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This page provides a step-by-step guide for signing in to a new OpenCCC Account.

OpenCCC 2.0 is currently available in the Pilot environment only. Last update: June 9March 29, 20212022


Table of Contents


  • Users must have an OpenCCC account in order to access most CCC systemwide applications.

  • If a user doesn’t does not have an OpenCCC account, they will have easy access to the Create an Account link from the Sign In page.

  • Users must enter a unique email address or a unique mobile phone number during the account creation process, and validate that the credential using a security code to verify their identity.

  • At least one of the two credentials used to create the account must be validated in order to sign in and/or recover an account.

  • If both credentials are validated, either one can be used to sign in and/or recover an account.

  • All users must create and confirm a password that meets security requirements.

  • All legacy users must reset their legacy password the first time they attempt to sign in.


Step 2: Validation Process

If Your Email Address or Mobile Number IS Unique

If the email address or mobile phone number used matches a verified, unique account in the system, the Password page is displayed and the user is prompted to enter their secure password. From a user experience, this is known as the “happy path” and will apply to the majority of users after creating their account to the new system.


  1. Click “Next” to display the Password page.

  2. Enter your secure password in the Password input field.

  3. Click “Sign In” to continue to your destination application.


If Your Email or Mobile Number is NOT Unique (Duplicate is Found)


While sign in credentials (attributes) must be unique to an individual, it is possible that an attribute (email or phone) was being shared with a family member in the legacy system. When this happens, the individual who signs in and validates the attribute first will take ownership of that attribute and it will be unique to their account. Any subsequent attempts to use that attribute by another user will trigger the duplicate account process described below.


7. The user is auto-directed and auto-logged in to their original destination application.

If Your Email or Mobile Number Has Not Been Validated

If the system detects that the email address or mobile phone number used to sign in has not been validated, the user is taken to the Password page and prompted to enter their password. If the password is identified, the user will be authenticated but required to validate the attribute they used to sign in.


The user is taken to the Edit Profile page to confirm that the attribute has been validated and verified. The user can then accept the attribute as the Preferred Method of Contact, or choose to verify a valid mobile phone number as the preferred method.


If Your Email or Mobile Number is Not Found

Why would the system not recognize my email or mobile phone?