2018-21: Update Language in OpenCCC Security Questions

Request No. 2018-21
Date of RequestMay 21, 2018 
RequesterGary Bird, CCCCO 
Application(s)OpenCCC Account 
Section / Page

Security Questions 

Steering Hearing DateTBD 
Proposed Change to Download FileNo 
Proposed Change to Residency LogicNo 

Problem / Issue

A request came in from a parent regarding the language within one of the OpenCCC Account creation security questions. 

<<  Hi Gary and Michael,

A parent called in regarding a question that is on the CCCApply system. There is an option to select security questions to verify identity when accessing your account. One of the question options is “where did your mother and father meet”. The caller felt this was narrow and should read “where did your parents meet”, which seems more inclusive. Just passing this on since you are both on the steering committee.

-Gary Alexander

Complaints, Credentials & Archive Analyst

Executive Office

California Community Colleges

Chancellor’s Office

Proposed Solution

The easiest solution is to implement the language proposed by the parent to the security question in OpenCCC:  

Change the security question text from:  "Where did your mother and father meet?"  

To: "Where did your parents meet?"

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