Release 5.2.1: 07.17.15

Release Date

Friday, July 17, 2015

Release Scope


Release Notes Summary

OpenCCC Account System

OpenCCC Account Creation Confirmation Email

To help our students access and retain the details of their new OpenCCC account, a system auto-generated confirmation email is now sent for every new OpenCCC account created. Delivered to the email address provided during account creation, the confirmation includes the student's first and last name, the CCCID (California Community Colleges Identification), and links to Support and the Help Desk. Also included in the email: 

  • CCCID Confirmation: The user's unique seven-digit CCCID (three letters + four numbers);
  • Apply to College: A reminder that the creation of the OpenCCC account is not equivalent to applying to college, and provides a hyperlink to where the student can apply to the college of their choice if they haven't done so already.  
  • Self-Service Account Recovery: Information and a hyperlink to the website for Account Recovery;
  • Need Help? Information and a hyperlink to the online student support site,, to access 24/7, online support information.


CCCApply Application Updates

New EncryptedText Supplemental Question Type (Secure, Downloadable)

A new, secure EncryptedText supplemental question type was developed to give colleges the ability to collect passwords and other sensitive data via supplemental question. Data collected would be encrypted during transit and at rest. Technical specifications: 

    • Leverages the same encryption scheme used for Social Security Numbers;
    • May be used as a temporary password field (student input) with a second password confirmation field, similar to the Social Security Number fields;
    • Data would be encrypted during transit and at rest;
    • Ability to use a regular expression and accept a validation;
    • Encrypted text is decrypted just prior to download and sent to Download Client over an SSL encrypted channel;
    • The value will be written to the colleges download file in plain text.

For more information, please see the Working with Supplemental Questions User Guide (Note: Clicking the link automatically starts PDF download).

Update Download Client Jar Files

To add an EncryptedText supplemental question type to your download file, you must update your download format with the latest version of the Download Client jar files. Information and instructions can be found in the CCCApply Download Client User Guide.

Download Client Fix

Fix for Boolean Formats with nullValues

A fix was made to the Download client which was defaulting to print empty strings for boolean formats with null values. This issue was identified after a recent release as a change in behavior from previous versions and was creating issues for some colleges. Though there is a workaround in place where the value can be set to nullValue="<false value>" attribute in the format file; this release will fix the issue and revert back to the old behavior. 

Boolean Formats with nullValue

The following was added to the Boolean Formatter information in the Download Client User Guide:
"If the nullValue attribute is not defined, then any fields with null values will default to display the falseValue attribute in your download data." 

Fix to Rules

Rules Based on Residency Calculations

A change was made to the way Error Rules based on Residency Calculations are run in the Standard Application. We found that colleges were unable to get a rule based on the Ineligibility flag - which is calculated by the Residency Calculation - to trigger; however, they were able to trigger an email message to successfully send based on the same logic. Development researched this issue and confirmed that the Residency Calculation was being run during the submission process after the college rules were run. To fix the issue we will now run the college submission rules after all other logic calculations are completed, ensuring the college rules are triggered in time to validate against accurate, residency-based data. 
Note: This issue does not pertain to the BOG or International Application rules as these applications do not include residency algorithm.



Accessibility Updates

Accessibility Page

A new persistent web page identifying supported browser/operating system/screen reader- combinations, keyboard short-cuts, and other support information for people with disabilities. Required by the State Auditor for 508 Compliance, the Accessibility page will appear in the footer of OpenCCC and CCCApply applications, including My Applications and Account Recovery, directly adjacent to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use URLs.  

508 Compliance Updates

Accessibility fixes and enhancements will continue to be the focus of the next several development sprints (between June 1 and September 1, 2015). OpenCCCApply is dedicated towards addressing the requirements of the State Auditor for 508 Compliance. The updates below were released on May 29, 2015.

    • Update List of Keyboard Shortcuts Available in Applicable Browser and OS/Browser Support
    • Foster Youth Section Confuses Screen reader
    • User Cannot Navigate Past Client-side Error
    • NVDA + Chrome cannot dismiss validation error messages dialog
    • Cursor Loses Focus on Find Boxes
    • Date Combo Boxes and Fields are not Clearly Labeled
    • Accessible user is not able to navigate after an error modal
    • Upon closing error modals focus is not on correct items
    • Account Not Found Error Not Read by Screen reader

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