to allow users to change the status of Active - Teachout Only courses.

Criteria for duplicate check revised to reduce duplicate course warnings.

Course form fields

“Not Applicable” added to fields that do not apply to the submission type to make it easier for the user to identify which fields need to be completed.

Field label and input text formatting standardized across tabs.

Change in date picker that allows users to manually input a date, if preferred.

Comments entered on working copy version are now merged to the active version.

Bugfix to restore Auto-calculation to the units & hours fields.

Bugfix to display data entered on Transfer & Articulation tab on the Detail page.

Document Management

Bugfix to render document created at date as date added instead of date working copy was merged.

Course Report

Transfer and articulation data elements added to the logged in course report available on the All Courses tab

Course Detail

Users can change the status of courses from the Course Detail page