2019-50: Pending Legal Issues that Require Chancellor's Office Approval

Request No.2019-50
Date of Request12.10.19
RequesterPatty Donohue, Product Manager
Application(s)All - Standard, Noncredit, Promise, International
Section / Page


Proposed Change to Download FileN/A - As Specified
Proposed Change to Residency LogicN/A - As Specified

Problem / Issue

All issues, requirements, or change requests pending for the remainder of FY2020 are captured here - needing some level of level approval or support.     

Proposed Solution

Each item is listed separately with a response or solution - or a link out to another change request. 

Issues that Need Confirmation or Approval from CO

  1. Birthdate (data field)
  2. Preferred Name (data field)
  3. Authorization for Text Messaging from the College 
  4. Changes to the Social Security Number question
    (These are important for the OpenCCC redesign project)

  5. Opinion on the language and mechanism of getting the student's consent at OpenCCC Account creation 
  6. Opinion on Consent to Release In-Progress Application Data is legal
    (These are the issue relative to the Consent to release in-progress data)

  7. Changes to Parent / Guardian Information (Dependency Status) question in Apply & Noncredit
  8. Changes to the "No Documents" checkbox
  9. Changes to the Citizenship section
    1. adding " & Immigration" to the section header and question header
    2. Adding AB540 in conjunction with "Undocumented and DACA student" 
    3. Whether to collect "DACA" specific information, such as approval Issue date and Expiration date.
  10. Gender & AB620 - advocacy group wants additional options added to Transgender response options and can the onscreen language be revised
  11. Parent/Guardian Education Level questions - request to remove from Application
  12. Streamline and shorten the "Consent to Release Information" language and placement - for complete and submitted app data
  13. Streamline and shorten the "Submit Your Application" language and what can be hidden in the "Help" drawer
    1. Including the "Full Statement" language - can it be hidden or moved to the Privacy Policy page
  14. Privacy Policy for CCCApply (primary data collection across systemwide technology applications)
    1. What can and should be collected
    2. Process for access and removal of collected data
    3. Do we need Information Security Office support?
    4. GDPR - what are the requirements 
    5. Affiliates - who are they?
  15. Terms of Use - new guidance on th eff

Supporting Documentation

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