2018-22: Allow College Admissions Staff to Set Up Accounts for Special Populations

Request No. 2018-22
Date of RequestJune 13, 2018 
RequesterTim Calhoon 
Section / Page

Account Creation

Steering Hearing Date
Proposed Change to Download FileNo
Proposed Change to Residency LogicUpdate Account Creation Logic for Multiple Accounts

These are the temporary email blocks setup in Apply to thwart spammers. They were implemented in June 2018, then removed when the Spam Filter 1.0 was implemented in Sept 2018 (Release 6.2.0).  Per Tim's request, these were re-implemented in Release 6.5.0 (June 2019) but required a hotfix and whitelist (6.5.1)

IMPLEMENTED - See Release 6.5.0

Problem / Issue

Currently situations where the same Email address is creating multiple (10 or more) applications and submitting them within a 24hr period is being blocked by a temporary block implemented on the post-submission CCCApply pipeline - in order to prevent spammers from blasting colleges with fraud.The block presents an error message to the user blocking them from submitting the application (once it detects that 10 or more apps have been submitted in the 1 Day timeframe.  This was put in place as a stop gap until the development of the Spam Filter web service is implemented, which is happening in the 6.2.0 release on Sept. 28, 2018. 

Unfortunately, this block also prevented some colleges from creating OpenCCC accounts and submitting applications for incarcerated students (due to lack of access to computers).  They are not happy with the block and want them removed. However, once the Spam Filter is implemented, these same situaitons 

Once the Spam Filter is in place, the blocks are being removed.  This means that colleges that need

Incarcerated Inmates = college staffers are using one email address to sign up inmates; would like a designated Admissions Office staff email address that can be used without any blocking logic to allow creation of manual accounts for special populations, such as inmates.  

Proposed Solution

Let’s create an email address name - standard name - that any college can use

admissionstaff@butte.edu (example)  - set up one for each college and create a list

If the email address is on the list, let it go through


7.5.18:  Per discussion with dev team - we are going to REMOVE the two short-term Spam hot fixes we implemented while building the Spam Filter (Error 50 and Error 51) would allow them to setup multiple accounts (CCCIDs) without being blocked. 

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