CCCApply Sub-Committee: CCCApply Administrator 2.0

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Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2019   10:00AM


Administrator 2.0 Bugs: /wiki/spaces/OPENAPPLY/pages/973833019


Terms - Import Errors

Terms - Archive Summary Table


Majors - Design overhaul - coordinate integration and import process to align with COCI/CID and college SIS 

Majors - Archive Summary Table

Majors - Import Bugs 

Majors - Error Messages across Majors, Terms, & Supplemental Questions Imports

Majors - Creating Major Categories 


Messages - Implement HTML Code in Message Text Editor

Messages - Integrate Messages functionality with In-Progress Application API Project

Messages - Ability to Delete Messages

Messages - Ability for College Staff to create custom messages for Incomplete (Abandoned) Applications Emails

Messages - Ensure validity check is implemented to message user who tries to delete a message used in a Rule


Rules - Rule Preview Doesn't Work

Rules - Issues with Boolean Fields

Rules - Need Accurate CCPG (BOG) and International Rule Examples

Rules - Validation for Missing Messages in Existing Rule

Spam Filter Table

Spam Filter Summary Table - 

Spam Filter References

English Proficiency Test

English Proficiency Test - Display

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