2018-05: Micro-service Between Promise Grant and Databases

Request No.2018-05 
Date of Request12.15.17 
RequesterCCCCO / Lou Delzompo 
Promise Grant
Glue College Adapter
MyPath SSP
Steering Approval Date

December 15, 2017 

Steering Hearing DateJanuary 2018 
Proposed Change to Download File TBD
Proposed Change to Residency LogicTBD 

Problem / Issue

CCCTC is requesting a demo from the GLUE team to prove out a theory that data saved in the California College Promise Grant Application can also be saved into the SIS in real time.

The high level process will look as follows:

  • A California College Promise Grant Application is submitted by a student.
  • APIs can be used so the college adaptor can get data fields.
  • College Adaptor to write data to the SIS immediately.

Additional Information

  • The Apply already has existing webservices to accomodiate this, but they are SOAP services.
  • To successfully demo this functionality, the GLUE team needs the Apply team to add a piece of code into our system that makes a webservice call out to an endpoint the GLUE team will create.
  • The GLUE team will be responsible for creating that service and integrating it into the College Adaptor.

Proposed Solution

Apply Team Requirements

  • Add code that makes a webservice call out to an endpoint the GLUE team will create and provide.


Product Owner NOTES

  • This is a SHORT-TERM stop gap service and not what we want for the LONG-TERM. The Long Term change is to be determined and will be covered in a separate JIRA.
  • B. Schroeder -  build a separate web service - bog data would be posted to that and glued out from there. This is a proof of concept idea.  But the long term plan is to take the BOG Web Service and turn into a true microservice (integrated into conductor and azul) 

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