FAQ: CCCApply Changes to Comply with MIS DED for Adult Special Admit (SB554)

Note: This end-user resource pertains to the CCCApply 6.8.0 Pilot release and is subject to updates based on user feedback.

General Information


Q. Why were changes made in CCCApply to comply with MIS DED?

CCCApply has implemented a series of small changes to a handful of Education page questions/data fields in order to align with specific CCCCO MIS DED data value changes (SB11, SB15) that took effect on July 1, 2020. These changes to both CCCApply and MIS comply with the revisions made to California Senate Bill 554 (SB554) which now allows students currently enrolled in an adult education program to concurrently enroll at a California community college to support their pursuit of a Certificate of High School Proficiency.

What is SB554? See About SB554 Changes below for specific Q&A.


Q. What changes were made to CCCApply in support of adult special admits (SB554)?

New data field values and question response options were added to specific CCCApply data fields to align with corresponding MIS data elements (see breakdown below). to identify special part-time adult education students who will be enrolled in adult school and also authorized to enroll in a California community college in pursuit of achieving a certificate of high school proficiency or equivalent. Similar to high school (or lower grade) special admit students, adult education special admits can now be identified separately by colleges per the new reporting values required by CCCCO MIS DED.

For a detailed summary of all changes, see Release 6.8.0 Summary Notes. For the technical data specifications, see the CCCApply Standard & Noncredit Application Data Dictionary v.2020.2.


Q. When will these changes be available for students?

Changes related to adult special admit (SB554) will be deployed to the CCCApply Standard and Noncredit Pilot applications on November 19, 2020 for a college preview and testing period. The Production release (student facing) is scheduled for December 4, 2020.


The changes related to SB554 will only appear in the CCCApply Standard and Noncredit applications.

Reminder: All changes being implemented in CCCApply will be deployed in both the Pilot and Production applications.


Q. How will students be affected by the SB554 changes?

The changes made will allow students who are enrolling in adult school and also authorized to enroll in a California community college to see a clear, specific response option for them in the College Enrollment Status, High School Education Level, and Last School Attended questions. Students will also be able to search for and select their adult schools from the School Finder, similar to the process used for high schools and homeschool students. Colleges will be responsible for identifying these students and doing all related outreach.


Q. How will colleges be affected by the SB554 changes?

The changes made will enable colleges to clearly identify adult school students who are authorized to enroll in a California community college. The new data values being added to existing data fields, including College Enrollment Status, High School Education Level, and Last School Attended questions will be available in college download files, Glue data delivery, and reporting.

Reminder: Colleges are responsible for all MIS data reporting as well as all related student outreach.

Pro Tip: Colleges have the ability to configure custom Error and Email Rules in the CCCApply Administrator to streamline outreach and communication to these adult special admits. For information on configuring custom Rules, see the CCCApply Administrator User Guide.


About SB554 Changes

Q. What is SB554?

According to the California Legislative Information website, “(SB554) authorizes the governing board of a school district overseeing an adult education program or the governing board of a community college district overseeing a noncredit program to authorize a student pursuing a high school diploma or a high school equivalency certificate to enroll as a special part-time student at a community college.”

The intent of the legislation is to better facilitate streamlined enrollment in colocated credit college courses on adult education and noncredit program sites, and to help ensure a smoother transition from secondary education to college for adult high school equivalency students by providing them with greater exposure to the collegiate atmosphere.


Q. Who is impacted by SB554?

A. The language in this bill will allow adult education students who are pursuing a certificate of high school proficiency an opportunity to enroll in approved courses at a California community college at the same time. 


Q. How is CCCApply impacted by SB554?

As a program owned and operated by the CCC Chancellor’s Office, CCCApply strives to align data fields as closely as possible to the CCCCO MIS DED; thus changes to MIS data elements are prioritized for development across CCCApply and other CCC Technology Center-developed applications and services.

Which MIS DED fields were updated? detailed data specifications to needs to be updated to identify students who meet the specifications for SB554 to capture their enrollment status (SB15) and their education level (SB11). 


Q. What are the specific changes being implemented in CCCApply?

See a summary of the changes with screenshots, below.  For the detailed technical change specifications, see the CCCApply Standard & Noncredit Application Data Dictionary v.2020.2.


College Testing & Implementation


Q. Where can colleges review and test the changes being implemented to CCCApply?

Following the CCCApply 6.8.0 Pilot release, colleges can preview all planned production changes in their CCCApply Pilot environment application(s).

Pro Tip: Colleges using CCCApply have access to a PILOT (sandbox) version of each CCCApply application, including all corresponding admin and reporting tools. See Pilot Environment for details.


There are no IT tasks required of colleges related to this release (v.6.8.0). However, as with any CCCApply release, the CCC Tech Center recommends that colleges review the changes being deployed and preview these changes in their CCCApply Pilot application during the Pilot preview period (November 17 - December 4, 2020).


Q. Are there any required changes to college Download Client files or Glue for Apply implementations?

No. The changes being implemented to CCCApply data fields do not require any changes to college download files - including the CCCApply Download Client - or Glue for Apply data delivery process.


Q. Which MIS DED data elements changed?

On July 1, 2020, the CCCCO MIS revised the following data elements: SB11 (High School Education Status) and SB15 (College Enrollment Status). See the Breakdown of Changes with Screenshots for a detailed summary.


User Interface Changes

Q. How is the CCCApply user interface (UI) changing?

Below is a summary of the user interface (UI) changes being deployed. See more information in the tables below.

  • A new response option was added to the College Enrollment Status question for adult school special admits

  • A new response option was added to the High School Education Level question for adult school special admits

  • A new response option was added to the Last School Attended question for adult school students

  • The format and layout of the Last High School Attended question was changed as follows:

    • The question format was changed from multiple radio buttons to a dropdown menu

    • The section heading was revised from “Last High School Attended” to “Last School Attended”

    • The associated Help text was revised in English and Spanish

  • Minor text changes School Finder function


Q. Will text and language changes be available in Spanish as well as English?

Yes. All user-facing text across the OpenCCC Account and CCCApply applications - including all changes being implemented in release 6.8.0 - are coded in English and Spanish language.


Q. Will the School Finder in the CCCApply Standard & Noncredit applications include adult schools as well as high schools?

Yes. The School Finder in CCCApply is populated with state (California) and national secondary and adult education institutions, provided by the California Department of Education (CDE) and the College Board (CEEB) subscriptions.

Do you need to report a new or a change to an existing secondary school or adult school that appears in the CCCApply Schools & Colleges lists? Click here for information on submitting your request.


Data Field & Delivery Changes

Q. Are there any new or deprecated data fields being implemented in CCCApply in this release (v.6.8.0)?

No. The only changes made to data fields in release 6.8.0 pertain to existing data fields and other existing functionality.

See the complete release details in the Release 6.8.0 Summary Notes.


Q. Will colleges need to update their CCCApply Download Client jar file for the 6.8.0 release?

No. Since there are no new or deprecated data fields being implemented in this release, there is no requirement to update your current Download Client Jar file for v.6.8.0.

Learn more about the different Data Delivery Methods available for CCCApply data, including Glue for Apply, Download Client, and data staging tables.


Breakdown of CCCApply 6.8.0 Changes

Q. Where can I find a summary of the changes being made in the CCCApply 6.8.0 release?

A detailed summary of the change specifications are available here: Breakdown of Changes with Screenshots.