2018-11: Integrate Optional Title IX Survey Data Questions In Standard App

Request No.2018-11 
Date of Request11.08.17 
RequesterMultiple colleges using external Title IX  
Application(s)Standard App 
Section / Page


Steering Approval DEFERRED - FY2020
Steering Hearing Date11.08.17 
Proposed Change to Download FileYes 
Proposed Change to Residency LogicTBD 


Colleges using the external CCCTC Title IX survey want the questions better integrated into CCCApply so they can download the data responses with their Apply downloads. 

Tim recommends we put this into MyPath and not CCCApply - for follow-ups, recommendations, rules, messaging, etc.  This will be included in the requirements for new CCCApply redesign (Form Engine Platform) - currently on the roadmap to begin and complete requirements gathering in Fall 2019.

Proposed Solutions

Proposed implementation suggestions include:

  1. Option 1:  Add the Title IX questions in to Standard Application as an "op-in" implementation, exactly like the multiple measures questions. If the college wants to opt-in, we turn them on for the college. The college would still need to add the data fields to their CCCApply Format Definition XML (downloads);
    1. Add the Title IX questions to a new page that will appear in th or to the Needs & Interests page (i.e., conditional format - if the applicant selects "Yes" to any of the three "athletic interest" question on N&I page, THEN display the Title IX athletics questions and
    2. Add the Title IX data fields to Download Client;
    3. Add the Title IX responses to the Report Center and Application Look-up reports
    4. Implement Admin screens and "opt-in" toggle to the Administrator College Table 

  2. Option 2: Just add the external app data fields to the Download Client & Report Center.  
  3. Option 3:  Just add the external app data fields to the Report Center.


Supporting college needs to collect Title IX information.

Change Requirements